Homeopathy Tips for 9/18/12 Sports Injuries

When we use our bodies to extreme levels it is natural that injury will follow. I can not think of one athlete I know who has not suffered a sports related injury. Homeopathy is often the very best form of medicine aside from a manual intervention when injuries are extreme. There are some first aid treatments to know for all minor injuries and the correct homeopathic remedy can often provide for the quickest and most complete healing.

I have had questions about the allopathic prescription using homeopathic remedies. Yes it seems that we do prescribe for some acute and emergency conditions in an allopathic way. For this injury give such and such a remedy. The principle of homeopathy still applies though. It is based on the collective general and specific symptoms that are the most common for a particular injury. Even though this seems to be more allopathic it is still based on homeopathy. The reason it works is because of the symptom similarity.

Most sport related injuries happen to our extremities. The reason this is so is because during physical activity they get flung around the most. Next our head is vulnerable and then our torso. It is impossible to cover every sport related injury possible here but I hope to cover the most common injuries and how to treat them.

The most common injury is a sprain to a major joint. This could be then ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder or hip. The phalanges are also vulnerable. The first thing to think of after injury is rest and stabilization. Ice is recommended in the first 24 hours to reduce swelling. This also offers some analgesic effect for pain. Then heat would be indicated to bring more blood flow and help the cells remove toxins and swelling from the area. Some protocols recommend wrapping to reduce swelling and provide stabilization. Always keep the injured part above the level of the heart and this will also help with swelling and pain that is worsened by the pulse and blood pressure.

The very first remedy to think of in any injury is Arnica. This remedy is all about non-concentricity. This means that our physical and energetic bodies have lost their concentricity. Imagine that in a healthy state our energetic and physical bodies are ringed and evenly spaced, similar to the rings of a target. When injury occurs it is usually sudden. The physical body moves quicker than the energetic body can adapt and we are left in a state of shock along with the body having received some damage. This is the perfect time for Arnica. It is a great remedy for shock, bleeding and any form of contusion. The 30C and 200C potencies are most commonly given and they can be repeated as often as every few minutes as necessary to help bring the person back. It is the very first remedy to think of in any accident or emergency injury. Never leave home without it.

When a joint has received a sprain, dislocation or repetitive strain the remedies most often needed are Arnica, Rhus Toxicodendron, Ruta Graveolens and Bryonia. The indications for each are slightly different but based on the grand characteristics of the remedy.

Rhus Tox, being better for movement and initial movement aggravates. Ruta Graveolens being for tendons and all connective tissue damage and usually follows Rhus Tox. well. And Bryonia for when the least movement aggravates and the person does not want to move at all. Other remedies that may be useful are Hypericum when the damage extends to any sentient rich nerve areas and pain is unbearable. Calcarea Carbonica is often for old injuries that have never completely healed.

The other very useful remedy for any torn tissue is Calendula. When a muscle has been torn, mangle or experienced any mutilation Calendula will be the best remedy. The most common tear injury is to muscles. When a tendon or other connective tissue happens Ruta Graveolens may be a better choice.

Over exertion of the muscles is experienced by most athletes. When the body is excessively sore after an extreme use the remedy Argentum Nitricum is often the best remedy. One might think Arnica is the better remedy but overuse is different from the shock described above. A few doses of Argentum Nitricum and the body starts to release the lactic acid build-up and things improve quickly. When the over exertion has gone to the extreme and cramping occurs give a few doses of Cuprum Metallicum. This will help. Another remedy for lingering soreness is the remedy Lactic Acid. This is isopathic to the condition and is useful.

Along with over exertion heat exhaustion and other heat related issues are common. Here is a link to a former article about this.

Bruises to soft tissue happen regularly in sport injuries. Again the first remedy to think of is Arnica. But if Arnica fails to help then Bellis Perrenis is the next remedy to think of. If induration occur after the injury then Conium Maculatum would be indicated. Hammemellis Virginica is a remedy for bleeding and bruising and is a remedy that follows Arnica well also.

When bruising happens to deeper connective tissue or the bone the remedy Ruta Graveolens is the first remedy to think of. Symphytum is also a remedy for broken bones and bone related injuries. This remedy is best known for the non-union of fractures. When the bones fail to knit back together Symphytum is the best remedy. Calcarea Carbonica is also a very good remedy when broken bones are involved. Here is the link to an article about the bones.

Because we are always looking during a sport activity it is natural that the eyes would be vulnerable. The common finger in the eye is best treated by Aconite. Minor scrapes to the cornea or dust or abrasion will disappear quickly under Aconitum’s use. Here is an article about eye injuries.

