Homeopathy Tips for 9/08/09 Vaccine Alert

Thanks to all of you who answered the call to action last week and spoke up on behalf of Homeopathy. It is action that speaks louder than words and our words will never be heard if we do not speak up. Unfortunately we have a new call to action this week. I promise, when the mainstream media starts to pick up the vital news and reports it, I will stop with the announcements and get back to open discussion of homeopathy. But the latest legislation being proposed to require every man, woman and child to be forcefully vaccinated and the rush to approve  a vaccine for the swine flu without proper testing is very alarming.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation we have someone who is staying with the issue of forced vaccination and keeping us informed. The Foundation is very organized and creating many ways for our voices to be heard. I want to share a few links with you that I think you will learn from. Please click on any of the underlined links to learn more. If there is an opportunity to join the growing ranks of health minded/freedom loving people who are against forced vaccination, please do so. Let your voice be heard.

When financial newsletters are reporting the news that should be in our mainstream news I know there are problems we must deal with. I want to share an article written for the Tiapan Daily newsletter by Adam Lass.

Taipan Daily

As long as I’m getting all biblical on you folks, I suppose I ought to update you on the latest on our modern plague – and the mischief our government is getting up in the name of protecting us from same.

School has started early in a fair number of southern towns and counties because system administrators are worried about H1N1 preventing the kids from logging in the required number of days.

This prophecy is proving to be self-fulfilling, as the very best place for kids to get flu is in our schools’ classrooms, lunchrooms, bathrooms and playgrounds. Already the CDC is reporting a spike in reported H1N1 cases in the South and Southeast.

Preparing for the Siege

Last weekend, I happened past the stack of school supplies my wife has been accumulating in the family room. For the past few years, there have been two separate heaps: the stuff that belongs strictly to our children, like notebooks and pencils, and our contribution to the classroom’s “community supplies,” i.e. items that the schools can no longer afford to provide like markers and crayons, colored paper, sheet music and tissues.

This year, I noted two conspicuous additions: A half dozen containers of sanitizing wipes and two boxes of paper “dust” masks. I asked my wife if we picked these items off an a-la-carte list, like some kind of strange potluck dinner. She said, “No, each family is supposed to send these in, just in case.”

“Just in case” my rump! The schools are expecting a genuine siege this year. The New York City school system – the largest in the country, population-wise – will attempt to inoculate each and every first through sixth grader.

Many other systems will try to follow suit – if they can. The chief concern here? Which will arrive first, the new vaccines or the flu itself?

The Latest From the Committee for State Security

The schools are not the only ones fretting about potential disruptions. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is warning that we should expect “a big influx” of flu cases this fall, and ought to prepare as best we can. She specifically advises that we wash our hands and cough into our sleeves: “We’re in all likelihood going to have them before the vaccine is available.”

There are three very worrisome things about this statement. The first is that we have a “Homeland Security Secretary” in the first place. I’m sorry, but every time I hear that title, it brings to mind Stalin and Mao’s penchant for “Committees for the Protection of Ourselves from Ourselves.” It just creeps me out.

The second is that this statement came not from the CDC or the Surgeon General or NIH, or such, but rather from the head of internal security. The implication here is that this may be a serious threat to social order.

And the third is that the best they can come up with is that we should refrain from coughing on each other. I mean, come on! Don’t parents teach children to cover their mouths? Or is that too restrictive and “old school,” like spanking children who run out into the street? (Seriously, you can go to jail for that in California and Massachusetts.)

The New “Germ Police”

Speaking of our coercive friends in the “Bay State,” Massachusetts has decided that the Feds are not quite stepping up enough when it comes to the complete abrogation of privacy rights.

So they currently are pushing a bill through their legislature that will enable health emergency shock troops to forcefully quarantine citizens, compel vaccinations, and allow unwarranted forceful entry into private dwellings and the involuntary destruction of citizen property.

Massachusetts’ State Senate has already passed “Pandemic Response Bill 2028.” When it clears the House, citizens who refuse to comply with isolation or quarantine orders will be imprisoned for up to 30 days and fined $1,000 per day that the violation continues.

What’s That Line About Absolute Power?

Just in case you don’t see where this is going, lines 134-136 requires state and local agencies to exercise powers over transportation routes, communication devices, carriers, public utilities, fuels, food, clothing and shelter for the duration of the emergency.

Lines 228-241 require anyone who suspects a neighbor or passerby of being infected or simply having an unnamed “health condition,” or thinks they know of a “suspicious event” to report it to the central authorities under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment. The good news? Line 238 protects anyone who rats out his or her least favorite neighbor from prosecution or lawsuit so long the report was made “in good faith.”

