Homeopathy Tips for 9/20/16 CDC Proposal

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently published a new proposal into the Federal register. This proposal is not for public vote and can be exercised by Presidential Order. The CDC has asked for public comment and I suggest everyone comment AND send letters and phone your representatives. If this proposal is activated we are all in for a very big change regarding our health freedom.
The proposal is based on stopping the spread of communicable disease and basically eliminates your rights to free choice in treatment if you are traveling though any state border or international border and in any form of transportation, air, car, bus train.
Because of the Patriot Act, after 911 our rights to free passage have been severely restricted. As a result we consent to all of the security measures involved in public transportation. Because of this involuntary security consent, the CDC has determined that in the interest of public safety they can detain you, vaccinate you, or treat you, quarantine you and put you on probationary release if they so desire, and there is nothing you can do about it.
If you resist you will be arrested and fined up to $250,000 and one year in jail. Your health choice freedoms are going away very quickly with this proposal. I suggest you read it carefully and respond to the public comments AND contact your representative about this. If this proposal is implemented, life in the USA will never be the same. This is the most authoritarian act that has ever been proposed.
You will no longer have any choice about your health. This is serious.
You can read the full text and make a comment here in the Federal register. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/08/15/2016-18103/control-of-communicable-diseases

This may be the most important newsletter I have ever written. Please take action before it is too late. The comment period ends Oct 14, 2016. That is only 24 days away. If we do not oppose this and stand up now, it will be much harder to have this overturned once it is implemented. Read about this and act NOW.

11 comments so far

  1. Monica on

    Seriously, no comments? Here’s my problem. I went to read this thing and it’s REALLY LONG, and the language is difficult as well.
    After reading for about ten minutes I realized I wasn’t seeing the dangers of this proposal, and even if I spent a whole hour poring over it, I still wouldn’t understand the gravity of the situation.
    Maybe you could outline the sections that contain the problematic restrictions? Thanks.

    • Robert Field on

      The way this is written is you do not have to consent to anything and they can do whatever they want to you in the name of public safety. If you queue up for any activity that the TSA is a part of you can be removed from the line by a CDC person and subjected to detainment, exam, treatment, vaccination, quarantine, conditional release – or – be arrested and go to jail without a hearing. There is no appeal process. This is completely authoritarian. You can not – Opt Out. Your health freedom choices are no longer valid. They do not exist if this proposal is adopted.

  2. Mark Lambrick on

    This is such an invasion of rights. There are no major outbreaks. Only minor ones effecting 100-150 people. That is not an epidemic. That is a paltry figure! There is no longer democracy in the USA if this goes ahead.

  3. Monica on

    I did read at the beginning that there would be an appeals process in place. Did I misread that?

  4. josephleroux on

    anything that limits our choice in health care IS A BAD IDEA!

  5. godivagroup on

    homeopathy as a choice is important!

  6. revbranwen on

    I have two comments: I’m shocked by the potential consequences of this document coming into force. And none of us should be surprised by it.

    I read the whole thing. It’s long because it’s a legal document which contains redundancies, clarifications, and corrections from earlier versions. This is not a “bad” thing, but it can be confusing for those of us not used to reading/writing/thinking in legal language. I waded through it because it’s my “duty” and right as a citizen to be informed of what our government is doing, as far as I’m able.

    My challenge is writing a response which will not be dismissed as “paranoid.” The fear of this document’s power is justified. We are all in the grip of the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex, with all of its tentacles. Perhaps the most shocking thing about this document is that there is no right to appeal decisions which infringe upon our individual rights.

    I’m looking for guidance, particularly from Robert, on how to frame a response to this document so that it will be taken seriously. I wonder how many scientists, physicians, homeopaths, naturopaths, and ethicists will respond, and what kind of impact their comments will actually have upon the results.

    Thanks to anyone who cares to reply!

  7. Robert Field on

    Hi Revbranen,
    I think for anyone opposing this proposal should write in their own words how they feel about this. Those responses that are unique and personal always have a better reception. It is not the form response that is best delivered. Personal stories that can be easily read will be recognized. I do believe someone, somewhere reads these. Personally I have seen so many vaccine injuries that the continuation and forced nature of this is what is alarming to me. I do not believe that it is in anyone’s best interest to have to accept something of a medical intervention without their consent. This is why I am republishing the newsletter. I feel it is that important. Thanks for your comments.

  8. revbranwen on

    Thank you for your response, Robert. I’m grateful that you provided this information, and appreciate your advice. I’ve posted my comment on the Federal Register (and copied it to your Facebook page).

  9. Michelle on

    I am not seeing anything about forced tx only quarantine. In what section are you seeing anything about tx?

  10. Asghar Ali on

    Supposedly, I being a PAKISTANI, am not required to post my reservations on the Federal Register. Your concerns are, however, very valid and shall be heeded to by the authorities.

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