Homeopathy Tips for 9/01/09 Attacks on Homeopathy

I recently forwarded a letter announcing the latest round of media attacks on Homeopathy. It seems that as our world situation continues to change, truth poses an increasing threat to the powers that be. If we look at the last decade we see that the media has been very good at spreading either all out lies or half truths that mislead the reader. This pattern can be seen from the financial industry, the medical industry as well as the military complex. Even our own government  misleads us often as they do the bidding for corporations who have consolidated their power and influence.

As homeopaths it is our greatest responsibility to act with integrity. This amounts to all things we do in life, not just with homeopathy. When we see untruth it must be addressed no different than dis-ease. In fact this is all dis-ease really is. When a person falls ill, it is a morbific influence on the vital force that creates the physical expression of disease. Our job is to help remove this by applying good homeopathic principles.

The situation in the world right now is really no different. There is a dis-ease of greed, power and influence that is not acting from integrity but from a morbific influence. This influence is getting more powerful and yet more threatened each passing day. There is a great quickening happening right now. The next few years will be very interesting times. As the old must die for the new to be created; we are on the cusp of a change that is epic and not like any other time in history.

There is an increasing desire for control over all healing modalities. Those based in truth seem to be at greatest risk because they are the greatest threat. There are attacks to our food supply and supplements through the CODEX being legislated in many governments of the world. This is an effort to control all substances that can be ingest for our sustenance and our health. We must be aware of these threats to our freedoms and liberties and respond.

The media is our greatest blessing and curse. It is used consistently to spread misinformation but at the same time can be used to dispute the lies and spread the truth. A campaign like the latest from the group Sense About Science and the Voices of Young Science is aimed at discrediting homeopathy and to have it banned. These attacks need to be defended. But they can only be defended by truth. This is why it is all of our responsibilities to respond to these attacks when they occur. If we do not then our voice of truth is not known. We are not acting from integrity when we do not respond. It is our duty to ourselves as well as our profession to defend truth.

From homeopathy’s inception Samual Hahnemann sustained many attacks about his healing observations. He was heretical in  his time. Yet he never abandoned his quest for truth. He endured and brought us this great healing art and science. We owe it to our founder to defend the truth of homeopathy. We owe it to ourselves as well as humanity. The trials will continue until the truth prevails. But it will not prevail without action.

Being proactive about spreading the truth of homeopathy is a very good way to take action. Organize community gatherings to share about homeopathy. Set up a free evening talk and share a few remedies and ways a person can help themselves. Be an ambassador for homeopathy. It is only through ignorance that the lies about homeopathy can continue.

Here is a link to the response from Harry Van Dr Zee, ECH president, to the World Health Organization. It is filled with many facts and history of homeopathy in the successful treatment of disease. Use this as a template and write a letter to the WHO telling them your experience with homeopathy. They need to hear from you. Speak from your heart and tell the truth. It is more important that ever. Click HERE for the link.

Send your letter to the WHO now. Below are the WHO representatives that need to hear from you.

When you write and send your letter you will feel better because you are taking action to spread the truth about homeopathy. Please leave a comment below and let everyone know that you have taken action. Thank you.

Director General Dr. Margaret Chan  Media Officer Fadela Chaib  [email protected]

Mr A. Etukudo, Division of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the World Health Organisation’s regional office in Congo, Africa [email protected]

Dr Elisabeth Mason,  Director Department of Child & Adolescent Health Development
[email protected]

Dr Mukund Uplekar, TB Strategy and Health Systems, [email protected]

Dr Sergio Spinaci, Associate Director, Global Malaria Programme  [email protected]

Dr Mario Raviglione, Director, Stop TB Department Press Contact Glenn Thomas [email protected]

Dr Teguest Guerma, Director Ad Interim, HIV/AIDS Department,  Press contact  Valeri Abramov  [email protected]

23 comments so far

  1. Nisar ahmad on

    this is excellent help for me,
    i am student of homeopathy i need these more
    plz carry on

  2. Joseph on

    Well every system of medicine has its own merits and limitations. There are ample evidences that many diseases (particularly chronic ones)got cured by homeopathy than by allopathy! WHO should take this to account. It is the reponsibility of practising homeopaths to come out with concrete evidences that, in themselves, will convince the WHO to downlook the claim of this new organization. They will also become proper answers to the organization whosoever is trying to mar the homeopathy.
    However, people too are becoming aware of the utility and limitations of every available medicinal system and I believe a true science keeps moving forward, even if it comes acorss with testing times like the one now.
    I don’t understand why practsing homeopaths are not coming forward to put forth their experiences? Are they feeling it “waste of time” or something else?
    No doubt to pracice this science (homeopathy) one need to have lot have “concern”, “passion to serve”. Making big money, the way one can make in allopathy is not easy in this science. However, one can make money in this science too. I am of the opinion that the new organization is trying to make claims based on “to be neglected” observations.

  3. Dr. Jaya Srivastava on

    Its really shocking to see the biggest authority in medical field behaving in such irresponsible manner. How can WHO behave like blind entity. The protest by Resonance team is the appropriate action and we all followers of Homoeopathy should support it unitly. I thank the Resonance team for this action and strongly support it.