The skin is particularly vulnerable also to abrasion from falling and sliding during sports. Minor abrasions are best treated with Calendula in the mother tincture or low potencies. Often they are available in low potency , non-alcoholic bases that can be applied to the wound. This will bring comfort and speed healing. Here is another article about acute skin remedies.

Lacerations to the skin happen on hard contact over boney areas. These usually require stitches or bandage to close the would. Again Calendula Cream would help healing but should not be applied to the open wound before being closed. Ledum may be helpful if suturing is necessary. Each suture is like a puncture wound that Ledum is such a notorious remedy for. Hypericum is also a very good remedy for lacerations especially if the laceration might involve any nerve damage.

Head injuries happen all of the time in sport activities. Arnica is the very first remedy to think of in any head injury. If concussion happens, treat the person for shock by having them lie down with their feet slightly raised and covered to keep them warm. Do not let them fall asleep as this might lead to a longer state of unconsciousness. You can review a previously written article about head injuries here.

Here is an article about acute prescribing that covers some of the basics for sports injuries also. The principles are the same. Here is the link.

As you can see the list of common injuries is growing and there are very many more kinds of injuries an athlete may experience doing sports. The all out, go for the gold attitude from most athletes can lead to out of control and injuries will occur. I do not believe in accidents. After studying the New German Medicine developed by Dr Hamer and Dr Sabbah there is always a meaning to every injury and the specific part and type of injury also tell a bigger story. When I treat athletes I can tell a lot about them by the injuries they have received. I will use this information in understanding their overall story and what is asking to be healed. Another article about “Accidents” is here for your review.

The body is a perfect mirror of our spiritual evolution. All spiritual issues must become physicalized. So the body reads like a road map of our spiritual challenges and growth. Often physical manifestations are the healing of a spiritually originated, mental/emotional conflict. We will injure parts of our body to create the opportunity for the physical expression of our conflict. Then the body can heal this and strengthen the affected part. So don’t ignore the sport injuries in the bigger constitutional treatment. They have meaning and are not just acute.

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  1. A. Ahmad on

    Hi! Thank you so much! You pack everything in neat little compartments. I think I’m going to make separate remedy kits named ‘sports’, ‘bones’, ‘headaches’ etc. Not a bad idea …

  2. shamim b u on

    it is sports therapeutic

  3. Asghar Ali on

    Does this need any comments? It is just a beautiful guide for sports and accidental injuries.
    Regards. Asghar Ali

  4. 03135529249 on

    Nice guide line for INJURIES.

  5. dr. harsh y. gajjar on

    respected sir….
    thank u sir for giving us a precious knowledge. sir,in prevention of tetanus,which remedy is useful,either hypericum or ledum pal?

  6. dr. harsh y. gajjar on

    respected sir….
    thank u sir for giving us a precious knowledge. sir,in prevention of tetanus,which remedy is useful,either hypericum or ledum pal

  7. dr. harsh y. gajjar on

    sir…..in prevention of tetanus,which remedy is used,either hypericum or ledum pal?

  8. eugenie on

    thank you very good article excellent

  9. Dr. Amjad Shaikh on

    Dr.Amjad Shaikh–Mumbai.
    Respected Doc!
    Thank you so much for enlightening us. I always take useful tips from your useful articles. May God Bless You.

  10. Dr.Sarfaraz, Islamabad on

    Very useful article

  11. Zille Subhani on

    Great effort has been done to compile most of remedies in this article to illustrate common sports injuries. Also in our daily life we can face certain kind of burns or scalds.
    In first degree injury Arnica 6C should be given to avoid any fearful shock to the injured person.
    Put ten drops of Urtica Urens mother tincture in half cup water and make compress to apply on burn. Also a compress of Hypericum or Calendula can be applied.
    Avoid giving liquid such as water, alcohol and tea because it will increase bleeding internally or externally.
    In painful wounds Hypericum and Calendula lotion (also called Hypercal) is most effective.
    Zille DHM
    Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    Mobile: 00966-504662505

  12. Azizur Rahman on

    Thanks for nice guide full article for sports. my experience says Arnica Q is the best. Hypericum Q and potency may be applied in some cases. Thanks again. Dr Rahman Gazipur Bangladesh

  13. Mah-jabeen on

    Dr, Robert Thanks , sports therapeutic is a very common topic Also in our daily life we can face certain kind of burns or scalds.Arnica Q is the best. Hypericum Q and potency may be applied , Thanks again. May God Bless You.

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