Homeopathy Tips for 4/8/08 Potency

Homeopathy, based on the “Law of Similars” makes the selection of the remedy one of the most difficult tasks for homeopaths. But the question of potency is also one of the big hurdles for homeopaths as well. What are the rules for potency selection? How do we decide what potency to select? There are probably as many opinions as there are homeopaths but I want to share with you my thoughts. Please include your own below.

Hahnemann explains potency in Aphorism 29 of the Organon.  ” ….so in every homeopathic cure this principle of life dynamically altered by natural disease is seized through the administration of a medicinal potency selected exactly according to symptom-similarity by a somewhat stronger, similar artificial disease-manifestation.”

What Hahnemann is saying is that the properly selected homeopathic remedy must be given in a potency that is slightly stronger than the dise-ease expression of the vital force. How do we determine what potency is best for any given expression of dis-ease? It is first  most important to understand how strong that vital force expression is. I have found that the more acute the expression the higher the potency need to inspire the vital force into a healing response. There comes a time when the vital force is almost extinguished when death is approaching that the highest of potencies may be the most applicable. When the nature of the dis-ease expression is of a chronic nature a lower potency will be all that is necessary to invite the healing response.

Lets use some examples to understand the rules. I have found that when a person gives their case and is relatively healthy but suffering from a chronic physical condition a daily dose of 6C potency will slowly and gently inspire healing over an extended period of time. This is just slightly higher than their dis-ease expression. When there is a more mental/emotional suffering a slightly higher potency of 9C is many time more effective given daily or a one time dose of 200C and wait. Many times the choice for daily dose versus one time higher potency dosing is made based on the obstacles to cure present in their life and how supportive their living environment is.

When there is and accident, trauma or an acute expression of dis-ease the vital force is in a fairly strong expression and a higher potency is necessary. The 30C, 200C and 1M potencies work best.  The frequency of repetition of the dose depends on how long the response lasts. If there is a noticeable response but lasts only a few minutes then a repetition is needed and possible a higher potency. It is good to start with the 30C potency and move up when the response does not last very long. In very life threatening emergencies higher potencies yet are required. In apparent death sometimes a dose of Opium CM will bring a person back.

The more remedies I give the more the “feeling” for potency selection becomes. The above rules always apply but many times the potency that is available is the best potency to give. After all, if you have the right remedy but the potency is not perfect, give the remedy anyway if that is all you have. Many times in an emergency every bit of help you can render may help the healing process which could keep a difficult situation from become very serious.  As always the very first thing to do is ask for help and call for an ambulance.

You are welcome to leave a comment about this newsletter or specific questions if you like in the box below.

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  1. Kristin Crowell on

    When you say, “Ask for help and call an ambulance” in the last paragraph, are you meaning to ask for help from a Divine, or non-physical source?
    Thank you for your tips! They are really helpful!

  2. Robert Field on

    Yes Kristin, There is an unlimited amount of divine source energy in the universe that is waiting to help if only we would ask. A simple petition of asking is all that is necessary.

  3. Kristin Crowell on

    Your perspective is both refreshing and unusual in typical “Emergency Response” advice. Again, I thank you for giving words to one the most important aspects of healing.

  4. Dr.Ghulam Mustsfa on

    Respectable Mr.Robert]
    It is a wonderful job you done like homeo news letter this is a chain of good peoples gifted by GOD like Henimen,Kent,Borke ,RObert —— beacuse we gain a lot of knowlge only by cliking finger.

  5. Dr.Ghulam Mustsfa on

    really a wonderfull job

  6. Anthony (Australia) on

    Hi Robert & All. I have been enjoying your News Letter for the past 3 Months.I have been Practicing Homoeopathy for 20 years,& still feel like a Novice. I call upon Divine help every day & receive it frequently. We are servents of a greater master who is waiting to assist all those who humbly approach him. “If you cant become a King or Queen become a Healer” What a great calling.Thanks Robert for your desire to share.


    Thanks for this letter,very much informative.I have been practicing homeopathy for long but here I find different approach, so far regardless the force you are talking about, I have used lowest potency for acute and highest for chronic and achieved wonderful results. Thanks for different approch to the funaments. I would like to try.

