Homeopathy Tips for 9/09/08 Calendula

We have so many remedies for so many conditions, both acute and chronic, as homeopaths it’s common to develop special relationships with remedies. This is dangerous because we develop a prejudice for the remedy. But when we see time and again the need for a remedy and when given we have wonderful results, then we must continue with it’s use. I have found this to be so with the remedy Calendula.

The remedy is made from the common Marigold plant. A wonderful and useful plant in the vegetable garden, it repels insects who may want to eat the neighboring plants. It’s flowers are also very beautiful to look at. They do not carry a highly pleasant aroma but have a distinct smell. We learn so much more about the healing qualities of the plant once it is potentised and used homeopathically.

The most common usage of the plant is for helping the skin to heal. In mother tincture or low potencies it will help the skin to heal from minor abrasions, cuts, rash and sunburns etc. A cream or lotion with Calendula is one of the most soothing things for irritated skin. Many mothers use this for their children’s diaper rash. It is highly anti-septic and will prevent infection and promote healing. It really is a wonder plant.

In addition to it’s great healing qualities for external use, it can be miraculous when taken in potency for tears to muscles and mangalations of skin or limbs. The key word for it’s use in injury is “tear”. When any condition of tearing of tissues occurs, Calendula in a 30C or higher potency may be indicated. A torn muscle is the most common condition. I have experience a complete separation of the calf muscle from the tendon attachment that let the muscle “ball up” in a giant cramp be resolved with Calendula in record time. Two different doctors evaluated the injury and both recommended surgery. I was not the least bit enthusiastic about this and proceeded to take care of myself. I took Calendula 30C every 2 hours and stayed off of my leg. I massaged the muscle and pulled it down many times during the day. After 3 days I was able to bear some weight and hobble around. There was minimal black and blue that appeared. After one week the muscle had relaxed and started to reattach itself. I was able to walk without a noticeable limp and start to use my leg again. It redeveloped it’s strength in the next week and after 2 weeks I was back to normal. I experienced many unusual sensations during this time. Sometimes it felt as if bubbles were popping inside my calf muscle. It was a delightful sensation of healing. I look at this whole injury with much gratitude. It showed me the amazing power of the body to heal with the correct inspiration; a miracle for sure.

So the next time you see a case of a finger or limb mangled by machinery, or an athletic pulled muscle, vaginal tear of childbirth, after tooth extraction, scratched cornea, or any irritation or laceration of the skin, think of Calendula; both internally and externally. It really is a wonder remedy.

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  1. Debasish on

    Thanks for your nice article on Calendula. It’s a wonderful remedy and we generally use it any kind of bruise or lacerated skin after fall on a rough surface especially for children. It also prevents any kind of suppuration after cut injury.

    Kind regards

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  2. CW on

    I hope this is not too anal of a comment but just in case it matters to anyone the Calendula is actually not the common marigold. The common marigold is genus tagetes and the calendula is genus calendula. Of course it doesn’t matter in regards to the affect of the remedy, just wanted to straighten out this little fact. Other than that thank you for the great information.

  3. mah-jabeen on

    rRobert thanks for all infrmation u send weekly Good blessu

  4. Dr.Rakesh on


  5. Monina Vazquez on

    Hi Robert, great comments about Calendula, I have used it a lot in injuries when my children were growing up,and I still use it a lot.
    Just a little comment to CW,(whoever he or she is) that he, or she needs to talk to Bermulen,Boericke,Murphy etc… to let them know about his or her comment, because all of them say Calendula Officinalis is the common Marigold I don’t think people should be giving wrong information through this way. They should talk to you first and then you decide what to do.
    (Sorry Robert, with all respect)

  6. Marie on

    Your email (link) worked and thank you very much. I have found calendula to work awesome for cats who suffer from skin tears or healing of a abcess. When the vet could not get results – I turned to calendula.

  7. dees on

    thanx 4 sharing this information with us..
    it will definately b very useful..

  8. S Wall on

    This is a revalation to me. As a user of homeopathy for first aid at home I always thought that ruta or rhus tox would be the first choice for torn or sprained muscles. There is no mention of calendular in the book I have by Dr Andrew Lockie. It’s so nice to learn something new and more easy to understand and remember when you can relate it to an actual incident.

    S Wall


    hay! mr.robert good evening
    what is the diffrence between calendula extract and calendula tincture.

  10. dr.naseer on

    dear robert

    we learn new experience of muscle staff and

    for external use. A great injury remedy and

    also burns remedy for external use for


  11. Dr.M.Saraswathi on

    Thans for ur excellent tips.
    In my clinical experience use of calenduala mother tincture for external application for any injury.

  12. drrsmann on

    Nice article.

  13. Rooksie on

    Thanks for the details on calendula – it clarified for me the difference betwn using Arnica for all lacerations. Esp. post partum.
    Thanks your newsletter cont. to inspire.

  14. DR RAVINDRA on

    this is good article on clandula for every one homoeopathic lerner to inhance knowlege

  15. Fakharul Huda on

    It is a very helpful article.

  16. Pankaj Kumar on

    Can we take Calendula 30C orally? Please confirm.

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