Homeopathy Tips for 8/27/13 Obstacles to Cure

A common problem for homeopathy today is obstacles to cure. These are conditions that make healing difficult or interfere with the vital forces ability to recognize or respond to the homeopathic remedy. Many times a well-chosen homeopathic remedy is given and it seems that there is no or very limited response. This could be a result of a remedy that was wrong but often is the result of another force interfering with the response of the vital force. It can sometimes be difficult to understand what is happening.

There are many obstacles to cure but the most common is the stress in a household or workplace that challenges the person. Often this stress is the primary cause of suffering and the main complaint of the client. When this is the case, it is not a reason to abandon all hope but it is a cause for concern, as the ability of the vital force to overcome an environment that is not conducive to healing is problematic. I see this most often in children. Many times a single higher potency should be enough to establish a continued healing response but the remedy seems to act for only a few days. It is then necessary to change to a lower potency and offer the remedy on a daily basis so the child can get continued support.

Another equally common obstacle to cure is allopathic drugs and medicinal substances. These are almost unavoidable in this modern western world. Nearly all of my clients take at least one drug on a daily basis. Many times they take much more. It is usually their goal and mine to reduce the amount of medications to allow the vital force to express and heal. I never take a person off of a drug that I did not prescribe. I do not prescribe drugs and that is the responsibility of the prescribing physician and their client. Drugs have a powerful effect on the physiology of the body and, if they are effective at all, usually never lead to cure.  Drugs do suppress symptoms which make understanding the case more difficult and effecting a cure even more so. When drugs and other medicinal substances are involved one must use lower potencies and prescribe on a daily basis to continue inviting the vital force into a response that can be sustained.

Environmental factors can be an obstacle to cure at times. For a person with any sensitivities to their environment, living in a place that creates an allergic response is difficult to overcome. Often the main complaint may be an allergy, which when understood clearly, can be helped with homeopathy. But if the allergen is not known then it can be like a silent deterrent to healing running all of the time. Other environmental obstacles can be weather, humidity, living near the sea, a damp basement or high altitude. Any environment that is not in coherence with a person can be a obstacle.

Coffee falls in the category of medicinal substances but deserves its own mention here. In most cultures of the world coffee is a common beverage and enjoyed by billions of people. It is so engrained in our daily routines that it poses one of the bigger hurdles for homeopaths. I have seen many people who refuse to abandon coffee even if it means they will not respond to the remedy. Somehow in their mind it is more important to drink coffee than heal. For those people I encourage them to still take their remedy in the slim possibility that they will be unaffected by the coffee and respond to the remedy. Not every person is adversely effected by coffee. It is best to err on the side of being conservative and recommend that a person stop coffee to know if a remedy is working.

Other medicinal substances that deserve mention because they are common and in many everyday products are camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and all essential oils. These highly aromatic substances can effect many people and interfere with a sustained healing response. If a person has these in their living space and is exposed daily the homeopath may not see the response they are expecting.

Self prescribed homeopathic remedies from over the counter stores can also interfere with an expected healing response. Many clients assume that because the product is homeopathic there is no problem. Asking the vital force to respond to another homeopathic remedy other than the prescribed remedy will throw off a healing response. The vital force can only respond to one remedy energy at a time. If more than one remedy is given at a time then it needs to be prescribed by a competent homeopath very familiar with the case.

As you can see by the above list there are many potential obstacles to cure. The homeopath needs to investigate the conditions of the person’s life that may be interfering with their healing. Ask about other medicines the person is taking. Make sure that the common everyday products the person is using are not interfering with their response to the remedy. Ask about where a person is living and whether or not they feel better or worse in different environments. And lastly, always ask that they stop using coffee, at least for the initial months of treatment. These can sometimes be the most important elements of a persons healing with homeopathy.

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  1. Syed Husain on

    If a person facing problem of Low blood pressure, how he can be asked to stop using coffee while after taking coffee he feels relaxed. The issue of raising obstacle to cure is very important and excellent and deserve for praise.

  2. wequar711 on

    Thought provoking article,but what about Miasmatic intervention?

  3. Robert Lal on

    Many diet expert recommend coffee as super drink for heart !

  4. rankaraju.C.Panicker on

    As per me environment is a main obstacle to prevent cruing. So first important is been given for that. I have one question that what is the period of a medicine’s expiry? because I have given one very old ( 6 yr old) medicine – 30c. the pertient has showed the same medicine’s symtem for 15 days time. It was nux-30. please reply ..

  5. Dr.sarfaraz Ali on

    Very important aspects hve been discussed

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