Homeopathy Tips for 9/06/11 Case Receiving Protocol

It helps to have a guide when receiving cases. It is easy to get lost in the process and miss a valuable opportunity to get to really know about your client. The hardest part is being an unprejudised observer. It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know something that may or may not be true for our client. I find that letting go and asking for divine help to be the fastest was to get out of my own way. It is the most effective way to release our prejudice.

Here is a list of points to remember during the case. Following this will help greatly so you will not miss anything your client offers. Your clarity will be the difference between a perfect prescription and failure. The key is getting out of our own way. 

Case Receiving Protocol

  1. Set your intention by aligning yourself with “Divine Help” ASK FOR HELP. Be an open channel so all will be revealed and to be a clear, unprejudiced observer. Do not attach emotionally to the person. You might as well be taking your own case if you do.
  2. Begin case taking by asking them to share everything you will need to know, so that you can help them. Leave it open and DO NOT LEAD THE CASE. Ask questions ONLY to clarify something they have said and DO NOT INTERRUPT. Wait until they have finished talking to ask a question to clarify ONLY.
  3. Write down as Verbatim as possible the words they say. EXACTLY. his can be challenging, but try. Even when taking a case by video. It’s good practice.
  4. Pay attention to the case and try to grasp what is asking to be healed. What are the themes and keywords they use repeatedly? These will speak to the energy of the case and the remedy .The first 5 minutes of the case is the most important. Don’t miss a thing during this time. Most cases are complete during this time so PAY ATTENTION.
  5. Always ask “WHY” in your mind. When you find a “crack” in their story, go back and ask them to share more. Ask for examples, ask for a story. This is where you will get the richness of their experience, not the thearapised version. Ask ALL questions open-ended. Do not ask questions like “are you afraid of heights” Ask like “ Do you have any fears or things that bother you?”
  6. Avoid Transcendental Speculation. DO NOT THEORIZE about the case. See it for how the person shares it and their experience. NOT YOURS. IT’S OK NOT TO KNOW. As soon as you think you are the one “doing it” you are lost. LET IT GO and come back to the case. ASK FOR HELP
  7. When you have discovered what it is that is asking to be healed, ONLY THEN start looking for rubrics for the case. NOT BEFORE. If you start to think of remedies, make a note and LET IT GO. You will be transferring your thoughts of the remedy to the case if you do not. You are guaranteed to fail if you do not LET IT GO.
  8. Look for the BIG FISH. Those symptoms that speak to the UNDENIABLE and most easily observed that have a thread that represents the energy of the case
  9. Also those symptoms that are rare and peculiar symptoms. Things that are unusual and not so common. Look for the ways that the person has deviated from natural law.
  10. If you cannot find the rubric easily look in the index of the books for words associated with the symptom or do a word search in the program.
  11. Keep it simple. Most of the time you will need at least 2 but preferably 3 rubrics to lead you to a group of remedies. Remember the “THREE LEGGED STOOL”
  12. The mental rubrics are most important and are the best representatives of the energy of the person’s life. SELECT THEM CAREFULLY.
  13. Now that you have some remedies to consider, GO BACK TO THE CASE and look for remedies that carry a similar essence. Remember you are giving a remedy for their LIFE not their symptoms.
  14. Study the remedies from Materia Medica. Look at the Mind section and get a feel for the energy and ESSENCE OF THE REMEDY you are considering. Compare it to other remedies until you have a smaller group to choose from. Those that best describe the ESSENCE OF THE CASE.
  15. When you have selected a few remedies to investigate, ask confirmatory questions. Ask questions open-ended. If the remedy has fear of heights, ask about “how they feel in high places”, NOT “are you afraid of heights?”. Let them explain and tell you THEIR story.
  16. If you still cannot confirm a remedy, LET IT GO. Come back to the case and ask for more information. “ Can you tell me more?” ASK FOR HELP.  Don’t TRY. It will block you from having the remedy rise to you and be clear. If you are TRYING too hard it will stop you, Remember to trust that you have shown up to be the homeopath and that you CANNOT FAIL. Only if you give a remedy that is NOT completely CLEAR FOR YOU will you fail. WAIT. Go back to the case. GET CLEAR. ASK FOR HELP
  17. When the remedy has become the perfect match in your mind, ONLY THEN should you give the remedy. Then LET IT GO. Let the true healer, GOD do the work. It no longer is in your hands and your job is to simply show up as the Homeopath and guide the process with follow-ups.

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  1. Syed Husain on

    An informative article suggesting a number of tips at the time of taking the case of a patient. But experience shows that if you ask the history of the client,hearing him and asking questions whatever come in the mind of a homeopath before prescribing the remedies it will take much time which is not possible for those homeopaths where people come in a large number.

  2. Doreen on

    Pressed for time again, but very simple helpful information,and so true. Our God “THE GREAT PHYSICIAN”

  3. M.ElSiddig on

    Hi Robert
    It is very true the energy talks not our prejudice as a true healer , most of the time I find 80% of the case is M/E Sxs that lead us to the Rs.
    M.ElSiddig , Canada

  4. Karen on

    Thank you for the review and especially for the part about letting go.

  5. Dr Sanjaya Vikram on

    Case Receiving protocol is really worth practicing. Thank you.

  6. Dr Praveen Dharmarnam on

    protocol has very encouraging facts,thanks Dr Praveen Dharmaratnam

  7. srinivasarao on

    Dear Dr.Robert,

    It is informative and really help to evaluate the correct disease portrait in client

    Grandhi S Rao
    Student – Resonance School of Homeopathy

  8. Dr.Aradhana on

    Dear Robert,
    You’ve beautifully concised the Case-Recieving Task so beautifully,
    and made it easy to understand for the beginners also…


    the article helps to remember the lessons studied in the beginning thank u

  10. Maggy on

    Thanks a lot indeed, again!!!

  11. Dr Manojkumar Patil on

    Good suggestions!

  12. Anindya Das on

    Thanks for reminding us these valuable points during case taking.

  13. Sharon Cardenas on

    Thank you Robert for your time and dedication. By “cracks” in the case,did you mean to ask ques about a piece of info. that is unclear? If not what else would “cracks” refer to? Thanks again.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sharon,
      Yes, the parts of their testemony where they start to say something and don’t finish it. Or the story that wasn’t complete that may hold much more information. I refer to these as “cracks” in the facade of the case. Much can be learned by investigating these unfinished stories.

  14. celes on

    Dear Robert,

    Can you suggest some books or article reg. treatment from Dementia.

    I would be highly obliged and appreciate your concern.



    • Robert on

      Hi Celes,
      I do not have any recommendations except as with all cases Receive the Case. Be diligent in understanding why this is happening and what is unique about the persons expression. Like all cases the remedy is individual for the person and not the disease.

  15. luibov on

    Dear Robert!
    I am not a doctor
    I have a degree in psychology
    I have been taking homeopatic treatment for many years
    I know what medicine to take in simple cases(colds,sore throat etc)
    Could you tell me the books you refer to when you prescribe a medicine
    Do you usually choose one one remedy and what potency you are using
    my prevoios doctor gave me a mixture of 40
    it is difficult to observe their effect
    my problem is that my fingers get numb and hurt early morning
    i guess there is a problem with blood circulation
    I do much exercise during the day
    I practice tennis and dancing
    non gomeopatic doctors explain I have problems with neck and have also mascular spasms
    as they dont help much
    I am looking fot homeopatic remedy myself
    So could you recommend the book to look a remedy for my symptoms
    what are the main books doctors use
    I found your article very interestind
    sorry for a long letter
    hope for a reply
    Liubov Starodubtseva

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