Homeopathy Tips for 9/02/08 Why I Love Homeopathy

Each week I write a bit about something that is hopefully useful for you about homeopathy. This week I have been pondering on what to write about and I decided to share a little about myself and why I love homeopathy. Hopefully you will benefit from this as well.

For me, homeopathy is all about people and other living things; really about the vital force.           I LOVE PEOPLE!!      That’s the bottom line. Homeopathy helps animals and plants to heal as well, anything with a vital force. But for me it’s all about people. If you want to be a homeopath, you had better really like people or it might be better to find a different profession.

I have clients say to me after telling their whole life story, with the tears and the sobbing “How can you do this all day long, listening to peoples miserable lives? Isn’t this a depressing job you do?”

My reply is this; “All people suffer. It’s simply a fact of life. No one ever comes to this earth and gets away without suffering. Everyone has a story. Some more intense than others. But in the end we all suffer. If homeopathy can help inspire healing for you then there is a little less suffering in the world. This makes me happy.”

Another thing I love about homeopathy is that no two days are ever the same. Being a homeopath is all about change. It’s all about movement. I am never bored being a homeopath. Each day will bring another story and hopefully a breakthrough for someone. My happiest days are doing follow-ups and hearing someone tell me of the wonderful changes happening in their life. This really makes my day and my happiness increases along with theirs. It’s really a blessing I receive as they receive their own blessings.

Another thing I love about homeopathy is how synchronicity works in every case; how the universe shows up to reveal all I need to know and understand to help someone. I see this in every person I work with. Even those people whose cases are challenging; it is another opportunity for me to really let go and let G-d. When I am open and unattached it is a marvel to see how all things are really perfect; unfortunately, even a persons suffering. This does not negate any feelings of empathy I have for the person, but if my compassion interferes with my ability to be an unprejudiced observer, then I will not be able to help them anyway. It is best for me to remain unattached, see the perfection and allow myself to do what is necessary to help once again.

And maybe one last thought about homeopathy and being a homeopath; I love seeing the energy of the case and the energy of a remedy in action. Seeing how it all plays out. Learning the subtle aspects of a remedies energy that could only be known because a vital force brought it into existence and revealed the subtle ways of G-d’s intention. It’s like looking into a window of G-d’s workshop and seeing how it all works.

These are just some of the reasons why I love homeopathy. I know there are too many more to list them all. Please share with me why you love homeopathy.  Leave your comments below. I would really love to hear from you. Thanks for allowing me to share with you.

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  1. Chandramohan on

    It is wonderful



  3. Julie on

    What is G-d? If this is supposed to be God, why don’t you spell that way?

  4. drngp on

    cool and enthuastic

  5. Helene T, Md on

    Good morning Robert,
    Homeopathy is a discipline in every sense of the word, the physical & metaphysical planes.
    As a healer there is much interaction between compassion & understanding life & her doings, among others, looking at ‘dis-eases’… Something like an experimentation & an experience. Have a good week!

  6. Marta Olson on

    Homeopathy brings forward opportunity for total cure of illness, be it physical,mental, emotional or spiritual. I have studied many venues for healing and used even more on my self and homeopathy does not cover symptoms or push them down only to manifest later with a stronger more detrimental force. The healing is truly healing. Meaning the issue is gone and no longer a part of the persons consciousness.
    With the example of western medicine’s idea of healing , this is why I love homeopathy!!!

  7. Ariel on

    Yes, yes, yes! I love homeopathy because it increases happiness. I love the way it helps us to align more gracefully with our Divine path using a subtle vibrational inspiration to get out of our stuck places. Also, I love to experience and witness miracles… Homeopathy increases the frequency of them. I love it!

    PS I have read that the vowels carry the energy of the soul. My understanding is that the vowels are left out of God’s name as a sign of respect.

  8. Ahmed on

    Just the shear mystery of homeopathy…yes, I love it.

  9. Lucinda on

    I love homeopathy because it’s perfect and complete….like pushing a boat off the shore and into the river… there’s very little to do and so much happens! I like sleuthing and I love letting a person’s story wash over me. Don’t ask me why it’s not depressing. I’m inspired that people want to share their stories. It’s an honor and I’m awed…like seeing a work of art. Wow, I guess I could go on and on too! Hi Marta!!

  10. Anthony (Australia) on

    Hi one & all. Thanks Robert for your Testimony. I Sustain all that has been said. I love to watch my patient as a single dose starts to work in front of my eyes. The look of surprise & amazement is exciting. We are blessed people to know Homeopathy. Anthony.

  11. Faysal Janjua (Pakistan) on

    Hello Robert, and All.
    Its been a great opportunity to wright down my comments here, I thank youi robert for giving me this chance.
    Yes I love Homeopathy because of its miracles results, My Father(Late) was a homeopathic doctor and i saw amazing effects or you may say miracle results during treatment. I inspired from my father and after 15 years of practice it is wonderful to be a homeopath physician.

