Homeopathy Tips for 8/18/09 Head Injuries

Head injuries are the leading cause of death in males under the age of 35. There are approximately 300,000 people seen by physicians with head injury each year. Approximately 200,00 of these people will recover 80% of their pre-injury faculties within six months of their injury and 100% within eighteen months.  Homeopathy can often help.

Head injuries can range from mild to severe and can often be fatal. It is imperative to get proper medical care in head injuries. Most head injuries today come as a result of impact trauma due to motor vehicles. Some percentage can be prevented by wearing seat belts in autos and helmets while riding  motorcycles. It can sometimes be difficult to determine a severe injury from a more milder concussion after  head trauma.

Concussion is the most common effect of head injury. Symptoms of concussion are staring, weeping, and confusion. This can happen even with a mild head in jury. Other symptoms include drowsiness, dizziness, slow ideation, headaches, nausea and vomiting, convulsions or loss of consciousness and coma. All head injuries exhibiting any of these symptoms should be taken to emergency care as soon as possible for observation and evaluation. Internal bleeding can damage the brain and if  left untreated can form clots that can leave permanent damage. Surgery is often needed in head trauma to relieve pressure around the brain or to stop bleeding.  Headaches that persist after a head injury are a sign that something may be more serious and needing further medical attention.

Head injury victims should not be moved until emergency personnel have arrived. Any injury to the head could also cause spinal damage that could lead to increased complications and possible paralysis if the spinal cord is effected. Cover the victim to help with heat loss and shock. Be sure the airway is cleared and there is no obstruction to breathing. If the person is vomiting or convulsing gently rolling them to their side with their head facing downward and mouth open to help prevent suffocation. Whole body splinting can help prevent more spinal damage but should be done by emergency medical personnel.  Any lacerations with bleeding should have pressure applied to the wound to prevent blood loss.

Any alterations in breathing after a head injury should be cause for alarm. Often the victim will want to sleep. Wake them every 15 minutes to check their vital signs. Unequal pupil size or unresponsiveness to light will be signs of concussion and require monitoring or evaluation for more severe injury. Neurological exams, CAT scans and MRI’s are the most common diagnostic tools for determining the severity of head injury.

Often people with  mild head injury will tell you everything is OK and nothing is wrong. They may still exhibit mood changes, and headaches. Post-concussion syndrome is a condition that may present a variety of symptoms. Most common are fatigue, confusion, difficult concentration, insomnia, dizziness, memory loss, personality changes, restlessness, visual disturbances and restlessness. These symptoms can often be helped with proper homeopathic treatment and rest.

Rubrics from the Complete 2005 Repertory to consider for repertization include;

  • Mind; Injuries, accidents, ailments from
  • Mind; Dullness,  injuries of head, after
  • Mind; memory, weakness, injuries, after
  • Head; injuries, ailments from
  • Head; injuries, ailments from, concussions
  • Head; injuries, ailments from, fracture of skull, splintered bones
  • Head; injuries, ailments from, old
  • Head; injuries, ailments from, wounds, open
  • Head; internal
  • Head ; internal, brain
  • Head; internal; brain, injuries after
  • Head; hemorrhage, brain
  • Generalities; injuries, blows, falls, bruises, after

All of the more common first aid remedies are good for head injury. The first to think of would be Aconite and Arnica. Aconite when there has been a head injury and it is attended with much fright. There could also be great restlessness with jerky motions of the limbs and vertigo. Arnica will be most helpful in any head injury especially when other remedies are not available. The person may say they are fine.  Bruises to the head leading to concussion, hemorrhage and convulsions can improve with Arnica.

Other remedies to consider are;