  8. patricia marie on

    Hello Robert! i have been appreciating your newsletters; i am a 30 year novice of homeopathy, using simple remedies to raise my family. i never realized anything about dosage, so thank you for that information! i know there are times when an ambulance is needed, but my personal belief is that ambulances and homeopathy don’t go together….was that sentence justa typical ‘disclaimer’? happy to be on your mailing list…patricia

  9. Robert on

    Hi Patricia,
    No this was not a disclaimer. It is a fact. I experience many miracles with homeopathy, but the fact remains I do not get to choose those. They happen by grace. So I do not want to get in my own way and think that homeopathy will always work all of the time. We have the very best hospitals in the world and they are there to help save lives. It would be foolish to not utilize them. I do not want this on my conscience. I understand your perspective though. Yes indeed there are many medical blunders that take place with modern medicine that don’t always lead to better health. I’m glad you enjoy the newsletter. Thanks for your comment.
    Blessings, Robert

  10. Denise Mary on

    Dear Robert, I find your words to be very helpful in learning more about homeopathy. Was having panic attacks and the ‘doctors’ fix was anti-depressants and tranquillizers which lead to a drug additiion. Am now learning about diet, exercise and vitamins. If we have a specific problem, is there some way we could contact you or one of your advanced students? Thank you, Denise

  11. Marta Olson on


    Blessings to you and your quest for healing ! I was so excited to have the newsletter which keeps me at least loosely connected to class, but this is so much better.
    Being trapped in academia right now, I am reminded how much more effective learning is when I am participating and experiencing what I am learning first hand.
    Thank you again,

  12. Dennis on

    Thanks much Robert for a great homeopathy newsletter. I have saved many of them.

  13. ginni ghaziri on

    Hi Robert,
    this new stage of information is brilliant.I am taking my exams right now after 3 years of homeopathy.I have only just discovered Radar which is a blessing but I love your news letter and your approach.I live in Beirut Lebanon and it hasn’t been easy. Our teachers come from England which is costly and due to the situation it has often been the case that they couldn’t come.I am a healer and am facinated with the world of causes.Trying to write a fantasy book using homeopathy as my disertation.Screwed up a bit today didn’t manage to finish the case after 3 hours.Still philosophy tomorrow and materia medica next week.keep up the good work maybe you would like to come over some time and give us a work-shop. Thankyou xxxx

  14. Lucinda on

    Thanks Robert,
    I’ve been learning much about potency selection lately. The biggest ah-ha I have already shared with you which is…the potency can be anything! Consider the case first…the intensity of the “asking” part of the question “what’s asking to be healed”, and THEN consider the guidelines.
    I’m excited to try this approach in class this weekend.
    See you then,

  15. Robert Field on

    Hi Denise Mary,

    I will be happy to address different subjects and concerns that any of you have. I will do a newsletter about panic attacks. I have seen that homeopathy is brilliant with this condition. Also I have a private practice in Reno, Nevada and do phone consultations with people from all over the world. You are welcome to contact me at robertfieldhomeopath@hotmail.com or call me at 775-827-0222. I will be happy to explain how I work.

  16. sneska on

    Dear Robert,
    I am a student-beginner of homeopathy and I am so grateful for your advices.I think homeopathy is a great gift to us and we should share all we know about it with others.I admire you for doing this.
    The problem of potencies seems to me a biggest one.What do you suggest I should start with? Lower potencies maybe, or it is not stronger than disease and subsequently do not produce any symptoms?
    Thank you Robert

    Great question!
    I have found that lower potencies are usually much safer to use and will have less chance of producing an aggravation that is severe. By low potencies, I mean 6c or 6x to 30c or 30x. The medium high potencies (200c or 200x to 1m) are a little trickier because you usually do not want to repeat them too often and as a result may have to manage the case much more to determine when they do need to be repeated. The vital force will tell you always what to do next. Homeopathy is such individualized medicine that the homeopath is always dependent on how the person responds to the remedy. We must never forget that the remedy does NOTHING. It acts as an inspiration only. What we are always observing is the persons expression of the vital force. The rule of potency being slightly stronger than the expression of the vital force still applies.
    Robert Field