The bill is considered by some to be a model for legislatures countrywide, and perhaps even Washington. Others fret that it gives carte blanche for busybody commissariats to exercise power beyond their wildest dreams.

Adam Lass

Taipan Publishing

It is wonderful that homeopathy can help treat influenza and the ill effects of vaccination. Look to the previous newsletters on the right and read more about this. We are living in a world where government is supporting the drug companies and wants to control your health care. If we do not speak up we may find ourselves under a threat that will not only make us sicker but remove our liberties as well. Please take action NOW before it is too late. Share this newsletter with everyone you know by forwarding the email link you received for this issue. There is power in numbers.  Your comments are very welcome below.

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  1. Yvonne Siblini on

    The fact is Roche developed Tami flu vaccine and was shelved. The stock went down and the marketing geniuses decided to bring on Swine flu resulting in stocks making money today.

    Plenty of side-effects for sure, but who is to say. This is a scare played politically. Wish people realised it.

  2. Yvonne Siblini on

    The fact is Roche had shelved their vaccine making their stocks go down. The genius marketing experts decided to bring on the Swine flu terrorising people. Sure there are plenty of side effects and this is a mere political statement, its so obvious. What happened to mad cow disease? and bird flu now we have swine flu.

    Wish people realised how it has come about. Its only a scare to divert people’s attention from how the big players in the world are handling politics.

    Oscillococcinum : Natural Flu Medicine can do the recovery, wish I could put it in the water streamline to homes….



    Homeopathy for swine flu- MHCDR VIEW – press release
    As increasing numbers of swine flu cases have emerged around the world, and a “public health emergency of international concern” has been declared by the World Health Organization, fears of a global swine flu epidemic grow worldwide. Swine Flu is caused by a flu virus called H1N1, a mututant of the swine flu virus. Pigs are known to carry this virus. Swine flu is only spreaded via air . Closed areas are places were swine flu can spread rapidly. Areas such as subways, buses, planes, office buildings are places where the H1N1 virus can spread since they are indoor environment. H1N1 virus exhibits an ability to infect cells deep in the lungs, where it can cause pneumonia and, in severe cases, death. Seasonal viruses typically infect only cells in the upper respiratory system. Scientists call this a “quadruple reassortant” virus.symptoms of H1N1 virus infected people are almost identically to the flu influenza. such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Allopathic solutions for the swine flu outbreak include Tamiflu ( oseltamivir ) or Relenza ( zanamivir ). These drugs can potentially shorten the duration of the swine flu by a day. The side effects of these drugs include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bronchitis, stomach pain, dizziness and headache.

    Several homeopathic drugs were experienced in controlling viral flue .Oscillococcinum (This is made from the heart and liver of wild duck, a very common source of flu virus) is a very popular homeopathic drug that is used to shorten the duration of the regular flu virus. This drug has been proven in several trials to reduce the duration of the influenza virus by about 6 hours without any side effects. However, this drug has never been tested on H1N1 virus. Oscillococcinum also claimed to prevent the flu. “Gelsemium 30, Aconite 200, Influenzium 30, 200, Eupatorium perp 30, Bryonia 200 were the other homeopathic remedies that proved to be effective against viral flu used in past. These could be of great use even today; lesser potencies can be taken as frequently as hourly, depending on the acuteness of the symptoms.

    Dr.A.K.Srivastava- Director-Research, Dr.S.C.Srivastava Homeopathic physician and Dr. Anupam Gupta Senior Research Fellow at MHCDR- a private Research Centre Of Homoeopathy based at Lucknow, experienced that cases of viral flu (based on symptoms) are relieved within three days however complete withdrawal of symptoms takes one or two weeks and there is no need to be panic. He also said Influenzinum is the best homeopathic remedy, it works with your body’s immune system and does not have any side effects. Influenzinum is made from the flu vaccine that is prepared for each years unique flu season. Influenzinum should be taken throughout the flu season, as a flu prevention method take 3 tablets of Influenzinum 30 and dissolve them under your tongue. DR. Srivastava also added persons need to take three tablets fortnightly to successfully prevent the flu. Aconite 200 is next excellent for anyone starting a severe illness and fearing death. Eupatorium classically helps when the patient complains that their bones feel broken, and their eyeballs are very sore, along with all the other ‘cold-like’ symptoms. There is alarming need to find correlation with pathological /scientific parameters with these homeopathic drugs. Since no toxicity is reported from homoeopathic medicines these must be given to laboratory confirmed swine flue patients along with modern medicine.