  • Calendula – internally for concussions, skull fractures, and topically for lacerations.
  • Cicuta Virosa – Chronic effects of head injury, convulsions, twitching, twisting of the head to the side and visual disturbances. Personality changes that revert to childish ways.
  • Cimicifuga for nervous weakness following a head injury. They may have great depression and feel as though they are surrounded by a dark cloud.
  • Cocculus – spasms after a head injury. They may have great anxiety for others.
  • Conium –  for paralysis and slow ideation after a head injury. They will often say “I don’t know how I feel.”
  • Gelsemium – for coma after a head injury
  • Gloninum – for headaches or convulsions after a head injury. They may say that it feels as if their head is going to explode.
  • Hamamelis – for nose bleeds or passive hemorrhage after head injury
  • Helleborous – follows Arnica well after blows to the head. The  eyes may dilate and the head may fall backwards. Usually there is a dullness or stupor present.
  • Hypericum – Convulsions and memory loss after a head injury. Spinal cord injury and any nerve effects will be helped with this remedy.
  • Ledum – for bruising after blunt trauma. and convulsions after concussion.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – chronic effects of head injury especially with memory problems.
  • Natrum Sulphuricum – Probably the best remedy in the whole Materia Medica for head injury. Chronic effects of head injury especially with headaches, epilepsy, and mental  dullness.
  • Opium – When fear after an accident remains, drowsiness, or coma. Any sleep disorder after a head injury may be helped with Opium.
  • Symphytum – especially useful in healing the bones of the face after a head trauma.
  • Tellurium – when there is a discharge from the ears after a head injury.
  • Zincum Metallicum – concussions and a history of nervous system weakness after head injuries.

This is just a partial list of remedies available for helping treat head injuries. Study the repertory and the remedies listed. Learn them well. If in an emergency or treating the chronic effects of head injury, you can help many people recover much quicker.  30C and 200C  are the most often indicated potencies in an emergency. You can repeat the remedies as often as indicated. At the scene of  a severe trauma it may be necessary to repeat the remedies every minute or so to sustain life. In these cases the higher potencies are more indicated.

Remember that any head injury could become a serious condition that needs medical attention. Observe the person closely and if any of the warning signs occur, do not hesitate to get them to an emergency care hospital. Administer homeopathic remedies as soon as possible based on the condition of the person. In every case Arnica will be indicated and you cannot go wrong. Having a good Homeopathic Emergency Remedy Kit on hand is always a good idea. When travelling I always have mine close at hand. It does no good to know what remedy to give and not have it. Then it is up to prayer and asking for help. Do this in any case; you may be suprised at the results.

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  1. dr naseer on

    dear sir

    In my experence worked very well.

    Patient who was injured by head in road accident.

    cause headach since one year. he visit two time of america

    for treatment but not cured. in cause of headinjury I given NAT SUL 12X for one month treatment.cured by same
    medicine. my teacher told me that whose patient who
    injured ny head start from arnica 1000 one dose
    injured from the muscular and bone start from the rhus tox
    injured of head cause fit cicut, this topic your are

    very detail repertorizastion and individiluzation of medicine. very easy to select the similar medicine.

    your hard working is heartly apprciated.

  2. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear Robert,
    I do really appreciate this article!
    This has given me an opportunity to refer a case.
    My Mrs. Had a head injury over 35 yrs. back.
    She lost her conscious, and lied in the bathroom for an hour or two as no one was at home except two children of 3 & 1 yr. When recovered, she had severe headache, ( even now it comes occasionally, & it is deep inside the brain, she tells ),nausea, and weakness. The Dr. was brought by the neighbour, and treatment was done and surprisingly noted that she lost her sense of smell. Only rarely she may get some petrol smell or the like, say once in 6 months or so!

    Now, the headache, inside brain, on the left side including temple and forehead of that side , loss of smell, anxiety for her health and for others, a sort of fear to travel, hypochondrias is, feels that she has all the major diseases in the world,etc. etc.
    She is Diabetic ( fasting 135 / PP 235 ), & it varies with anxiety. No other major physical problems now. She had Morning Diarrhoea for about 6-8 yrs sometime back. Also all teeth are Crumpling on the crest.
    Any suggestion will be well appreciated!
    With regards,

    • Robert on

      Hello Kurupbkp,

      I have searched for a rubric about smelling lost after head injury. I could not find any though. Then I did an elimination of Ailments after Head injury and Smell lost in the Complete 2005 Repertory. Here are the remedies that are included in both;

      lost smell after head injury (39) : Alum., Am-m., Anac., arist-cl., ARN., BELL., bell-p., CALC., CALC-S., Cocc., con., Cupr., Hell., HEP., Hyos., Kali-p., Lach., Laur., m-arct., mang., MERC., NAT-M., nit-ac., Nux-v., Op., PHOS., PULS., Rhus-t., ruta, SEP., SIL., Spig., staph., stram., Sul-ac., Sulph., Teucr., verat., Zinc.

