Homeopathy Tips for 9/25/17 Willingness is the Grease for the Wheel

I often get the question about whether homeopathy works if you don’t believe in it. This is an easy question to answer since it works with animals and even humans who do not believe. Remember Hahnemann said the vital force rules with unbounded sway. If the remedy has resonance and is recognized by the vital force then there will be a response whether the person believes in it or not.

Willingness though, is a whole other story and can really help a person on their healing path. It is the grease to make the wheel of healing spin freer and with less effort. Educating your client to the belief in their own healing capabilities and why they have become sick can open doors that release their innate healing powers. If the element of resistance is removed then everything becomes easier.

Too often in our everyday world we hear of the “war on cancer” or “fighting disease”. These ideas offer resistance to the enemy of disease. When we realize that there are no victims and our own vital force has produced the symptom of dis-ease, then we are no longer at war with ourselves. This is a self destructive idea.

I have never seen that discipline really works. If it did then we would never make the same mistake twice. I see this in adults who learned disciple very well as a child and have grown up to be their own worst enemy. The self talk is always negative and deprecating. They can never do it good enough. Often this leads to the sentiment of why even try.

When this sentiment is carried into ill health, they are powerless to help themselves heal. This is when faith in the medical doctor to heal them becomes most dangerous. They have given their power over to another and the drugs or surgical interventions that only make healing even more difficult. This is especially true when they enter the “war” on their disease with their allopathic doctor. They are then in resistance to their own healing powers and capabilities.

I am not saying that allopathic medicine and its interventions are not necessary at times. Its simply the idea is contradictory to healing.

When we have taken responsibility for our health and make the great realization that the body does not lie and there is a reason for every illness, we can now begin to exercise our power to heal ourselves. This process of taking responsibility  moves us from resistance into willingness.

The physiological response to our mind and thoughts is great. When we are letting go of the resistance thoughts then the body can freely do its innate job to heal. Without some support it can take some time. This is where homeopathy really shines and helps.

When the correct remedy is given and the vital force is in response, the body, mind and emotions know exactly how to be to heal. This is most always a process and not an event. As we make the smaller realizations and the body does a better job of removing the physical dis-ease, we become more free to exercise our free will and make better choices. This becomes the positive feedback loop that supports our healing and willingness.

If your client has not ever been introduced to these ideas then your job is to help educate them. Not every client will hear your message but for those that do, they become more willing. They become more willing to take responsibility for their health and believe that they do have the power to heal themselves. After all, this is the only place that true healing comes from; inside ourselves by the power of the vital force, that rules with unbounded sway.




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  1. neelpender on

    Great article. Loved, “I am not saying that allopathic medicine and its interventions are not necessary at times. Its simply the idea is contradictory to healing.” That’s both profound and funny. Thanks for a great article. Hope to attend your school one day.

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