Homeopathy Tips for 9/15/15 The Importance of Aphorism 11

The Organon is the “Bible” for homeopathy. Hahnemann outlined his entire system for this incredible medicinal art. Each Aphorism, or major precept, lays a clear understanding for the philosophy and practice of this system. One of the most important Aphorisms, and one that is most often forgot by homeopaths, is Aphorism 11.

Hahnemann states, “When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life; it is only the vital principle, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician that is, by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known.”

Lets break this long sentence down and gain a greater understanding of what Hahnemann is really saying. First in reference to when a person falls ill, he states that that it is ONLY the spiritual, automatic, vital force, that is everywhere present in the person, that is effected. This is a major idea that we must never forget. All too often when we fall ill we misunderstand where the real disturbance is and want to blame a bacteria, or virus or some other cause of the malady. This is not to say that these are not real, but the cause of disease is a derangement in the vital force, and not the bacteria or virus. If we start down the road of this idea, which is all so common in the allopathic mindset, we miss the fact that the vital force is providing the ONLY cognizable source for the expression of sensations that could be known.

So the only thing that happens in disease is that the vital force has been effected by a morbific agent, inimical to life, (meaning it wants to hurt you if not kill you) and has been deranged to such an extent that now it furnishes the organism with sensations and processes we call disease. Never forget that this is the true origin of disease. The same vital force that maintains life, and provides us with pleasurable as well as un-pleasureable sensations, is the only source for the expression of disease and the restoration of health.

We only know disease by the symptoms and sensations that are being expressed by the vital force and are recognizable by the physician. These morbid symptoms are the only way the physician can recognize the disease. There is no other way that it could be known. Now we might say that there are x-rays, cat-scans, MRI and other lab work that will detect and identify disease. But this information is only partially usable for the homeopath. This provides diagnosis by allopathic standards, but does not provide the rich description of the suffering of the client as well as the outwardly observable symptoms.

These outwardly observable symptoms and the sensations the person is feeling will be what is necessary to understand before the correct homeopathic medicine can be found. Remember, the homeopathic remedy is for the person and not the disease. Sensations and symptoms will be used to identify what is asking to be healed. It is the single expression of the vital force that provides the only picture of disease. There is only one vital force so there could only be one total expression of it. When the remedy is given, it is given so that the vital force can be inspired to respond. It produces the disease and it will heal it.

Too often we think of remedies as for this disease or that disease. Yes the remedies have affinities for particular organs or processes, but it is ONLY the individuals expression of its disease that should be prescribed to. Only then could the vital force recognize the energy of the remedy and mount a healing response, restoring the person to health.  We are now back to the definition of homeopathy. Homeo = similar. Pathy = suffering. Similar suffering.

So don’t get trapped in the allopathic (materialistic) mindset when looking at disease in a person. It is ONLY the spirit like dynamis (vital force) that is deranged that is providing the morbific sensations and functions that are commonly called  disease names. No two disease expressions are exactly the same, so we must use clear homeopathic principles to guide us in our understanding of disease first and foremost.  If we don’t forget this we will never be trapped by the materialistic (allopathic) mindset.

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  1. Asghar Ali on

    Very educative explanation of the Organon the Bible of Homeopathy. It is a price less service that is being imparted to the practicing Homeopaths. May I request the author to exemplify from live cases how to get down to the point “What is asking to be cured?” – Asghar Ali

  2. dr.sharebano savdawala on

    very good explanation of organon please explain aphorism no.5

  3. BHARAT on


  4. ambika kumar patnaik on

    The article is definitely educative,but most of the patients have no patience to give the details and take the prescribed med.As such a homeopath is compelled to go shortcut.

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