Homeopathy Tips for 9/11/18 Our Microbiome

After 25 years of talking with people about their health it is very apparent that our digestion is changing across the board. More an more people are complaining about digestive issues and this pattern is not changing. Diet is responsible for these changes and the production of our food has become less than healthy.

The effects of Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Round-up herbicide)  on our microbiome has been  devastating. Just as it kills the microbes that are necessary to convert nutrients from the soil to nourish the plant, it does the same in humans. The microbiome in our bodies struggles to survive and the populations of different bacteria can become imbalanced.

There is more DNA in our bodies that is NOT us (human) than there is us. There are thousands of different bacteria that all have programmed into their DNA their survival. There are two neural pathways from the brain to the gut and there are 8 neural pathways from the gut to our brain. This means that we have less control over our gut than our gut has control over us.

More information is transferred to our brains from our gut that has an effect on our thoughts than we are even aware of. Do we control our microbiome or does our microbiome control us?

If our microbiome has its own programs for survival does it ultimately have a concern for us. I do not believe we are victims of our microbiome, but I do believe we are more effected by it’s imbalances that we are aware of.

Bacterial populations excrete a biofilm around their colonies. This biofilm acts as a protective barrier to ensure their survival. This biofilm keeps antibiotics or other bacteria from completely destroying all populations of unhealthy bacteria. There is a constant war for survival of different bacteria in our gut that we are always trying to keep in balance.

This is why our diet is more important than ever. Between GMO foods and Glyphosate we are constantly being challenged by the foods we are eating. This is why I believe that the most common forms of chronic illness are coming out of the gut (dysbiosis) and I am seeing the continued rise in digestive issues in all age groups.

Eating organic foods is more important than ever. Fermented foods are the best way to support your microbiome. Our garden has produced many beautiful cabbage this year. I have been making sauerkraut. It really dawned on me the other day how eating the delicious fermented raw cabbage was repopulating my microbiome with healthy bacteria. But more important to my realization was that I was becoming the food I was eating. Litteraly, we are what we eat!

This has inspired me to investigate more about the bowel nosodes and bacterial, fungal, and parasitic remedies. I think there is probably more of a place for them and they may needed more than they are prescribed.

Another discovery has been turpentine therapy. This is not homeopathic but the remedy Terebinthina is in our materia medica. Turpentine has been a medicine long before it became a paint thinner with a skull and crossbones warning on it. It as a very pure product of the pine tree. Sap is collected from a wound to the bark of the tree. This sap is then distilled by heat and the distillate is turpentine. It is a very pure substance. Without fermentation, it is closer to alcoholic spirits and essential oils than the chemical product it is most commonly used for.

The real benefit of turpentine is that coming from the sap, which is the pine tree’s way of protecting itself and having anti microbial qualities, it is both water and oil soluble. In the therapy, that has been made more popular by Dr Jennifer Daniels (google her and turpentine therapy to learn more) by ingesting one teaspoon of  100% pure gum spirits of turpentine soaked onto sugar cubes, the microbiome gobbles up the sugar and the solvent action of the turpentine breaks down the biofilm and delivers the antibiotic quality of the turpentine directly to the offending bacteria.

Products that have prebiotic qualities like Restore will then work much better. The battle between the beneficial bacteria and those that are more harmful in our microbiome is helped by the antibiotic quality of the turpentine. I have seen miraculous results in several people now.

So with our microbiome having 100 trillion bacteria in us and out numbering our own cells 10 to 1 it is easy to see the importance of taking care of our microbiome. When it is out of balance, we are out of balance. Diet is critical because the quality of our food is the worst it has ever been in human history. We are what we eat. Eating quality organic fruits, vegetables and meat, less processed and more fermented food will help take care of our microbiome.

Our microbiome is more important than we realize.


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  1. barefootatc on

    What a great article! I have become so enamored by the gut microbiome and the role it plays in our physical, as well as mental health. It seems like everyday there are more and more articles coming out about the gut-brain axis. Roundup and it’s main ingredient glyphosate are killers! Glad to see you mention Restore. I use it daily. Dr. Zach Bush, the inventor of Restore, has some awesome and thought provoking talks on YouTube. For humans to survive, we are going to have to change or diets. Homeopathy is certainly a great form of medicine and healing, but I am convinced it all starts with the gut. Thanks again for the great article.

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