Homeopathy Tips for 8/26/14 Posology

The last two newsletters dealt with potency. This newsletter will deal with Posology – the science of the dosage of medicines. We have many ways to inspire the vital force and all of them are important; from the remedy to the potency and how often or how we administer the remedy. Lets look at the how we can change how the vital force recognizes the remedy potency we are using.

Hahnemann has stressed the use of the minimum dose of the remedy. Ideally it would always be so that a single dose of the most appropriate remedy and potency would be enough to inspire the vital force into a sustained healing response. I often see that the vital force usually responds to a single dose but it is rare that the response lasts longer than a few days. This is not to say that a single dose never works but it may need to be repeated more often.

The sun rises and the sun sets every day. We are human beings with biorythems that are tuned to this pattern. I find that giving the remedy on a daily basis is not too much for most people. I do this with lower C potencies or LM potencies in constitutional or chronic prescribing. This administration of the dose acts as an invitation to the vital force to respond again. The reason for such necessary dosing is because of the level of environmental and societal stresses that most people of North America are experiencing.

Because of drug therapies and the levels of suppression and vaccines altering the original expression of health and disease, there is a stronger daily inimical force adding to the person dis-ease. This requires more reminders for the vital force to respond to. If this becomes too much we can change the dose to water or even sniff it. This will soften the way the vital force recognizes the remedy and lessen any aggravations. If necessary the remedy can even be stopped.

If the person has been doing fine on the dose frequency but is plateauing and needs more support, the remedy can be repeated two times or more times per day. This will remind the vital force into a continued response. When this does not hold it is usually time to go to the next potency and start again one time per day.

By changing the frequency of repetition of the dose and how the dose is administered, either sublingually, in water or sniffed etc., can make all the difference in how the person responds to the remedy. This gives much latitude in helping a person have a sustained healing response that is moving toward cure. Because each case is unique and different it is good we have so many ways to address each persons unique response. Homeopathy is fantastic in this way.

3 comments so far

  1. Rainul on

    I think it is very useful

  2. Ariel Baradarian on

    Besides for getting responses from the vital force, can the remedy also simply destroy the daily inimical force, or will that happen simultaneously?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Ariel,
      The remedy does not “do” anything. It acts by the principle of resonance to inspire the vital force. The source of the disturbance in the vital force is a spiritual energy that the vital force brings to life. It actually is an energy that wants to stop life energy from flowing. But it can only be known because of and through the vital force. Once the pattern of Dis-ease shifts in the vital force expression the state of health is restored. This is what makes homeopathy such powerful medicine. I hope this explains it better.
      Robert Field

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