Homeopathy Tips for 9/14/10 Setting Your Intention

As much as homeopathy is a medical art it is also a spiritual practice. Being a homeopath is much more than knowing the repertory and materia medica. It is more intimate than other forms of medicine and will reflect the health and the well being of the homeopath as well as the patient. This all comes together during the case and I have found that the best way to stay clear and present is to set my intention before the case even begins.

Setting our intention is merely making a silent prayer for what one wants, aligning yourself with powers greater than yourself. Why would you want to do this? It is the quickest way to get out of your own way when you give up all results to a power greater than oneself. Then you can be free of ego attachment and simply be an empty vessel and a conduit for G-d’s will.

This does not mean that we go brain dead and check out. What this means is that we can be much freer to be the unprejudiced observer that Hahnemann describes. We can be free of the need to know and simply allow by asking for help from our higher self, G-d, angels, spirit guides; the title we give this is unimportant. When we can trust that all will be revealed and everything is in perfect order then the “job” of the homeopath becomes something more of a spiritual practice than that of a practitioner of medicine.

I teach my students to let go. This is the most important task we have as a homeopath. By letting go we can remain free from prejudice and the tricks of the ego mind. It is very easy to make a case for a remedy rather than find the remedy for the case. Letting go of the thoughts as they arise to be able to stay present with the case allows the homeopath to hear more and see a bigger picture instead of following the mind trap of thoughts that arise. These thoughts will continue, it is human nature. But the spiritual practice of letting go while actively perceiving the case is more like a meditation. Meditation is not  like sleep but more like open awareness. This is what is necessary to be a very good observer and free of prejudice.

Write down the important ideas that come to you in the margins of your case notes with a simple one or two word reminder. Then you are free to let the thought go and come back to the case. The whole of case receiving should be a process of letting go.

When the case feels stuck or you have not understood what is really asking to be healed, ask for help. I have found that doing this simple prayer changes the energy of the case so profoundly that anymore when I do this the very next thing out of the persons mouth reveals what had been hidden before. There are many entities in the spiritual realms that want to help but will not interfere in our earthly experience unless they are asked. It is against spiritual law that they come uninvited. They do want to help however and I have found that when the intention is clean and for the very highest most of the client and everyone involved, the help is enormous. This has never failed me.

But before ever seeing the client, it is a good practice to take a minute and set your intention. Really consider why you and this person are coming together and who you are as the homeopath. Recognize that in the next period of time with this person you will be the most influential person in this persons life. This comes with great responsibility. Being clear yourself is very important. If you are feeling a little off, ask for help and guidance so that you can be a clear channel for great homeopathy and this person.

Taking the moment to set your intention aligns yourself with higher powers and help. Ask that you are a clear channel. Ask that your powers of observation are not tainted by your ego or previous experiences. This is the clients case you are receiving, not your own. Ask that all be revealed. Ask that this be for the highest good of all concerned. Ask that the very best remedy be revealed to you. When the best remedy comes it is usually with a certain knowingness. Ask for this. Ask that the persons health will change significantly for the better as a result of the session and prescription.

Asking for help gives you a subtle reminder that will help keep you from distraction during the case. It will also give your client the freedom to share everything necessary for their highest good. There is much power in  prayer. As a homeopath study hard. Learn much and let go. Ask for help and you will be surprised at how it will come to you. If you are not accustomed to doing this do not be discouraged if you do not see results. Wait and be patient and do not stop asking. Eventually you will start to see the results and after a while they become nearly instantaneous. Remember we are not the healers. Healing is a result of the spirit like vital force coursing through the persons being. This is an energy that is at the end point of G-d’s creation. We can have an influence in this but the source is much bigger than ourselves. By recognizing this we can let go and let G-d. There is no greater power to heal than this.

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  1. Sandy S. on

    Thanks, Robert – I am printing this out as a reminder for myself to center myself each time I take a case. Very helpful!

  2. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    This is very important.Amongst true muslim,rather the part of belief is more important than the remedy,it is a common thing, I believe, amongst all religions.We become sick as we do not observe nature’s guide.

    Topic is very important for all homeopaths.

  3. dr.nilesh pendurkar on

    thank u dr robert. here i will like to say that the aim of case taking should not merely searching the remedy.we should listen the patient by heart. we should understand his sufferings [both mental and physical]as a human being-i.e.with humanity.with such practice we can understand the state of the disease[at both mental and physical level].AND LASTLY WE MUST KEEP IN OUR MIND THAT WE ARE NOT DEALING WITH MACHINES BUT WE R DEALING WITH MIND AND BODY WITH NATURAL FLEXIBILITY………I.E……LETTING GO…

  4. parasuram peddibhotla on

    Thanks & VERY GOOD

  5. Tammy Johnson on

    This was truly wonderful. Thank you!

