Homeopathy Tips for 9/15/09 Health and Disease

We are so accustomed to looking to the disease of our clients that we often miss one of the most important aspects of them; their health. It is easy to be swayed by seeing the healthy aspects of a patient and confuse it with the disease. We must know what health is to know disease. The true magic of homeopathy can be revealed when we can accurately prescribe for the disease and hold the picture of health for the person. This is what makes homeopathy a medicine to help a person heal their life as well as the acutes and chronic.

So the question arises, “what is health and what is disease?”  Hahnemann wrote in the Organon, Aphorism 9; “In the healthy condition of man the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates this material being (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in an admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards to both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling reason-gifted Spirit can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”

The challenge of the homeopath is to be able to distinguish health from disease.  As Hahnemann describes we have a reason gifted mind with the ability to serve our higher purpose. Life can bring us many challenges. It is our ability to respond in the healthiest way possible that leads to the choice between health and disease. When we are very young this comes out of  survival. As we get older, the ego has a larger and more important role, but the issue is still survival of our belief or ego .  Every person on this planet does his/her very best to ensure their survival. It is the inherent life force that cleaves to this body that always wants to survive. The choices we make will always be the very best option that can be had. A person will never make a mistake concerning its’ survival. Often these choices do not serve us well in the long run but the original choice could not have been better. If there were a better choice we would have made it.

In health the choices we make serve us well. Even in disease often the choice we have can serve us well for some time. Eventually though we will come to a crossroads where a similar choice will need to be made and the conditions for healing will be ripe. This will give  the vital force another opportunity to heal, another fresh choice. In health the choice we make will be better than the previous choice and we will lessen our suffering as a result; this is the healing process.

In the healthy state of man he has freedom to choose and his choice will always be the best for him. The healthy state of man can be learned by following spiritual law. The road map for our spiritual evolution has been written in many ways from Kabbalah to Buddhism to Christianity and most other religions. All offer a blueprint for what are the best choices we could make for our higher purpose.   But none of them can make the choice for us. Ultimately it is our own free will that gives us the opportunity to choose. Spiritually, this life existence is the most  fertile ground for our evolution.

No person is all health or all disease. Disease is made known by something not being OK. We must modify or change some aspect of our experience to try to change our state of being. In acute and chronic states of disease we know this through sensation. Pain is usually the best indicator.

Health on the other hand has no conditions for OK-ness; there is nothing that we need to do to modify our situation because all is well. We are free to use our reason gifted mind for the higher purposes of our existence. We are able to be in the moment and react appropriately to the situation that is before us. Health signifies freedom, and the ability to be in the present. In a disease state we can only be OK if the conditions of our OK-ness are met. Therefore in health we have no preferences or compulsions and things can be accepted as they are. We are free to be and experience all of life’s offerings and respond accordingly.

We must not forget how a person has degrees of health. They can often become blurred by the disease. Our job as the homeopath require us to know both. The healthier we are, the less prejudice we have and the better we will be able to differentiate this in our client.  Always look to a persons health when treating them. It is much better to steer them toward their health than away from their disease. In the end, the disease is simply an untruth the person has adopted to survive.

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  1. Surya narayan sarangi on

    The discussion does not provide clarity on any aspect.
    Hi Surya, this article was written to inspire thinking about what is health in the client you are seeing. This becomes a subjective observation that each homeopath must make on his own. The point of the article was not to tell you your truth but to inspire you to look deeper inside yourself and your client as to their health. I hope this helps.

  2. dr.amer ihsan khan on

    dear administration

    thanks for keeping us informed about the latest techniques and technicalities
    just keep it up and help promote homeopathy as u know multinational companies are feared of its daily increasing value and they r doing their best to stop hompeopathy
    it is our duty to raise voice against such people

  3. Bobby on

    Thank you for this article Robert,

    I remember I read in the “The Spirit of Homeopathy” by Dr. Shankaran that the situation needs the healthy person, whereas the sick person needs the situation. He also gave a great analogy with an automobile. It was something like this: the sick person is like a broken car – he car drives only on the 1st gear, and therefore goes to climb hills because that’s how the car will feel comfortable. However, a car in good condition can use all 5 or 6 gears and can drive anywhere.

