Homeopathy Tips for 8/25/09 What is the Remedy for…?

     The most common question I get is,”What is the remedy for…(any particular condition)?” This question even comes from homeopathic practitioners as well as the common person wanting relief from their suffering. Often the query is about a disease or illness they or someone they know has. It is never enough to just share a remedy or two that may be helpful. In fact it becomes irresponsible to do this. Answering the question, without offering a remedy, can open the door to a bigger discussion of what homeopathy really is.

      Because homeopathy is such individualized medicine, it is bound to fail when not prescribed according to the individuals symptoms. Often in an acute or emergency situation homeopathic remedies can be prescribed in a more “allopathic” way;  Arnica for bruises and trauma, Aconite for shock, etc. But for any chronic or even acute cases that do not resolve when the leading remedy is given, require case taking.

      To answer any of these queries by suggesting a remedy is irresponsible. Giving a well selected remedy without recieving the case will reduce the odds of a successful prescription dramatically. In addition to this it may even confuse the case. This happens when a remedy has some effect but does not go on to cure. If a remedy is prescribed on the totality of symptoms, then a better ability to understand the response happens; the homeopath will have information to work with.

      Giving a remedy based on a single or even multiple symptoms without the story of the person is a recipe for disaster. It is necessary to hear the entire case to bring context to the content of their story. The best outcome of suggesting a remedy for some condition would be a very reduced chance of finding the right remedy. Most often though this leads to utter failure, where the remedy does not work, or worse, only partly effects the person and confuses the case further. This is not a good approach to prescribing. You may even do more harm than good.

       Often it feels as though you may be side-stepping the opportunity to help a person, but really this must be turned into the opportunity to explain homeopathy further. When the person asks the question, “What is the remedy for…some condition?” I use this as the time to better explain homeopathy. If it is not feasible to help them directly by receiving their case, then I will recommend the person see a professional homeopath.

       In the end, suggesting a remedy for any condition without having received the case is not good homeopathy. For homeopathy to flourish as the wonderful healing modality that it is, it must be done with excellence. More harm is done to the profession by bad prescribing than anything else. Only when the remedies that are prescribed work like magic, because they were the most right and perfect remedy, will homeopathy create the reputation of the grand healing art that it is. Avoid shooting from the hip and suggesting a remedy for any particular condition without receiving the case first. You will only make your own reputation better by being more responsible.

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  1. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Robert,
    I fully agree with you.I face many such situations where somebody casually asks for a remedy.The same thing happens in this forum also.People don’t understand homeopathic treatment and expects a medicine on the basis of the problem/few symptoms of somebody else.There is a hell & heaven difference when one actually meets the patient and talks with him/her.
    Hope,visitors of your forum will not utilize it for that purpose.They should directly contact with a homeopath they choose.
    With warm regards,

  2. J.S. RANA on

    Dear Robert,
    Homeopathy is really a confussing pathy because the effect is very slow and more over medicines are not specific for a specific dieseas. With a small difference in the symptams how the base medicine change for a same diesease.
    Any how, Do you have any remedy for a dieseas called COPD,
    due to which breathing problem occurs, during the winter or sometime in suffocation also. My father is around 80 years and having the same problem. How it comes , I don’t know because my father is a non amoker from begining. He never smoked.More over , he never eat in the market. But even then, he is suffering from this COPD, Colmunary Obstruction Diesease. Kindly suggest some remedy for my old father.
    Thanks & Regards
    J.S. Rana

  3. Dr Wequar Ali Khan on

    Dear Rana,
    I am a homeopathic doctor visiting this site.Read your fathers condition.As has been mentioned in the newsletter,its true that chronic or even acute condition requires good examination of a patient.Like suggesting to take ASPRO,or ADVIL for pain,the way conventional system works.I assure you that COPD can be helped in your fathers condition even at 80 years of age.BUT you have to consult a Chronic case taker in homeopathy.It would be futile to suggest any particular medicine and there are over 3000,or so of them.Give it a try,find a homeopath a sincere one;Best wishes Dr Wequar

    • JS RANA on

      Dr. W.A. Khan,
      Thanks for above reply, regarding COPD diesease and I noted the content and your advise regaarding the same. I will try to find some sincere and a capable doctor of homeopathy in Delhi because I live in Delhi. I will try to contact some good doctor.
      Once again Thanks & Ragards
      J.S. RANA

  4. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    I fully agree with you.In our day today practice we homoeopaths face such situations where some body is asking for a specific remedy for osteo cases or some body is asking for diabetic cases or hypertention or for something else. I think they don’t understand that homoeopathy depends on CASE TAKING AND THEN INDIVIDULISING SYMPTOMS IN THE GIVEN CASE AND THEN THE REMEDY SIMILIMUM AFTER ANALYSIS .THERE IS NO SPECIFIC REMEDY FOR SPECIFIC DISEASE.
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  5. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear Robert,
    T feel this is not a problem as such. It is due to the ignorance the man concerned about Homeopathy.
    This is where we all need to give proper education about our system. The spread of homeopathy will cure this disease?