  4. dr.rahul on


  5. Dr, Kafail Ahmed on

    i really strugle for homeopathy future i have submit attaks copy on my national concil forum i hope alll homeopaths comunities will try better for homeopathy May GOD bless us and save our homeopathy till long lives. i request to all homeopaths please be gether for homeopathy future.

  6. Dr Prabhat Tandon on

    who says homeopathy lacked evidences , click for “A Vastly Incomplete List of Scientific Research Behind Homeopathy ” to know the truth ….and the list is still incomplete…

    • Philip Joseph on

      Dr Tandon: Your list of research articles is extensive and superb. Thank you so much for posting this article. I have been searching for a comprehensive list like yours for many years. Thanks, so much. Philip

    • vishal sharma on

      Dr Tandon: Thank you so much for posting this type of useful article. I am an homeopathic college students so if u know another websites which are for me please sent me

  7. Michele O'Brien on

    Thank you for taking the time again to provide additional links and information for other to proceed in taking action. Sometimes it isn’t the lack of desire to act, but not knowing or having the resources to take action. This has been very helpful. And yes, think of all that Dr. Hahnemann endured to educate & fight to keep homeopathy. We all need to do our part as this is our one salvation to overcome the current as well as the many health issues to come. Currently, I have peace of mind that all is well BECAUSE of homeopathy…I don’t want to ever not have it available to me.

  8. S K Kalra on

    I feel elated after joining your humanitarian movement. A good No. of allopaths with highest degrees in their fields left their practice just to elope Homeopathy because they could serve community better by doing this. A great no of Allopaths go to Homeopaths when they themselves or their family members get sick for consultation. Only commercial drug manufacturers are the trouble shooters but they are not going to succeed.

  9. Yvonne Siblini on

    The fact is because WHO and all those who are involved in allopathy medication are coming under fire. We need to take this as a positive aspect that homeopathy is being noticed. They have to make a show so that they dont get the better of our knowledge, but we know who is right….lol

  10. V.V.Sita Rama Rao on

    Homeopathy is not curing decease, is not a valid conclusion. Noting symptoms and study the medicine
    which suits for the patient. Beyond doubt, it will
    cure. It is my experience.

  11. Dr.A.M. Howlader on

    The attack on homeopathy is nothing new.If we study the very start point of this great science we see that many hurdles and hassles had to overcome.And after passing a long way now Homeopathy has established its own status in the minds of millions.We have to answer by further establihing it in the world of healing.

  12. Dr R.B.Lakhkar on

    Dear Sir
    it is learnt that a commitee is being appointed by centra concil of homoeopathy under the chairmanship of Dr S.P.Singh
    who will very strongly protest this allegation on homoeopathy.it is further learned thay they will give certain evedences which will prove that homoeopathy is very effective.

  13. Dr.H.H.Islam on

    > >It is heartening to see the news-Homoeopathy not a cure
    > says WHO;where as
    > >large number of programme under sponsored by WHO on
    > Homoeopathy are running
    > >in india.Moroever there is lakhs of cure cases with
    > lakhs of Physicians in
    > >an around world with Homoeopathic treatment.Wheather
    > WHO or any other
    > >organisation try to investigate those results. How a
    > small group ofVYSN has
    > >got the right to take decision on Homoeopathy,wheathetr
    > they have ever gone
    > >through a 5 and 1/2 years regular homoeopathic
    > couses.How alimited knowledge
    > > on homoeopathic people decide on Homoeopathic
    > cure.Is it really a decision
    > > of WHO.Please clearify.
    > >Dr.H.H.Islam
    > >E-mail:[email protected]

  14. Smriti& Ashish for cooperatio Homoeopathic Research Society on

    Dear sir,
    We are B.H.M.S. student, we are not expected this action from WHO. According to this news,we are putting our future in dark. We are going to brighten the HOMOEOPATHY through the new researches in homeopathy by our research society. By this way we should not expect more……………

  15. Apram V. on

    Am a yoga trainer,ex-multinational pharmaceuticals company PM & Homoeopathy student.I find Homoeopathy medication is useful and strongly support Resonance team protest.