    This article comes at a great time for me. Recently, I am present to the fact that I have created my life the way it is right now. And for a long time I was blaming the circumstances and other external factors. While, i didn’t even realize that I have all the power to create it. I guess all I have to do is allow whatever is, as opposed to resisting it. I seems to me that this can give me access to freedom!

    Thanks again,


    Hi Bobby,
    I am glad the article came at a good time for you. You did get the jist of what I was trying to convey. Yes when we are out of resistance we are free.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    no comment please.

  5. Mah-jabeen on

    thanks, Robert, you make good homeopath.and keep knowladge new reaserch and give all new commers. thanks again

  6. Peter Bezemek on

    Hi Robert,

    I don’t really like the theme that keeps coming up when you touch the more spiritual side of healing. It is also included in this:

    “Often these choices do not serve us well in the long run but the original choice could not have been better. If there were a better choice we would have made it.”

    Summed up, it sounds to me like “You are always the best you can be and whatever you do, it is all OKAY.”
    The fact that people sometimes see the mistake they have made in the past suggests the original decision COULD have been better. It is also rather clear that people make stupid and unhelpful decisions all the time and saying it is OK doesn’t really make it so.

    Also, the idea that a person which is free can only make the best decision is rather strange. Being free only implies being able to make a choice, which does not guarantee it is the RIGHT decision, so I disagree on that point as well.

    Be well,

    Hi Peter,
    In the Organon, Hahnemann repeatedly refers to “spiritual” aspects of the vital force and healing. How can we best define the vital force other than by it being spiritual. It is not physical, but it animates the physical. There is no way to talk about the truth of homeopathy without including the spiritual aspect. There is material medicine – allopathic use of drugs and there is spiritual medicine; laying on of hands, energetic medicine including homeopathy, prayer, voodo, magic, shamanism. All of the spiritual medicines effect change through inspiration and not by direct effect. This I am refering to as spiritual. As for the aspect of choice it is futile to argue with what is. If a person makes a choice and it is not the “best” choice, then why did they make that particular choice? To consciously continue their suffering? Some how I do not think so. We always want to have less suffering in life but often continue to make choices that do not serve us. This comes out of dis-ease. When a person heals, they make better choices. This is health and having the ability to use our “reason gifted minds”. When we look at a case we should never have prejudice. To have prejudice would mean we are not accepting what has happened for the person as it is. Yet we can see that if they would only make a different decision they would have less suffering. Yet we do NOT get to choose their healing for them. We can see that they could make a better choice but have not. Anything less than acceptance of this is prejudice. thanks for your comment.
    Robert Field

    • Peter Bezemek on

      Hi Robert,

      I do not have problem discussing spiritual aspects of homeopathy, my only issue is with your view on how people make decisions and what it really means. I believe I understand your reasoning, but still feel that such belief is fundamentally incorrect.

      You are asking a rhetorical question “If a person makes a choice and it is not the “best” choice, then why did they make that particular choice?” which again suggests it MUST have been the best choice since they have chosen it. But if, according to your belief, a person always makes the best choice, it also means there is nothing to choose from, since there is only choice available – the “best” one, which means there is no free will and therefore no responsibility. Yet our society expects people to bear responsibility for their actions and, I believe, rightly so.

      What you seem to be saying is there is no responsibility, there is only “health” and “disease”. So we could as well heal all people forcibly, since they have no free will anyway, according to your thinking. You see, this kind of belief creates a great many problems, suggesting there is something quite wrong with that kind of view.

      It also struck me before when I was watching some video case of yours and you’ve told to your client something like “you were the best you could be and that’s why it was ok”, which struck me as really odd, as some kind of artificial idea.

      Kind regards,
      Peter Bezemek

      • Robert Field on

        Hi Peter,
        I do not think you are following my fundamental premise.
        I believe that the vital force is always wanting to express itself in the highst form of health. This includes how we think and choose our actions , etc. Out of dis-ease we can make many very poor choices as evidenced daily. So it is out of the vital force that everything arises. When a person make a choice it is the best possible choice for that person at that time. If there were a better choice, they would have made it. This has nothing to do with social responsibility etc. even though it overlaps. When a person pulls the trigger and kills another, yes there were many other choices they could have made, but this is the one they did. If they could have made a different one they would have. This does not absolve the person of the consequesnces of their actions. They will have to face them. But to heal we must be in a state of forgiveness of our self. If we hold our own actions in contempt of self, then we are continuing the pattern of dis-ease. I recommend people to forgive themselves always. This is the most direct path to healing. Again, this does not preclude the social or legal consequences of our actions. Many a murderer has repented and cleaned their heart while waiting on death row. I find that it is the most common form of abuse we have is how we self -talk more abuse and prejudice against ourselves. When our moral guidance system is working we make better choices. At the very root, fundamental level of our being – health is the freedom to choose and always making the right choice.
        I appreciate our discussion.
        Robert Field