      I am not saying that the best remedy for the case will be one of these, but this is a way to start the repertization. You must give a remedy based on her energy of dis-ease and what is asking to be healed. Based on your report I would say that it has something to do with her idea she is going to have every disease that comes around. Dig deeper into this and discover what it feels like for her. What is the sensation like for her. Then you will be able to find the best homoepathic remedy.

      Good luck, Robert Field

      • K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

        Dear Robert,
        I don’t know how to express myself to thank you for finding so much time to personally answering me to my query!I am very grateful!
        I shall study it further and any improvement will be notified to you.
        Thanks once again

  3. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Kurup,
    The problems of your wife does not seem to be from head injuries.Rather it appears that she is highly sentimental and suffers from some emotional trauma.
    If this is correct,she needs treatment based on her flow of life,particularly after marriage with you,not for head injury.
    With regards,

    • K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

      Dear S.N.Sarangi,
      First of all let me give my regards to you for your earnest response.
      I may partially agree with you, as she did have an emotional upset about an year after my marriage, say just 50 days after the first child was born! It was because I had an attack of 70 % insanity, and naturally she might have been upset about her future?But soon I became OK.
      The head injury was 3and half year afterwards when my 2nd child was 9 months. But till then she was ok.
      What about the loss of Smell?
      I have searched all over for this symptom, loss of smell due to head injury! But no result?
      Once again thanking you,

  4. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Robert,
    While staying for few months in the Tata Memorial Hospital,Mumbai,India,for the treatment of my cousin,I had interacted with many patients and found some cases with a history of severe injury either to the head or the affected part.
    Arnica and Hypericum together is best to neutralize the bad effects of injuries.
    For head injuries, Natrum Sulph 10M or above (few doses at regular interval) is sufficient to give perfect healing.
    With regards,

    • Robert on

      Hi Surya. I have found that Natrum Sulphuricum is a wonderful remedy to help with head injury effects also. Thanks for all of your comments and participation. I’m sure others benefit from your comments. Robert

  5. Sarah Knox on

    Hello and thank you Robert,
    I totally enjoy all of your articles and so appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It is gratifying to be able to stay connected to the world of homeopathy in this way.
    I found this one on head injuries fascinating. I always rely on Arnica with good results but have often wondered about how long term chronic symptoms should be treated. Many thanks again for sharing your wisdom.
    Sarah Knox

  6. kumar on

    Thank you very much for your detail remedies which I will use it for my future reference. Can I know the Glassgow chart and how to evaluate head injury based on it and to refer hospital with solid facts? I have read article head injury but each time the author mentioned glassgow chart. Thank you again.


    • Robert on

      Kumar. The Glassgow chart is a simple way to assess the risk of cardiovascular damage in type II diabetes. I’m not sure of how it would be used in head trauma assessment. Robert

      • Michael on

        If I am reading this correctly the Glasgow chart or scale is a method of testing a head trauma patients level on consciousness.
        Glasgow Coma Scale or GCS, is a neurological scale which aims to give a reliable and objective way of recording the conscious state of a person.

        GCS was initially used to assess level of consciousness after head injury, and the scale is now used by first aid, EMS and doctors as being applicable to all acute medical and trauma patients. In hospitals it is also used in monitoring chronic patients in intensive care.

        The scale was published in 1974 by Graham Teasdale and Bryan J. Jennett, professors of neurosurgery at the University of Glasgow. The pair went on to author the textbook Management of Head Injuries (FA Davis 1981, ISBN 0-8036-5019-1), a celebrated work in the field.

        GCS is used to assess the status of the central nervous system and to assess the recovery of traumatic brain injury patients.

      • Robert on

        Thanks to Michael below, I have learned something. My investigation about the Glassgow chart led me astry. Thanks for the clarification, Robert

  7. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Kurup,
    Will you try Natrum Mur-200 and Kali Phos-200,each once daily and simultaneously,for one month and see?If you find some relief,overall,then continue for 2-3 months.