  12. Prabin kr.Shaw on

    There is a mother&child relationship between homoeopatyh and me.whenever I suffer I go to the door of homoeopathy and it always helps me.

  13. Lora E on

    Hey Robert! I love homeopathy because I always see an unfolding of insights long after the case is taken. Homeopathy gives me the opportunity to constantly learn about people, their stories, myself, The Source….everything.

  14. dr.ghulam mustafa on

    Hay!Mr.ROBERT i love homeopathy it is a gentle and harmless way to cure the sick persions.

  15. mah-jabeen on

    hi all and Robert i lo ve homeopathy because its realeif all desieses without any side effect. and I love all man kind the God gift i have alot of knowladge.

  16. Ray on

    Thank you, Robert!

    Oh yes! So much to love about homeopathy. I love that is works. Its so precious to have a technology.

    I agree there is something so important to recognize the action of a higher plane. God, or whatever one prefers to call Her/Him/They. For me there is a balance where I must be mindful of “God helps those who help themselves (or others!). And I must try my utmost to help. But then I must realize that there are others. And there is God. Somehow the balance is very important to me.

  17. Marisa (China) on

    Homeopathy is good but it it difficult to choose the right remedies.

  18. Chokka Raj (India) on

    I fell in love with Homeopathy, so much, because I do not want to undergo operation (Doctors Recommendation) for fissure I developed. I started reading the books on Homeopathy and learnt the Science of Homeopathy Self and successfully cured of fussure.

    It is wonderful science and gives me joy and immense pleasure of serving people and humanity for sufferrings.

    There is no day without studying something about Homeopathy as it is Ocean of Knowlege. Serving people with Homeopathy and giving Good advise on Health is a noble cause. Homeopathy is part of life.

  19. ginni on

    Everyday’s an adventure. No two cases the same. The respect for individuality and the development and growth homeopathy affords us.A gift, a blessing. Yes I love homeopathy x

  20. valerie on

    Homeopathy saved my baby from Western medicine! She is in her fourth year seizure free because of the remedy. This IS the wave of the future. I love homeopathy because it is “the voice of reason” for humans. Thank you a million times!

  21. Yvonne Siblini-Lebanon on

    Anthony (Australia) on September 2, 2008

    I have had similar experiences where a patient had an effect in 20 minutes.

    Homeopathy is a spirtual healing, yes we are lucky to have this knowledge. Guess we are the choosen ones!!! lol

  22. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Dear Dr Robert
    I think so and feel that only only Homeopath can uprooting the diseases. The Allopath can only prevent not removed the main causes just like make a band against flow of water. But homeopath remove the source of flow of water. M A Rahman Gazipur

  23. V.K.Makkar on

    Dear Robert
    Your interacton with people are fantastic through homeopath.I like homeopath very much as it is areal eradacator of most of the deseases , I would be very thankfull to you for extending weekly e-letter to me.

  24. Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Every Homeopath loves his profession & why not? It was’nt imposed on them.So, why they should not love Homeopathy? But Dr. Hahnemann was disgusted with his
    profession on Orthodox Medicine & gave it up.Why? The
    answer may lead us to love Homeopathy.
    I love Homeopathy because it is founded upon a divine
    Law of the Nature.Similia similibus Curentur.It is
    infallible & universal Law.
    I love Homeopathy because it sounds me like Arithmatic,
    where 2+2 makes 4.Homeopathy is also like that.The patient
    must be cured,if the symptoms of the patient agree with the sympyoms of the remedy,provided the patient has sufficient vital power.This is true that men will die on
    maturity & no medicine can prevent death.But the Homeopaths can say that the patient will be cured, when the
    symptoms agree.
    I think all Homeopaths are like ‘Match Makers’,which
    appears very interesting to me.In many countries of Asia
    ‘Match- Makers’play a great role in finding out the brides or bridegroom & vice versa to settle their marrages where love does’nt play the part.They do it upon the request of
    their parents & get some money as service charge from both sides.Similarly, the Homeopaths match the symptoms of the
    paient with the symptoms of the remedies & makes the cure.
    I love this match making job.
    I love Homeopathy because it has no limitation in the
    treatment of the ailing patients.On the contrary the other medicines particularly the Orthodox Mediines have much limitations in respect of mdicinal treatment.For example,
    they have no curable medicines on diseases like,Mental
    illness,AID’s,Cancer,Asthma,Allergies,Piles,Jaundice,Liver kidney & skin diseases,Rheumatism, Gout,Artharities,
    Ganglion,Tumour Appendicities,,Migrane,chronic Tonsilities
    & so on.
    I love Homeopathy because the medicines are palatable,
    it is accepted by the infants to the ageds.Mode of treat-
    ment does ‘nt give pains to the patients.They rarely have
    any serious side effects endangering the lives of the
    patients.Homeopathy can ony cure the chronic diseases,
    where the other system of medicines fail.It is a spritual
    medicine,it can change the life of the patient &make them
    worth living.It can make the mankind happier by curing the
    instintive diseases of human being.

    Dr.Kh Mahbubur Rahman

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