  17. dr naseer on

    Hi Robert

    thanking to registered my name and send email

    to me. I waiting every thursday for new knowlege

    and new experience. specilly repertory and

    homoeopathic ,materia medica and other homoeopathic knowlege really enjoy the email
    from your side. Great value / work for homoeopatic system of medicine, Being a teacher
    of materia medica I gain great help from your
    homoepathic tips newsletter for 4.8.08

    with best wishes

  18. Sassan Behjat on

    Hello Robert,
    I appreciate you opening this forum and sharing your ideas and experiences. Such a courageous act, opens topics for discussion and we can learn through reading, asking questions, contemplating and exchanging ideas and experiences.

    You have brought up the subject of potency selection and dosage (posology). You have summarized this issue very well and I think your suggestions are rational and practical for routine homeopathic practice. However, I wish this topic would have been as easy and generalized as we would like it to be. First of all, just for the sake of argument, how have we reached to the conclusion that the scales that we are currently using are exhaustive (X, C, LM,…) Has any one tried other scales and did not see any result or perhaps better results?! How this idea of standardizing and commercializing serial dilutions at different intervals, have come up and how they have been verified and validated (6, 9, 12, 30, 200, 1M, …)? Could there be other steps in potentization that we have not looked and tried? What about the difference between ‘potentization/dilutin done by hand’ compare to mass produced ‘electro-mechanical’ potentization done by some of the homeopathic pharma companies.
    I don’t have answer to these trivial questions, but would like to highlight the immense possibilities in front of us for creativity, experience, research and action that is challenging us.
    By the way, I was reading an interesting article by Richard Pitt on “The Development of Miasmatic Thinking” published in the latest edition of ‘The California Homeopath’. I truly think this is an amazing compilation and essay and anyone interested in more profound understanding of the corner stones of homeopathic therapeutics should spend some time in contemplating these theories.
    I enjoyed going through the comments shared by other colleagues.
    I wish every one happy days and satisfying moments ahead.

  19. Rusty on

    Thank you all for such great comments/ideas and thoughts. As a beginning student, I find it all inspiring. The discussions on potency have been especially helpful.

  20. Jane on

    My first newsletter, I think it was great to share the information

  21. Ray on

    I find that when a higher potency is indicated in an acute condition, such as when a well indicated remedy in lower potency works for a while and then ceases to improve, I prefer to give the higher potencies as split doses in water. For example one pellet in a liter bottle of water, and take small teaspoon or smaller sips from that as needed. The very small dose (don’t succuss this bottle) reduces the chance of aggravation in spite of the higher potency being used, perhaps even frequently, as may be needed to control the condition.

    Thanks Robert for the regular articles.


  22. Anthony (Australia) on

    HI robert & Friends. As a rule I have been prescribing lower potencies in acute cases or where physical symptoms are more obvious & Higher potencies in cronic or where Mentals are really out standing. I have found lower potencies work well in liquid form & Higher potencies work best in pilules. In many cases i rely on inspiration & chhose the potency, dose & frequency that comes into my mind at the time.
    Keep Smiling Anthony.

  23. Dr R K Gupta on

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the tips.I want to ask u that,1- what is your favourite potancy in practice?,2-Do u have any experience about 50 millisimil potencies?
    Dr Gupta R K

    Hi Dr Gupta,
    I do not have a favorite potency. I let the energy of the vital force tell me what potency to use. If there is a gross pathology sometimes the x scale works best. For most cases the C potency works well. For particularly sensetive people the LM potencies work excellent. I hope this simple guideline helps.
    Robert Field

