Homeopathy Tips for 9/24/13 Things to Remember

No two cases are ever the same. Hahnemann reminds us to be unprejudiced observers. The biggest hurdle to homeopathy is perceiving what is asking to be healed in our client. There are no magic formulas for eliciting the case. There are no systems for homeopathy that work in every case. Remember that no two cases are ever the same.

So how do we remain unprejudiced observers and without falling into traps of receiving the case like any other case we have received before? This is the biggest challenge for beginning homeopaths. If we are to remain flexible in our understanding of the case without forming either a prejudice or some fixed thinking about the case, what do we need to do to see what is asking to be healed?

I tell all of my students to “Let go” This is the mantra I speak to them. This does not mean to stop thinking and check out. It means to watch the client and watch ourselves also. When we get a fixed idea about some aspect of a case our minds are occupied by these thoughts. During this time we may miss something very important that is happening before us. We also will tend to want to believe the thoughts we are thinking even if they could be based in error.

Rarely do I start any repertization before I am sure of what is asking to be healed in the client. Sometimes it is very obvious and the entire case seems as if it is being presented on a silver platter. Other cases I must wait until the pattern of the dis-ease has presented itself. If I feel as if the case is not moving fast enough and I become anxious or aware of the time,  my focus is not on the case. This is when I realize that something more needs to be revealed and I simply ask for help. This is a silent prayer for assistance from powers much greater than myself that are aligned with light and goodness. It’s amazing how this works.

There are some things to keep in mind when beginning the case analysis and forming ideas about what is asking to be healed. These things to remember can sometimes help focus our perceptions so we can be clear. It is also very important in the remedy selection also. Here are a few things to remember;

  • Who sits before me? Ask this question of yourself. After some time of being with the person just hold the question of, who is this person? What are they like? What do they look like? If I met them in the store, what would my impression of them be? We do this all of the time in a natural and semi-conscious way. When we are too focused on the “doing of homeopathy”, we sometimes miss what is right before our eyes. There was a wonderful Bufo case in our class recently. All of the classic Bufo mental symptoms were there of an incredible mental focus but no physical activity. The person sat before us and was obese and looked like a toad. “Who is this person?”, I asked the class. Eventually they could see him as reflecting the Bufo energy even in how he looked.
  • Homeopaths are like fishermen. We always want to catch a big fish. Symptoms are our fish. Some of them are quite small and insignificant. Others are like catching a whopper. These are the symptoms to pay attention to. Keep the symptoms that are undeniable and can not be ignored or disputed. If there is a shadow of doubt that could lead to different interpretations, then this is not an undeniable symptom. When a symptom is so big that it carried the weight of the case with it, do not ignore it. Keep the big fish.
  • In most cases there is something about a symptom that is different from the normal expression of the dis-ease. These symptoms should not be ignored.They show the strange, rare or peculiar expressions of this persons dis-ease. Remember that no two cases are ever the same and most people express something unusual with their common expressions of dis-ease. Don’t miss this.
  • Every case is unique and every person will choose particular words to express themselves. Pay attention and write them down.  You will find that there are particular words and phrases that the person will repeat over and over. If they say it more than three times it becomes a theme in the case. This can be used to help find rubrics that best describe the symptom. Follow the keywords, phrases or ideas of the case. This gives the case flavor. It often will reveal the essence of the case and what is asking to be healed.
  • Some cases are physical with many physical problems. Others are emotional or mental. Some yet carry a combination of these. It helps to recognise what kind of case is being presented. When I have a mentally healthy person with physical problems I am focusing the case by looking for remedies that will address the unique physical symptoms. When the case is mental the same principle applies. It is always good to include a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms but we will end up with many polycrest remedies to choose from in our repertization. Use the things to remember above to really choose good symptoms and rubrics. You will have better choices for remedies.
  • Plant, animal, mineral, other. This is sometimes a good way to get aligned with the case. If it is apparent that the case is about sensitivities, then plant remedies may be considered. If the case is about survival and the person has used words that describe animal behaviors, then animal remedies may be considered. When the case is all about structure, then mineral remedies can be considered. Notice that I did not say that every case would fall into this need to make a determination about the kingdom. This would be very prejudiced and restrictive. What if a case were all about structure and the need for support. It could easily be confused with a case needing Bambusa (Plant remedy; Bamboo) that is all about structure and support. The mineral element is in the remedy Bambusa because it is very high in Silica. But this may not be a Silica case at all. Though considering the kingdom of remedies based on a persons testimony is an idea to hold on to, it is not necessarily an idea to “take to the bank”.  I never base any case entirely on my idea about the remedy kingdoms. But I do not ignore this either.

Hopefully by keeping these few things in mind when receiving a case, and considering what is asking to be healed, will help with clarity. It is easy to get lost in a case, especially if the case has been given and the homeopath tells the client, “I will need some time to think about your case and I will get back to you.” I have seen many of my students suffer from what I call “mental masturbation” in thinking about a case. Cases rarely become clearer the more we ponder them. Hopefully if these things can be remembered it will help the case to become much clearer and happen much faster. This is part of the “art” of case-receiving. It can only be developed by doing more cases. Do not give up and keep trying. Having a few things to remember may help.

4 comments so far

  1. Dr M Azizur Rrhman on

    Sir This is an excellent issue to us. Sometimes we did not follow. Some of client didn’t come again when I did not understand the prime symptoms very easily. last night a Four yr girl baby came with complain that she could not express fluently only papa, ma . She could not understand when to urinate and latrinate. She is very healthy looked and some relative said her mother also talked very few now and also at baby stage. pl let us know the exact homeo remedy and asked them to find out the status of Vocal cord. Dr Rahman

    • Dr.Abdul Mannan Howlader on

      Dr.Azizur Rahman,
      Can you suggest a remedy where baby
      Is late in speaking. Say the baby is of about two years of age and other babies of his age can speak everything but this baby can not even call mother and father.
      Please suggest me a medicine.
      Abdul Mannan Howlader
      Dhaka, Bangladesh
      [email protected] yahoo.com

      • Robert Field on

        Hello Dr,
        Here is the rubric and possible remedies you are asking about. You must find the best remedy for the child.

        mind; TALK, talking, talks; slow, late learning to (29) : 4AGAR., aloe, bac., 3Bar-c., bell., bor., 3Calc., 3Calc-p., carbn-s., carc., 3Caust., 3Excr-can., 2hoch., lant-p., mag-c., med., 4NAT-M., nat-p., nux-m., op., ph-ac., 3Phos., puls., sanic., sil., sulph., 3Thuj., tub., vip.

        Good luck,
        Robert Field

  2. Dr.Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    Dear sir,
    Your above article resembles the basic theme of homeopathy. If we can follow this we need nothing more. You teach that no two persons resemble each other.every person has his own history to say. If we can learn their history minutlely then we will have no problem.Thank you very much for your present piece.

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