  16. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Dear Dr.Robert Field,thank you for timely information regarding malacious attack on homeopathy by some so called scientiest those who have no idea which is homeopathy.I invite them to come and see what homeopathy doing since from the time of Father HAHNEMANN.Its clear to-day that homeopathy is more compatible to treat the disease.Im going to submit letters to WHO and BBC.Here is some points that may help to other to protest there.False always afraid to face the truth. So they need to prevent the truth by force. Because, if the real and impure both are present to the people, people must choice the real and original thing by seeing the usefulness and expedience of the truth. So the bearer of false has not honest braveness to face competition with the truth, their only weapon is to do promalgation and slogan to ban their counterpart. On the other hand,truth does not need to eliminate or ban the false, they only require the opportunity to prove their own voice and do their own work. It is applicable about religion, politics, idiology, business, medical,treatment and all other way of human society.
    The statement of WHO should not be considered as a coroborative message. All branch of United Nation always serve the interest of powerful, scheming and selfish circle.
    Here is a comparative discussion about the effect of Homeopathy and Allopathy in different cases:
    1. Gyenocology: Homeo medicine help the natural birth, reduce the labour and delivery pain. On other hand, Allopathic Iron tablet prevent natural birth, make unavoidable the caeser or episiotomy with many other lenghy suffering. After happening any episiotomy or any other gyenicological problem, only homeopathy can give a rapid heal, whereas allopathy has nothing to do. Allopathic drug companies only work to achive caeserian customers for their hospitals.
    2. Cancer: Allopathy do nothing except tortured to death the patient through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, exploiting all wealth. On other hand, homeopathy can treate and cure the patient only by medicine.
    3. Heart: For heart patients, allopathy only offer surgery or angio-plastic operation which only temporary relief. Homeopathy can solve the heart problem easily.
    4. Sexual and Uro-Genital Problems: Allopathy has nothing to do except some consolation. Homeopathy has complete cure through medicine.5.Tumor Allopathy has nothing save and except surgery,but homeopathy has its permanent cure.6.Spondylosis Allopathy has nothing only to palliate pain with steriod injection but in homeopathy it has a good treatment.7.Dryness of kids anns.Allopathy has nothing to cure only purgative is their weapon but in homeopathy it has a permanent cure.
    Another point, false-seekers always use the science against truth. They consider the truth as back dated and un-scientific, and claim themselves as a follower of science, modernism and progress. But actually modern science and real evidence always prove the real truth and its well known to every body.Since from the period of father HANEMAAN homeopathy have been facing such problem but none become able to stop its runing speed.Now homeopathy has become very popular method of treatment all over the world.Thanks.Malaker,Gaibandha,Bangladesh

  17. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    I would like to request all the learned doctors,student of this forum to please submit your complain to WHO and BBC for immediate removal of that announcement in the greater interest of mass sufferers who are geting benefit with less expenditure of money as well as for safety of homeopathy in future as our counterpart is always trying to ban our medicine observing its real efficacy and they jealous now any way they want to ban it showing some baseless ground.In my openion WHO should collect proper information from homeopathic hospitals/clinics around the world before taking such action.Thanks malaker

  18. Yvonne Siblini on

    Theres no way WHO will collect information, all they want to do is get richer and all the people get more sick.

    The fact that they are attacking only shows that they are coming under fire for what they do.

  19. Michelle Lucafo on

    Yes! I did it! Many times I would like to write in response to something like this, but never get to it. This time I did. Thanks for the alert.

  20. Ray Malecki on

    I sent this to all the emails listed.

    To: Director General Dr. Margaret Chan

    cc: Media Officer Fadela Chaib
    Mr A. Etukudo, Division of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, WHO, Congo, Africa
    Dr Elisabeth Mason, Director Department of Child & Adolescent Health Development
    Dr Mukund Uplekar, TB Strategy and Health Systems,
    Dr Sergio Spinaci, Associate Director, Global Malaria Programme
    Dr Mario Raviglione, Director, Stop TB Department Press Contact Glenn Thomas
    Dr Teguest Guerma, Director Ad Interim, HIV/AIDS Department,
    Press contact Valeri Abramov

    Dear Sir:

    In regard of Homoeopathy as a vital element in world medicine …

    The World Health Organization has the stated goal: to bring the highest possible level of health to all the people of the world.

    A lofty aim.

    Realization of this purpose would require deep and extensive understanding of the major health care modalities of our entire civilization, in order to select those which have value to offer.

    Many many thousands of practitioners, and millions of clients, over the entire world, have experienced the efficacy, and extraordinary value, of Homoeopathic care. Including, but not limited to: Mahatma Ghandhi, Dizzy Gillespie, Mark Twain, Yehudi Menuhin, William James, Henry James, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln and numerous members of his staff, Robert E. Lee, Daniel Webster, William Seward, Horace Greeley, Louisa May Alcott, John D. Rockefeller, William Cullen Bryant, Charles Dickens, W. B. Yeats, William Thackeray, Benjamin Disraeli, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Pope Pius X, Niccolo Paganini, Mary Baker Eddy, Dr Ronald W. Davey (physician to HRH Queen Elizabeth), Jennifer Aniston, Jade Jagger, Orlando Bloom, Tobey Maguire, Sir Paul McCartney, David Beckham and family, Catherine Zeta-Jones. And these individuals have recorded their pleasure with Homeopathy. As have thousands of Homoeopaths in countless case reports.

    Please take very seriously your profoundly important position in the world, your sacred trust to advocate what truly is best for all our human family brothers and sisters. Please do not sell out to a small, wealthy, self-serving, ill-intentioned cartel of scandalous miscreants.

    You know who I’m talking about.

    Nothing renders the happiness, peace of mind, and results, as does The Truth. Especially in the discharge of the duties of your WHO post, please eschew all other influences.

    Please give health a chance.

    Ray Malecki
    Classical Homeopath Consultant

  21. mohammedhussain on


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