  24. Robert Field on

    Hi Sassan,

    I have read that article you mentioned and agree as well. It was well done. The issue of potency is primarily driven by what is available. The pharmacies have taken those potencies that are most requested and made them more available at affordable prices. Wanting to give a remedy and not having it is a bit limiting. This is where intention comes in. Asking the client to pay 70 to 100 dolars to purchase a 26C potency when a 30C potency is available for 5 dollars becomes the challenge of economics.
    I agree different methods of potentization create differnt results within a potency scale. I believe a hand succesed remedy is usually more powerful because of the human/intention behind it. In higher potencies a machine successed remedy is more powerful that a radionic potentized remedy. This is why I prefer remedies from Hahnemann Labs. Michael Quinn, the pharmacist there has built his own succussing machine that uses mechanical impact, driven by air (to eliminate electromagnetic fields) to succuss potencies above 30C. All potencies below are hand succussed. I have had very good success with them.
    Plussing remedies and remedies given in water give alot of room for subtle changes in the potency.
    Changing potency scales alltogether is a novel idea. You should try some expermentation and find out what happens. Don’t forget…energy follows intent; you will be creating something.

    Robert Field

  25. Dr.Ghulam Mustsfa on

    Hay! Mr.Robert and whole team of Resonance.S
    I learned a lot of knowlge from homeo tips from last six months. I am a lecturer in Al Muraid homeopathic Medical college of Anatomy and Meteria Medica .So i am waiting tusaday and print your tips and to told all my students and colleges.All we enjoy your tips.
    Dr.Mustafa (PAKISTAN)

  26. Boro on

    Hi! Thank you very much for your homeopathic approach, It´s very practical and accurate.

    Very best wishes and good luck for all homeopaths all over the world!

    Keep go on!


  27. Camilla on

    Dear Mr. Robert.
    How would you aprroach a chronic case where the “case and is relatively healthy but suffering from a chronic physical condition”, when the most fitting remedy is a nosode? I have heard that you should never give a nosode in low potencies.
    Thank You so much for Your time and energy.

    Hi Camilla,
    I give daily low potencies (6C and above) of nosodes all of the time in my work. If the remedy is right you will see positive results. If you are very sure of the remedy, give it with confidence and pay close attention to how the client is doing. Do not be afraid of any remedy. If you are sure and it is right then proceed accordingly. Nosodes are energy like any other energy of a remedy.
    Blessings, Robert Field

  28. dr.vivek on

    hi doctor, how can we proceed with acase of lichen planus.in what time should we expect the result.

    Hi Dr Vivek,
    Take the case. As with any condition try to understand what is going on for the person and what is “Asking to be Healed” Every person is different and we do not get to choose the rate a person heals at. In my observation I see that the shorter time of the dis-ease the quicker the resolution. But I can only judge whether there is movement for the person after taking the remedy or not. If after several months there is no improvement in the persons general condition then maybe give a different potency before leaving the remedy. When a condition of the skin is the problem, do not be in a hurry for quick changes. The depth of the dis-ease of the person is not as great as a more vital organ. Skin conditions can take time to heal.
    I hope this helps,
    Robert Field

  29. DR.Manjunath shinde on

    kindly enlighten me about the chronics and complementaties of hepar sulph and their preferred potencies when it is used in different conditions such as urticaria, aphonia and abcesses.

  30. Andy V on

    Hi Robert,
    Just stumbled upon your website and have been reading the comments etc. Looks like a really useful discussion forum.
    One comment I’d like to add (as an experienced Homeopath) is that amongst other things, potency selection often needs to be modified based on the sensitivity of the remedy / patient (ie: Phos 30C will have a greater impact than Calc Carb 30C). So if the remedy / patient is slow, cold and sluggish they will need a higher potency to obtain the same level of action.
    Another point to raise is that different potencies of the same remedy can sometimes have a different symptom picture. A lot of provings are only carried out with a few potencies, yet we prescribe a whole range of potencies for our patients assuming that the effect will be the same as the proving/materia medica.
    I hope this is useful … keep up the good work!

  31. Dr Meera on

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your tips they are very helpful.Please will you help me by providing me the knowledge on 3x &6x potencies .Thank you .

  32. zafer on

    Hi Dr Robert,
    I went thru the potency selection article given by you.
    It is totally opposite to what my Physician had told me. Can you put some light ?

    He said
    In Chronic cases > We give Higher potency low repetitions
    In Acute cases > We give lower potency more frequent repetitions

  33. Ayesha Hameed on

    With nutritious foods and supporting the needs of the reproductive cells, the skin is certainly more brilliant…food skin care ….sory my english is suck 😀

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