    • K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

      Dear Sarangi,
      At present she is on Nat.sulph.200.for a month. Let me see the change if any, And now that I have details of you, it will be nice to contact you, if it is not a disturbance for you?
      Since you are also watching this column, I shall be posting my details about her here?
      You may reject by not responding if any difficulties!
      Thanking you once again,
      033 2545 1328. India.

  8. Gagan Das Mohapatra on

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your useful tips on Homeopathy. Please advice me on Chronic headache as my wife is suffering more often.

  9. Gagan Das Mohapatra on

    Dear sir, Please advice me on symptom of Chest Pain, body pain, back ache as it will be very useful for me.
    Thank u.

    • Robert on

      Hello Gagan Das Mohapatra,
      Please read the response below to JS Rana, To really help in a chronic condition you need to treat the whole person, not the symptoms. In the treatment of head injuries it can often be an acute expression thet simple repertization would work. But in chronic cases you must have the help of a professional homeopath to prescribe acurately.
      Good luck.


    thank you mr. robert

  11. J.S. Rana on

    Dear Robert,
    I regularly watch your site and come to know about the homeopathy as a remedy. I would like to know, if there is any medicin or suppliment in homeopathy for a person of above 80 years of age, when his or her, all body parts internally or externally become in-efficient for the body systems to keep body in perfect condition specially Brain and Respiratory System. Because I notice after 80 years of age, hands and face starts trembling. Also speak starts treambling because of shortness of breathing and deficiency in brain working. So do you have any subliments, like multivitamins and minerals like medicin to recover the deficiency, particularly in Brain and Breathlessness, to make easy breathing etc.
    Thanks Regards

    J.S. Rana

    • Robert on

      Hi J s Rana,
      Homeopathy is VERY individualized medicine. You must have a relationship with a professional homeopath who can treat this person. There are many remedies that could be useful or have those indications of trembling and shortness of breath. But the homeopath must find the most perfect remedy for the person. Many remedies that have the symptom may not work at all if it does not inspire the vital force. It could only inspire the vital force to heal if the are Homeopathic. Homeo=similar, Pathic=suffering. Homeopathy is the reason to give the remedy, not the remedy itself.
      Have the person see a homeopath and you have a much better chance of getting them the help they need.
      Robert Field

  12. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Thanks for the topic on head injuries as you elaborated in detail.It will be beneficial to all homoeopaths.
    Two years back, a head injury case came to my clinic.Head injury caused due to fall of heavy ceiling fan on her head during sleep at night , due to it,a massive haemotoma with bluish parts around the surrounding area,vertigo, oedema on eyes and whole fore head portion bluish.More over patient complaing does not at all.
    Arnica 30 was administered and whole case recovered within 4-5 days without any complitations.
    Thanks for the useful tips. Dr.Ranjit Singh

  13. VASANT on

    Most of the time Arnica,Hypericum,Ledum help a lot in acute as well in chronic situation depending upon injury. Thanks for the article you have discuss more in detail.

  14. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert: It is wonderful to learn from cases, curses and cures. (Curses (sic), only because I saw Anacardium mentioned in the remedy list and I make a pun at my own expense).
    I want to relate my own case.
    Age 6, was hit as a pedestrian by a speeding car and body was thrown against another car coming in the opposite direction, suffered severe head and chest trauma, attended by Dr B Ramamoorthi in General Hospital, Madras one of the best neuro physicians. Subsequently had to have a skull surgery in JRD Tata hospital in Mumbai by Dr. Singh, a FRCS neurosurgeon. Ten years later, subsequently suffered persistent swelling above right eye due to orbital bone damage dating from injury, and tried Arnica, Hyper, Natrum Sulph, Hekla Lava, Symphytum etc but no cure. Was finally cured by taking Phos 1m etc as the whole body symptoms at that time corresponded to Phos – Sweating in whole body outbreaks, burning in back, tall, lean, desires affection, sympathetic to others, rapid growth etc, was prescribed Phos by Dr A.U Ramakrishnan of Madras, India. I only mention this to point out that sometimes, not always, but very often the whole case has to be taken to match all the symptoms. Sometimes we get lucky with the trauma remedies and sometimes we have to hunt high & low for a constitutional remedy. However my sense of smell lost from the accident did not fully get restored. However I gained a lifelong interest & passion & friend in the sweet Science of Homeopathy to compensate what was lost. (literally, the remedies are sweet!!). Such is life & loss, cries & cures, curses & crosses, blessing & healing. Thank You.

