Homeopathy Tips for 8/26/08 Approaching Death

As homeopaths our highest goal is to cure in a gentle way without causing harm. Many times we see miracles of healing. To expect to save a life is a very real expectation for homeopaths. Yet we do not get to choose the length of a persons life or whether they heal or not. Even the best of homeopathy may not always save a life. How then do we treat a person when death is approaching?

There are really only two ways that death comes to visit us; suddenly by trauma or slower as a result of dis-ease. When we are involved in a trauma that is life threatening always give remedies based on the trauma. If it is not the persons time to leave their life then all attempts to save their life will be utilized by the vital force. Since we do not get to choose it is always best to continue to treat until death does occur. The remedy that may help the best will be for the trauma.

The other way that death can be approaching is when disease has finally brought the person to their end days. This is a different state than trauma and should be handled differently as well. The main focus should be on palliation of symptoms to bring comfort. If there is pain involved in the dying process morphine is the drug most widely prescribed. But morphine is a drug that removes consciousness and does not necessarily allow the person to consciously transition out of the body. Morphine is the “goddess of sleep” and is equal to death without consciousness.

There are other ways to help palliate pain with homeopathy. Remedies that have the ability to create the pains of death also have the ability to alleviate this pain as well. Remedies to consider are Tarantula Hispanica, Tarantula Cubensis, Androctonus, Phosphorus, Antimonium Tartaricum, Lachesis, Carbo Vegetablis, Heroinum and Arsenicum Album. When death seems imminent  the remedy should be given in higher potencies (1M to CM). Look for ways the person is suffering that may lead to the remedy. Is there restlessness, loss of consciousness, delusions or dream like states or are the pains cutting, burning, writhing? By taking the case with these types of thoughts in mind you will be able to find a remedy that will best help and allow the transition out of the body with greater ease and comfort.

I have given Arsenicum Album when there was great restlessness, burning pains and a “holding on to life”. The constriction aspect of Arsenicum and avarice were the main indications for the remedy. One client rallied greatly and continued to improve. Another client calmed down a lot, had the time to be with loved ones and transitioned in a very peaceful way. So we do not get to choose if the remedy will bring healing or a peaceful death. Death is a fact of life and although unpleasant for most people is something, as a homeopath,  we must be familiar with.

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  1. Dr.Haran ch malaker on

    Death is an univeral trueth and it is the end of life.We cant protect death but some how we can combact the severity of sufferings using our wonderful remedy.If a patient feels pain in heart he may be given a dosage of Acconite Nap before hospitalisation.Like that way we can use to combact buring severe pain with Ars Alb 6c and in case of severe bronchinal troubles we also can depend on Carbo-veg.Thanks for this great articles.Malaker

  2. Marie on

    Thank you, Dr. Field, for enlightening words of reality. Hopefully, on the “other side” there will be a celebration. None of us certainly know when our time will come to an end on this earth, but if we can assist others in making their possible end time more pleasant- or in healing because it was not their time – we have helped and made a difference. Again, Thanks.

  3. Dr. Chris Chlebowski on

    Thanks for touching on subject so few are willing to address.

    I am also a fan of the notion that if we remove miasms(psora, sychosis,tuberculosis, rabies)in this life we allow a persons’ next life to have less suffering. Healing across lifetimes with homeopathy.

  4. Monina Vazquez on

    Great article Robert!
    Thank you

  5. dr naseer on


    we learn the new medicine for pain with their sensation to use such patieient. ars alb

    is deep acting remedy work every cellular tissues vain blood and every part of body. great restless remedy great gasto-intestinal
    asthma and allery cholara and other painkiller with restless thirst little water amd weakness aggivation midnight.

  6. mah-jabeen on

    death is auniversal tvruth.thank you

  7. Dr.tahira on

    Thanks for this great article.

  8. Dr.Kh Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Robert,

    In the above article,you have mentioned that,”When death seems imminent the remedy should be given in higher
    potencies (1M to CM)”.
    But I could not actually realise the theme behind the
    aphorism.It seems to me that when the vital force becomes
    very weak before death,higher potencies may bring deeper
    & longer period of aggravation which the patient may not
    be able to tolerate & survive.
    I shall appreciate,if you kindly enlighten me on the above
    Thank you very much for the article.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

  9. Mamnoon Kazmie on

    A very sensitive topic. Wonder if the healer tries his level
    best to the end to heal the patient, or induces shortens the
    patients stay on earth. Which is right.

  10. Dr Mike Mandel on

    We have a beautiful, but fading Bengal cat, who has lymphoma. Our holistic vet recommended Arsenicum in high potency, and the effects have been amazing. His restlessness disappears and he becomes calm and peaceful. I highly recommend it for pets as well as humans.

  11. Mohan Lal Verma on

    There were 6-7 dogs, who used to eat the remaining in a Army mess. All of them caught some serious disease and started dying one by one. There was one of 6 months old, who left eating and drinking and lied on the earth for two days continuously in front of my room. I gave her Ars Alb 1M 3 doses. Sir, it is fact that she got up after 3 days, and she was the only who saved and all others died.

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