    Dr.Srivastava again added that “In homeopathy, there is a concept called Genus epidemicus. This means if there is an epidemic and you take the symptoms of say 15 ailing people of an area, you will notice a common trend. Based on that you give medication – for the symptoms. This same medication then, if given to people of that area, can act as a preventive medicine, Bryonia and Gelsemium. was used effectively in the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918. The homeopathy mortality rate was 1%. This was much lower than the rate of death used with conventionally medicine.

    Dr.A.K.Srivastava said contrary to popular belief, there is no vaccine for the H1N1. There is really no way to prevent people from catching the swine flu other than avoiding contact with people that have caught the disease. You can boost up your immune system by taking vitamin C, beta carotein, vitamin D and antioxidants. and take homeopathic drugs as preventive or curative. This help you better fight off the H1N1 virus. If you are in any doubt about your symptoms, or you are not recovering at an acceptable rate, you should always consult a doctor or MHCDR.

    Dr.A.K.Srivastava-Director MHCDR

  4. Dr.Liaquat Ali chowdhury on

    I,do favour the homoeopathy drugs like thyroxine influency containing crude homoeopathy drugs which contains phenylallamin-tyrosin e.g “Apis Mellifica roots”or compartible others with high doses if it can applied to the Swan-Flu patients experimentaly. It can boost the thyroxine derivatives of the thyroid glands which will be the safe gurd of immunue boost of vaccine capacity like to such patient for which supressed flu containing bad viruses. as well as follow-up the interval of Rustox-30 and Bryonia-30 for 2 weeks.hope it will cover the disease shortly.

  5. Dr.Sarfaraz on

    In my opinion homeopathic drugs are much affective by choosing the appropriate potencies to alleviate the symptoms.
    As regards adverse reactions reporting system for the vaccines, it is not very much known the developing countries.

  6. Jack Flash on


  7. dr.geeta on

    here we are giving a ars-alb as a preventive medicine for swine flu.but i dont know how it works as a preventive?some times i feel we are going according to allopaths.if we give a common medicine to one disease how it could be according to homoeopathy?

    Hi Dr Geeta,
    I agree. We must follow homeopathic principles and prescribe for the case at hand and not the disease. Thanks for your comment.
    Robert Field

  8. Dr Rohit Bhadauria on

    I think that influenzin has given a successful result for swine flu. I have treated many of the patients by Rhus tox, aconite, Dulcamara, Gelsemium 30, Arsenic alb.. and i get a successful results through these medicines.

  9. Harish Gupta A.H. on

    Every Brillent humen beings have know that Homeo medicins are Greatest for the treatment for living organisms disieses.

  10. dr.mukesh varshney on

    like other system of medicine, homeopathy is also a scientific system.if homeopathy can treat other form of virus safely and effectively,so why not H1N1 virus.homeopathy is rich in medicine which not even cure it as well as produce immunity against it.government of poor nation and developing countries should promote it because they can’nt effort the newly developed H1N1 virus vaccine.if we will treat it according to the law of homeopathic system of medicine,we can beat this notorious virus.

  11. Admin : Al-Falah Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital TT Singh Pakistan on

    Al-Falah Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital TT Singh Pakistan, administration organized seminar & workshop for S1N1 ( Swine Flue ) In this seminar 30 Homeopathic Doctor’s, discussed about Swine Flue. In this discussion Dr. are discussed ” Homeopathiy is also scientific system of cure. If Homeopathy can treated all types of virus effectively, so why not H1N1 virus.
    If we will treat the patient according to the Homeopathic principal & prescribe at hand (Symptoms ), not the disease and also follow the law of Homeopathic system of medicine, We can beat this notorious virus.
    Several homeopathic drugs were experienced in controlling viral flue .Oscillococcinum (This is made from the heart and liver of wild duck, a very common source of flu virus) is a very popular homeopathic drug that is used to shorten the duration of the regular flu virus. This drug has been proven in several trials to reduce the duration of the influenza virus by about 6 hours without any side effects. However, this drug has never been tested on H1N1 virus. Oscillococcinum also claimed to prevent the flu. “Gelsemium, Aconite, Influenzium, Eupatorium perp, Bryonia were the other homeopathic remedies that proved to be effective against viral flu used in past. These could be of great use even today; lesser potencies can be taken as frequently as hourly, depending on the acuteness of the symptoms. Thanks

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