Homeopathy Tips for 9/01/15 Case Receiving Protocol

It is easy to get lost in receiving a case if you do not have a road map. These reminders are very useful in receiving a case. They keep you from getting lost in the case and help you get through to the very end….finding the best homeopathic remedy. When you are stuck or confused the quickest and easiest way to get out of your own way is to ask for help or guidance from higher powers, the divine, spirit guides, higher self G-D; it matters not how you perceive this higher power. Knowing it to be real and aligned with all that is good will be the quickest way to get out of your own way. Use this protocol with care.

Case Receiving Protocol

1.Set your intention by aligning yourself with “Divine Help”
ASK FOR HELP. Be an open channel so all will
be revealed and to be a clear,
unprejudiced observer. Do not attach emotionally to the person.
You might as well be taking your own case if you do.
2. Begin case taking by asking them to
share everything you will need to know, so that you can help them.
Leave it open and DO NOT LEAD THE CASE. Ask questions ONLY to clarify
something they have said and DO NOT INTERRUPT. Wait until they have
finished talking to ask a question to clarify ONLY.
3. Write down as Verbatim as possible the words they say. EXACTLY.
This can be challenging, but try. Even when taking a case by video. It’s
good practice.
3. Pay attention to the case and try to grasp what is asking to be healed.
What are the themes and keywords they use repeatedly? These will
speak to the energy of the case and the remedy .The first 5 minutes of
the case are the most important. Don’t miss a thing during this time.
Most cases are complete during this time so PAY ATTENTION.
4. Always ask “WHY” in your mind. When you find a “crack” in their
story, go back and ask them to share more. Ask for examples, ask for a
story. This is where you will get the richness of their experience, not the thearapized version.
Ask ALL questions open-ended. Do not ask questions like “are you afraid of heights”
Ask like “ Do you have any fears or things that bother you?”
5. Avoid Transcendental Speculation. DO NOT THEORIZE about the case.
See it for how the person shares it and their experience.
NOT YOURS. IT’S OK NOT TO KNOW. As soon as you think you are the
one “doing it” you are lost. LET IT GO and come back to the case.
6. When you have discovered what it is that is asking to be healed,
ONLY THEN start looking for rubrics for the case. NOT BEFORE.
If you start to think of remedies, make a note and LET IT GO. You will
be transferring your thoughts of the remedy to the case if you do not.
You are guaranteed to fail if you do not LET IT GO.
7. Look for the BIG FISH. Those symptoms that speak to the UNDENIABLE
and most easily observed that have a thread that represents the energy of the case.
8. Also those symptoms that are rare and peculiar symptoms. Things that
are unusual and not so common. Look for the ways that the person has
deviated from natural law.
9. If you cannot find the rubric easily look in the index of the books for
words associated with the symptom or do a word search in the program.
10. Keep it simple. Most of the time you will need at least 2 but preferably
3 rubrics to lead you to a group of remedies. Remember the “THREE
11. The mental rubrics are most important and are the best representatives
of the energy of the person’s life. SELECT THEM CAREFULLY.
12. Now that you have some remedies to consider, GO BACK TO THE
CASE and look for remedies that carry a similar essence. Remember
you are giving a remedy for their LIFE not their symptoms.
The symptoms just guide you.
13. Study the remedies from Materia Medica. Look at the Mind section
and get a feel for the energy and ESSENCE OF THE REMEDY you
are considering. Compare it to other remedies until you have a smaller
group to choose from. Those that best describe the ESSENCE OF THE
14. When you have selected a few remedies to investigate, ask
confirmatory questions. Ask questions open-ended. If the remedy has
fear of heights, ask about “how they feel in high places”, NOT “are
you afraid of heights?”. Let them explain and tell you THEIR story.
15. If you still cannot confirm a remedy, LET IT GO. Come back to the
case and ask for more information. “ Can you tell me more?”
ASK FOR HELP. Don’t TRY. It will block you from having the remedy
rise to you and be clear. If you are TRYING too hard it will stop you,
Remember to trust that you have shown up to be the homeopath and
that you CANNOT FAIL. Only if you give a remedy that is NOT
completely CLEAR FOR YOU will you fail. WAIT. Go back to the
16. When the remedy has become the perfect match in your mind, ONLY
THEN should you give the remedy. Then LET IT GO. Let the true healer,
G-D do the work. It no longer is in your hands and your job is
to simply show up as the Homeopath and guide the process by follow-ups.

2 comments so far

  1. Dr. Anindya Das on

    Thanks for reminding all of us the truth of homoeopathic treatment.

  2. cferns54 on

    Dear Dr. Robert,

    The article is very inspiring and interesting about taking the case.

    I need to know suppose the patient keeps on worrying about imaginary things, and if the patient is told nothing of that sort exists but does not listen and gets desperate about such things. The patient looses patience and does not at all listen but says that there are persons that can be seen and not by us. Is it psychic or is there some rubric which can help when a person becomes psychic and does not want to listen. Please advise



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