    • Robert Field on

      Thanks Philip,

      Your story is inspiring. Thanks you for sharing this. The miralces of homeopathy still astound me.

      Blessings, Robert

  15. Vaddevenkat on

    I had met an accident in the year 2006. In MRI It was informed that I am having “Lacunar Infract in left centrum semivale” I have taken alloepathy for more than one year. Thereafter taken Auyurveda for one year. Not responded and switched over to our Homoepathy. Now I am getting better results. But still I am having stiching pain in left ocupital. Some times I am getting giddeness and over gastrict irretations, eructations and pain in the left abodomen. Kindly tell me the remedy for my ailment. Thanking you. Your faithfully,

  16. Harish Gupta A.H. on

    Thanks sir

  17. Dr.DWARIKA PRASAD PRADHA,BUTWAL NEPAL.12th August,22070 on

    Dear sir,
    I am very much glade to read your articale for head injury.Most of the injury case Arnica,hypericum,ledum,feerum phos,nat.sulp,nat.mur play vital role for recover. one patient had got low back injury and cured by coninum.Homoeopathic medicines cured acute and chronic magically,that must be peculier symptom is needed.depend on their peculier symptoms.
    Thaks for citing here valuable article.
    Reply please.

  18. meenal sood on

    certainly a good one i m a homeopath i know these can bring a
    person to life

  19. suneel kumar on

    Good morning sir,
    this is suneel kumar from Nellore. i lost 2 times blood from my head in my child hood which leads to head ace at the age of 13 years from that day onwards i have used so many medicines by consulting so many doctors but up to know itwas not cured.
    how i will get head ace is
    1. when i take head bath
    2. when i take cold water
    3. when iam in AC room
    4. in winter season
    because of all above things i will get head ace
    up to know i have gone for homeopathy, please kindly suggest the medicine for the above said purpose.
    thanking u sir
    waiting for u r reply

  20. Tariqul Alam on

    Thanks for the article. In homoeopathy, any kind of injuries have good and effective treatment. Head injuries are not exceptional. The after effects of head injuries become very complicated, if they are not treated properly esp. if they are not treated homoeopathically. Homeopathy treats such cases very successfully and removes the after effects of injury/trauma. Not only that if blood is clotted in the head after internal brain haemorrhage because of head injury or trauma, homoeopathic medicine can dissolve that blood clot easily where operation is not necessary. Many people do not have any idea about it. This article may benefit them.

  21. human body on

    Currently it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform
    available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that
    what you’re using on your blog?

  22. Naresh Trivedi on

    Good Morning sir,
    A 32 years married lady in 2000 not yet got pregnant, she has a clot in head due to inner injury in childhood. May it be reason of sterility? She feels vertigo and head ace, suffering menses disorder . Any homoeopathic remedy to help her? Thankyou !

  23. […] Head Injuries […]

  24. sushil on

    sir i am head enjury five year back left ear noise i am mind very disturbed pleas send me homopathic medicin

  25. sushil on

    i am head enjury five year back my left ear noise please send me homopathic medicin sushilkumarthapp@gmail.com

  26. sushil on

    left ear noise homopathic medicin

  27. Lori Dunn on

    Do you think it is generally true that when giving Nat Sulph for after effects of head injury that it is good to go with a high potency? This is for someone who is having an acute flare up from and injury to the back of the head that occurred more than a year ago.

  28. sal on

    Tks! I do need some help in prayer now that i have the full spectrum of homeopathic rem. Tks again!

  29. Deepika Singh on

    Hi, my daughter (age – 3 Years now) had fallen from terrace 7 months before. she had multiple injuries in lungs, head and many more. she was very critical was in icu, on ventilator support. she has to undergo 3 CPR out of which last one was due to hospital negligency which caused hypoxic injury in brain. She went on coma and after she wakes up she was in completely vegetative state. Now after 7 months now she is better, smiling, laughing, on semi solid diet. But still she has no control on her body, her head, limbs. We do regular physiotherapy, Occupational therapy at home, which is helpful but not so much. Doctors say there is no medicative treatment for this type of injury. she will recover on her own . Is there any treatment possibility in homeopathy for this case?

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