  6. Vandana Shrivastava on

    R/Sir I thankful for your thought regarding observations

  7. Abby Beale on

    I love this! And I too will print this out for reviewing from time to time. Great ideas and reminders. I’m already slowing down and taking some cleansing breaths 🙂 Much thanks!

  8. Trish on

    Thank you for articulating very beautifully and reverently the opportunity we have as healers to call forth the powers of the Source to guide and help us. We are hands and feet of the one power, the truest healer.

  9. Luisa on

    Thank you so much to remember what sometimes I forgot.
    Right, in this way everything becomes easier and accurate.

  10. philip joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: Thanks for always reminding us to keep our approach humble and to owe everything to the “Great Healing Power of G-D etc”. Each of us may know a little or a lot, may have cured few or a many, but in most cases we were just fortunate to be instruments of healing and not creators of healing. But I am saddened nowadays to see a few Homeopaths who are professionally knowledgeable and competent but are not good human beings. I once went to a competent homeopath several years back who prescribed accurately but then tried to sell me all kinds of supplements and additional treatments that were not needed and outside the realm of homeopathy. I guess, there are good allopaths and good homeopaths and sometimes there are bad allopaths and bad homeopaths too. Melanie, the widow of Hahnemann wanted an exhorbitant sum for his 6th edition and set back the progress of Homeopathy by several years delay. In contrast, Homeopaths without borders offers free treatment at sites of disasters in a few days. Also, sometimes, I feel, a patient’s good intent may overcome a bad homeopath’s wrong intent and still allow healing to flow. Just some random thoughts of mine. Thanks

  11. Dr Shorab Ibrahim on

    Excellent reading- I thought that I was the only homeopath that thinks on these lines, whenever a patient thanks me for the cure that they experience, I tell them to thank God almighty – I am only an instrument through whom he has worked.I pray for my patients, I pray that they recieve the cure that they seek, and many a time – they are cured.
    Thank You Dr Robert.You are quite an Inspiration.

  12. Dr.Syed.G on

    Dear Dr.Robert.
    The article is inspiration. Infact, I pray every day for
    the well being of my clients and also for the sick and
    suffering humans. Ultimately it is only Almighty who alone

  13. Margarita Radeva on

    Dr. Robert,

    I am so greatfulle with your thoughts regarding observations always.Your help for me is very, very important. Thanks again! Have a nice time.XO

  14. Tarakeshwar Rao.K on

    This is an excellent article I have ever seen and very much helpful. Unparellel and no comments. This page is for chanting daily.

  15. naomi on

    Dear Robert
    I loved it, I always asked the higher power to find the right remedy, but I never told anyone I thought if I verbalize it it becomes like the (fake healers).
    Thank you so much we are basically only instruments in God s hands, he is the true healer.

  16. Robert Lal on


  17. Dr.Kalyanasundaram on

    Thank u.Very useful Information.

  18. mazharjamil on


    Doctor prescribes and God cures but doctor takes the credit. How funny it is?

  19. Shankar Chawla on

    Dear Dr Robert,
    Without considering spiritual component it is very difficult to practice homoeopathy. Higher purpose of existence for which homoeopath has to live… We all have experience that while case taking we are unable to get the remedy so for sack of giving we prescribe placebo… We find at times that the patient has already being on the road of recovery. What went is the pure vibration of forces while taking case.
    Thanks for the wonderful article.

  20. dr.prasant kumar on

    dear sir,

  21. dr.prasant kumar on

    Dear Sir,Thanks for such an beautiful article.Everyone should have to read it.

  22. Sharon Rose on

    Deep gratitude. I am your student in heart.

  23. Mahavir rajmane on

    Dear dr i am not a homeopath or a doctor but outof curiocity thaught of talking to you through mail.
    This article of yours is exactly my true expectation from a true homeopath or any other doctor.
    god bless you.

  24. Dr.Kh. Mahbubur Rahman on

    Thank you very much for your invaluable article.
    But,I am confronted with several questions from within
    me,after reading your above article.
    The first question is,what led you to think like this,
    to seek help of the divine power in prescribing a
    medicine for a client?
    Secondly,Is there any such ideas or aphorisms in the
    ‘Organon of Medicine’of Dr.Hahnemann,although he talked
    about spirituality in his book?
    Thirdly,from whom you got the idea to meditate for
    selecting a medicine for your client?
    It will be appreciated if a reply thereto is given by
    Thanking you.

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