Homeopathy Tips for 9/12/17 Grist for the Mill

Where do we get the information to properly find the homeopathic remedy best for the case? What is the “grist for the mill” of our case receiving process? How do we ever get enough information?

The clients words are our grist for the mill. They will tell us everything we need to know if we remain the unprejudiced observer. Trusting that our cup will finally fill up with the information we need to properly understand what is asking to be healed is very important.

Often we become anxious if too much time passes by. Or we start to doubt the process that the client will eventually tell us everything we need to know. Our mind will then drift to our thoughts and we are not fully present to receive the case.

The energy of the case will cease to flow so easily when we are not fully present. If we sense that the person is drifting away from a clean delivery of the essence of their suffering, then it is our job to gently guide them back to the important details I need to know to be able to help them.

It is best to view ourselves as a cheer leader rather than the investigator. I never make my client feel as though they are not doing the case delivery correctly. They could never be wrong. It is my responsibility to understand what they are reporting and to not have any transcendental speculations, as Hahnemann wrote in the Organon.

After explaining to them that I need to get more information, that I haven’t been able to get the essence of their suffering, I will ask them to tell me stories. This gets them talking again. They will often ask about what and I specifically tell them, “anything they would like.” I leave this door completely open so they will be forced to walk through and I have not led the case. It is amazing the things people will choose to talk about when the intention is for me to learn what is really asking to be healed.

Pay particularly close attention to the words  they use to tell their story and try to understand the context of the story to their life and sufferings. It is a wonderful way to have the case understanding open right up, especially in cases that seem more difficult to understand.

Sometimes the healthier a person is the more difficult it is to get to that essence. They may have a few physical pains and a couple of things that bother them, but to give them the very best remedy we need to distill what is asking to be healed to its essence. If the physicals are mostly general and the mental symptoms common, it will be hard to have a good repertization that leads to a few remedies only. And if we do not truly understand what is asking to be healed at this time, we will likely not find the remedy that works for them.

This is the time we need more “grist for our mill”. Asking open ended questions about their fears, cravings, concerns and worries may give us more information. When this has not filled our cup to the deeper understanding of their sufferings, asking for stories usually leads to the grist we are seeking. The vital force is always expressing and when given the freedom to share will usually deliver if our intention is to receive. It always amazes me how successful this process is.

So the next time you need more “grist for the mill”, in your getting a complete understanding of the case, ask for stories and remain open to hear them in the proper context of getting the information you need to help them. It works every time.



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