      • Peter Bezemek on

        Hi Robert,

        you are saying – “it is out of the vital force that everything arises” and that’s the core of our disagreement, I believe. Of course, I agree that the deranged vital force makes the person ill and, consequently, also affects the judgment and the decision the person makes. But it seems to me you are taking the idea too far and acknowledge the person has lost its capacity of decision-making by falling ill and that’s why, by the influence of the disease, the person can only make the decisions they make and not really the best decisions available to them if they were in a healthy state.

        Certainly, there are disease-states when the person is stripped of their judgment, but such cases are exceptions and if they happen, even human judges do not call such people to responsibility – because they realize they have not acted from their own free will, but rather from the disease. This, however, is generally not the case.

        One of the most fundamental questions is – why does the vital force make us ill, why is it deranged? Isn’t it often because of the decisions we took?

        Best regards,
        Peter Bezemek

      • Rachel Wilkin on

        I am not sure how old this comment is and if any further clarity has been gained. But I would like to offer my layman explanation. Our actions manifest the beliefs we hold on to. If I believe I am unworthy of love and respect, then I will do things in anticipation of gaining the love and respect of those around me. I will also be inclined to judge them and myself for how the reciprocate. But when I accept that I am worthy, then I release the expectation of love and respect from those around me and do that which is beneficial and healing to my own self. Growing thus towards a greater sense of self and oneness. Hence, our actions cannot be judged as right or wrong, but rather treated as an indication of our personal spiritual development. Also, as we grow towards a deeper awareness and acceptance of all aspects of ourselves, we extend a deeper acceptance and awareness of those around us. It then becomes possible for us to judge less and accept more. It is sad and unfortunate that we cannot all grow and develop at the same rate and the only way to deal with this ‘disparity’ is to question : how can I be kind in this situation? I hope this is helpful to you as I also felt inclined to smack some awareness into those closest to me 🙂

  7. dr baseer on

    resoect robert

    this topic in very interest and knowlledge last para.

    health if fit for mentally and phyically. dieases

    cause of vital forice is weak senation and symptom pain

    are by sign and symtom of external and enternal appearance.

  8. Rooksie on

    The last sentence is the most profound “…disease is simply an untruth the person has adopted to survive.”
    And when that coping mechanism doesn’t work any more they are free to choose something else…. health.

  9. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    Thanks vey much Mr.Robert,
    You have touched a very important matter.Then of course the religion tells ethics and social vlues to keep up.It is a place one go deeper.Science of soul is very inportant.Comparative study of religions e.g. by Dr. Zakir in peacetv are commendable.Spiritual health is very important for physical health to maintain.

    Thanks again to give emphasis on health and disease conditions.

  10. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Thanks Dr Robert. This is very important issue u raised and discussed. I appreciate you for alerting all the homeopaths.

  11. Bobby on

    Hi all,

    Peter Bezemek raised some interesting questions. I remember an analogy about the nature of dis-ease once:

    “A sick person is one who holds their umbrella open even though it’s not raining anymore.”

    This goes with what Rooksie cited “…disease is simply an untruth the person has adopted to survive.” It seems to me that we make certain choices just to survive a specific situation (rain). However, we then decide to keep the mechanism that helped us survive (the umbrella) even though there it doesn’t rain anymore! Funny, a?

    It seems to me that holding an umbrella anywhere we go can be very limiting. I guess we should thank the vital force for showing us we are stuck and NOT free anymore.


    P.S. This is not the truth, it’s just what I make of it at this moment 🙂

  12. Ambika Patnaik on

    The article is a reminder to be A TRUE Homeopath. Now a days most of the homeo docs prescribe like Allopaths. No much detail case taking,prescribing in a hurry for the disease instead of consideriing the patient as a whole.

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