Homeopathy Tips for 9/06/16 Cannabis Indica

Hardly a day goes by without some news about Cannabis Indica. It seems after so many decades of underground recreational usage that the conversation about Cannabis is now mainstream in America. Many States are voting to legalize marijuana and with this there are dispensary stores popping up in nearly every town in those states. Some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use only (20 States). Others have legalized the recreational usage also. A Federal Court in California has recently ruled that marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug  along with heroin and a controlled substance.

With so much happening around Cannabis Indica there will be more and more cases including the proving symptoms of Cannabis. As new users of marijuana experience the psycho activity of the drug, and due to their susceptibility, we will see more cases of Cannabis Indica based on the mental/emotional symptoms.

There has been a whole industry created around the beneficial effects of Cannabis Indica. The medical uses of Cannabidiol (CBD), an extract of the Cannabis plant without the psychoactive THC component, are increasing as more and more as users report beneficial effects. Some positive results are being found for Cancer patients easing the ill effects of chemotherapy, analgesic effects by binding the CB-1 receptors. It is anti-inflammatory, and has been shown to ease arthritic pain. Some patients have experienced help with seasonal anxiety and has even shown to be anti-psychotic. Epileptic seizures have diminished or stopped for some patients. Autism symptoms have been helped also.

With so much coming to light now about Cannabis Indica it is fascinating to know that the original provings and information for homeopathic use was first gathered in 1842. Cannabis Indica is not a new medicine in homeopathy. Many of the provings have revealed much on the mental delusions, nervous system and genito-urinary symptoms. Chronic users or marijuana invariably produce some mental symptoms that can be found in our repertory under delusions. There are more delusions under Cann-I than any other remedy in our Materia Medica.

Because of the psycho-active influences of THC in Cannabis Indica the mental symptoms predominate in the remedy. Here is a list of the more particular symptoms of the mind;

  • Sadness and indifference
  • Thoughts vanishing
  • Forgetful, can not finish the sentece
  • Want of words
  • Rapid flow of memories
  • Ideas stand still, unconscious of higher thoughts
  • Time seems too slow
  • Errors in perception of distance, seems immense
  • Fear and paranoia
  • Laughing immoderately at trifles
  • Laughing and weeping alternating
  • Ecstacy
  • Everything unreal, as if in a dream
  • Clarvoyance
  • Distant memories flood the mind
  • Mania, sometimes gay sometimes serious
  • Irresolution and uncertainty
  • Her own voice sounds strange, as if somebody else were speaking
  • Voice seem to come from a distance
  • Errors in writing
  • Exalted ideas
  • Confusion of mind, does not recognize well known streets
  • Headless sensation
  • Excessive loquacity
  • Incoherent talk
  • Theorizing, rational thought and explains everything
  • Fear of losing self control
  • Sense of duality
  • Separation of mind and body, body and soul
  • Feeling of being double
  • Stuck between worlds
  • Music appreciation, as if carried by the music
  • Sensation of floating, out of body experiences
  • Fear of insanity
  • Fear of darkness
  • Delusions surrounded by entities
  • Anxiety in open air
  • Confusion of identity
  • Delusion can hear the sound of color
  • Embraces everyone she meets
  • Fear of stroke
  • Talks of nothing but one subject
  • Thought intrude and crowd upon each other
  • Sensation as if the top of the head were opening and closing
  • and many more

Along with the mind symptoms there are many general symptoms including;

  • Increased appitite
  • Desires sweets
  • Weakness when walking
  • Numbness in the extremities and paralysis
  • Internal ball sensation
  • Dry mouth
  • Sense of enlargement
  • Frequent urination with burning pain
  • First stage gonorrhea
  • Suffocative attacks, asthma
  • Heaviness in the chest with impeded breathing
  • Unsteady gate, especially beginning to walk. feels like he will fall backwards
  • Increased sexual desire
  • As if drops were falling from the heart

As you can see Cannabis Indica has many different sensations and symptoms. When prescribing look to see that there are some mental/ emotional symptoms in the case and see the connection to the physical symptoms. Many Cann-I cases are very mental without a lot of physical symptoms. But do not rule out the importance of this remedy. Asxc we are learning from the newest uses of Cannabis and CBD oil, there are many physical conditions that Cann-I can help.

Study this remedy from as many Materia Medica sources as possible. There is a lot to learn about this most wonderful Homeopathic remedy.

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  1. Cris on

    This remedy is known since last century. I have used for headache in the 80’s

    • M H on

      what company sells this remedy?

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