Homeopathy Tips for 9/20/11 Your Supplements May Go Away

They are at it again…the FDA is doing it’s best to protect the interests of big pharma and trying to make the supplements you have come to depend on to maintain health be treated like a drug. S.1310: Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011 introduced at the end of June is set to completely change the way dietary supplements are treated by the FDA.

These changes will make most dietary supplement manufacturers comply with new labeling requirements and FDA approvals that will make most supplements unavailable. The cost to get approval will become more than most manufacturers can bear and will either change the price of most common supplements or put them out of business. Overnight the health supplement industry will change. This a billion dollar industry that is made up of many small manufacturers. Most will not be able to sustain the cost of this type of regulation. The availability of common supplements will change if not become exorbitantly expensive.

This bill is not about protecting the consumer but about changing the playing field so that all but the very big drug companies can manufacture supplements. Once again our government led by our congressmen and senators are pandering to big pharmas lobbying efforts. This is all about money at the expense of your health choices.

Something must be done and it is our responsibility to contact our representatives in Congress and put a stop to this. If we sit back and do nothing then we may very well wake up one morning not feeling well and find the cabinet without Vitamin C  we wish to take. You may still purchase it but the cost could easily be three to ten times more expensive.

Government needs to stay out of health care. Each new legislation limits the choices we have concerning our health care. The more they meddle and control, the less freedom we have to take care of ourselves.

I urge everyone to read this article by Dr Mercola and take action NOW! HERE is the link http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/08/20/vicious-attack-by-fda-to-eliminate-most-of-your-supplements.aspx

I am unsure how this will effect Homeopathic remedies. I do not this they will be involved because they are protected by the Pharmacopeia of Homeopathic Medicines outlined with the FDA. But most everyone I treat is also using supplements as a part of their overall health plan. This could dramatically change the way you approach your health.

We need to do something NOW. Be proactive and stop this pandering to be pharma at your expense. Follow the above link and take action. Your supplements and your health choices will thanks you.

6 comments so far

  1. coco on

    It is true.Similar letter I have received directly from Dr.Mercola and have already contact state legislators.Just hope the country stay united so we will help each other again…..

  2. Sharjax on

    Very sad, I feel like we are following Romes footsteps and are very close to self destruction.

  3. ed sackstein on

    americans are not known for going into the street to protest… a nation of sheep? what is sorely needed on such a crucial issue as this, is someone to organize a nationwide movement to get the message across that we are slowly but surely losing our individual and collective power.

  4. ASGHAR ALI on

    Let us all rise to record our protest. The PHARMA giants appear to be a mafia.

  5. Karen on

    I feel very alarmed and apparently or according to NCH (Natl center for Homeopathy) homeopathy is being targeted again!! They have a campaign going on to gather up more members so they can continue to beat the devils off…So while we are at it, maybe it might be a good idea to look into this…Sorry for the negative language…

    I will indeed sign the petition and I do resent government meddling with my freedom of healthcare…Benjamin Rush one of the founding fathers did predict we would need health freedom along with the religious freedom some day and he was right some 200 years or so ago!

    Many blessings to all…


  6. Dr. Pauline Alwes on

    We really need to stay united. Big Pharma will never stop …. they are now realizing that their products cause more sickness and deaths than natural means ever did, so they are beginning to panic as more and more people move to more natural health care. We can defeat them. There is NOTHING Americans can’t do, if they put their mind to it.

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