  6. kumar on

    Dear Dr.Robert,
    I agreed with you. Every homeopath must endeavour the LAW OF SIMILIMUM REMEDY AND INDIVIDUALITY of a patient so that we treat the patient as a whole and not based on the sign & symptom. Thank you for your lovely advised.

    Kumar, Malaysia.

  7. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: I am with you in full agreement that SIMMILLIMUM has to be found after the case is taken. But I have seen it happening where a SIMILAR but not the simmilimum was prescribed with the advice to the patient that ‘everything will be OK, you will get better, don’t worry” and the patient was cured. sometimes I deliberately gave the ‘similar’ remedy and not the ‘simmilimum’ just to understand better this strange phenomenon. I probably feel that some placebo effect was taking place when I said those comforting comments to friends that their bodies induced a self healing based on the comments. I have now stopped saying such comments as I then will be unable to validate true homeopathy scientifically. It’s just an observation of mine. On a similar train of thought, in acute issues when I don’t have time to look up the case for myself such as sleeplessness (I use Passiflora Q & Avena sativa Q) and High BP (I use Passiflora Q & Cratageus Q) just to get through the night or a few days. I hold myself guilty of that. Not using pure homeopathy but more Herbal application of homeopathic tinctures. Interestingly Drs. Hughes, Burnett & Skinner of UK in the 19th century used to practise with mother tinctures for specific conditions like this with great success. But I am not sure if that was pure classical homeopathy. J.H Clarke had a roaring practice on Harley Street and he wrote so many books on specifics (maybe his clientele was largely the acute patients which explains his success). Was it really cure by suppression…I have to read more to confirm this. One life seems so short to sail the vast ocean of homeopathic knowledge…but we look towards you to be our rudder & guide…Just a few random thoughts of mine. Thanks, Philip

    • Surya Narayan Sarangi on

      Dear Philip,
      Your statement,”But I have seen it happening where a SIMILAR but not the simmilimum was prescribed with the advice to the patient that ‘everything will be OK, you will get better, don’t worry” and the patient was cured.” is strangely a fact and this is how the spirit heals a spirit(Patient),a happening that cannot be so easily explained without having an entry into the spiritual processes.This is also important factor behind placebo effect.I have observed frequently that when a patient buys a medicine from the shop and that doesn’t work,then the same medicine from his doctor works spontaneously.This is a mystery very difficult to explain but truly happens,baffling all logic and science.

      • Philip Joseph on

        Dear Sarangi: Thanks for your feedback re this strange self healing effect by placebo or faith or self limiting condition of the human body & spirit. But in the context of homeopathic healing I never saw Hering’s law of cure being demonstrated in the healing of these very suggestible patients. I am unable to explain that as in administration of classical homeopathic method, one usually sees some features of Hering’s Law such as a final skin complaint re-appearing etc or first amelioration of mental and general state and then amelioration of local symptoms. Anyway, I don’t use these comments anymore and I can’t use them with babies and animals anyhow. I am trying to keep out as as many unpredictable influences in the application of homeopathy as only then I can answer the skeptics about the effectiveness of Homeopathy.

  8. dr naseer on

    dear Robert Your topic is very interesting for practice purpose. only homoeopathic system belived on individulzation and particular symptom. naja and lach are heart remedy and syptom are indvisulazation with diseases wise. sanganria is right side headach and spig is left side remedy. ceanthus is left side remedy and cheldinum is right side liver remedy . lyco is the right side and lach is left side different between the patient and medicine.according to your statement important of agg and ameliration of the patient and medicine

    • Robert on

      Hi Dr Naseer,
      Yes your are right but homeopathy is much bigger than just finding the particular expression of the symptom.We must understand the bigger picture of what is really asking to be healed. Only then will homeopathy shine with all of it’s potential brilliance. Not only will the individual symptom improve, but their whole life will improve.

  9. k.gopalan on

    yes you are right i have cured one case of elephantiasis by giving nat mur as she had the symptoms of excess salt in take and aggravation by consolation words.there is no nomenclature of diseases in our system.we have to take only individual signs and symptoms

  10. Suresh on

    Good to see your site. I am veterinarian practicing homeopathy. How do I enroll to get TIPS news letter by email?

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