Homeopathy Tips for 9/16/08 Antidoting

We often hear the words from homeopaths “he antidoted his remedy”. This implies that the remedy has now somehow changed. It is a misunderstanding to think that anything about the remedy has changed. Let me explain.

When we give a remedy, the energetic medicinal dis-ease, it can only work if there is resonance and the remedy is homeopathic. This means carrying the energy of similar suffering. It is only through this resonance that the vital force could respond. When we are taking a remedy and in response to it we call this healing. It is because of the observable response that we know something is happening.

Many times after a single dose has been given and we see that the remedy is working, the person will report that it suddenly stopped. They no longer feel the positive effects of the remedy. It is the homeopath’s job to find out what has happened. Sometimes it is simply that the vital force is no longer in response to the remedy and needs to be repeated. Other times it can be that the person has responded to a stronger energy and is no longer in response to the remedy. This is antidoting.

An antidote can be caused by many different things; physical, emotional or energetic. The most common physical causes are coffee, allopatic or herbal drugs (medicinal substances), recreational drugs (anything that can change consciousness) or strong smelling substances like paint thinner/solvents or other smells including aromatherapy.

A strong emotional response can also change our state of being and the remedy is no longer homeopathic. This can happen from a death or serious illness to someone close, an accident or strong fright or even a reprimand may be enough. Likewise a psychic attack or some other unknown energetic disturbance can change our state of being so that the original expression of dis-ease is no longer able to express because of the new response to the antidoting agent/energy.

The next time a client complains that the remedy has stopped working, investigate as to possible antidotes. Remember that the remedy is not antidoted, it is the persons vital force that has changed expression of dis-ease and is no longer in response to the remedy. Never forget that all expressions of dis-ease and healing are a result of the vital force. Usually removing the offending physical substance and repeating the original remedy will re-inspire healing. If the emotional response is the cause of the antidote, then another more suitable remedy may be indicated. The same goes for any psychic or energetically caused antidote. There are remedies that may reduce the susceptibility.

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  1. Sneska on

    Dear Robert,
    as usual you are pointing out a very interesting subject!I am in doubt how the vital force responds to homeopathic remedies even if a person drinks a lot of coffee, eats?What if the person is maybe unconscious?.I red that in France wives put Nux vom in their drunken husbands’ soups and that it works ?
    Best regards,

  2. Lucinda on

    Hi Robert,
    First of all…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    What a coincidence I left a message for you about this very topic. My client Danika uses a special “ultra-sonic” toothbrush to brush her teeth because of braces. Will that effect her in such a way that the remedy will “not work”? SHe needs to use the toothbrush so if it is a problem the solution would have to be something other that to stop using the toothbrush. Also please explain the dental work caution with antidoting a remedy. Is it the cranial trauma? the novocaine?

  3. Dr.Nittur guruprasad on

    Dear Robert,
    Thanks for the valuable article. I experienced so many times, told by my patients, the medicine stopped working after initial working. Sometimes i was supposed increased the potency or even changed the remedy. Now i clearly undestand where there are other chances of affecting the work force of enegey, the vital force. Thanks a lot for providing a good information.

  4. naseer on

    respect robert

    antiodate of remedy which cound not cure

    the totallity symptoms. In second para of the

    homoeopathic tip your remarks is appreciated. my idea about the antioating that if the remedy is disimilar /bad effects or more use must be antiodate the

  5. Robert Field on

    Hi Lucinda,
    I have not found that sonic toothbrushes effect a persons response to the remedy. But dental work can for sure. There is trauma to the tooth, drilling, stretching of the mouth, damage to nerves, drugs injected into the head, all can have a profound effect.

  6. tahira nasreen on

    Respected Robert,hello
    By profession iam an homeopathic doctor, got experiance of almost 25 yrs in this feild .I want
    to do my P.hd in homeopathy,can you please suggest
    me, from where can i get the degree and how.
    Thanking you,
    your sensierly

  7. Yvonne Siblini-Lebanon on

    For sure a remedy is antidoted what you can do is repeat the dose again. But if the patient is on regular allopathic medications a low potency on daily basis can help the patient rid of side effect, ofcourse not forgetting the isopathy, which is making the medication in the homeopathic form.

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