Homeopathy Tips for 8/17/10 Aggravations

Often in the treatment of acute and chronic cases we will have a client who has an aggravation or increase in intensity of their symptoms while under homeopathic care. It is important to understand what is happening during this time. Let’s examine what an aggravation really is.

In Aphorism 158 Hahnemann describes the slight homeopathic aggravation as the result of the medicine being somewhat stronger than the disease itself just as a natural disease can remove and annihilate another one similar to it when it is stronger than the latter.

We know that dis-ease is a result of the disturbance to the vital force. All dis-ease originates there and could never be known if it were not for the vital force being able to express it. When a suitably homeopathic medicine is given it is beyond the physical and is energetic only (beyond the 5C or equivalent potency – Avagrado’s number of dilution)  Just like the expression of the disturbance of the vital force is known by the outwardly expressed symptoms, the response to the remedy is know this way as well.  It is an increase in the vital force that has the ability to express the dis-ease in an similarly increased way.

The vital force is interior to the physical body. It is a result of all life energy that is being expressed outwardly just like all creation in the universe. This interior energy expressing outwardly brings the physical into manifestation. When the interior vital force is disturbed we have the outward manifestation of dis-ease. As the homeopathic (similar suffering) medicine is recognized by the vital force creating a disturbance, it too is brought to life and is known by the outward expression.  An increase in the vital force expression occurs as a result. This is an increase in the symptoms and sensations and is commonly called the aggravation.

In order to know that the remedy has worked we need to see an aggravation. In acute disease the aggravation should come quickly and not too severe if the homeopathic remedy is not overly strong. If the potency is too high, depending on the disease and organs involved, we could have a dangerous situation if the aggravation is too severe. Great care must be taken in prescribing the correct potency if the aggravation could cause a life threatening response. See Aphorism’s 158-160.

In more chronic cases we will not see the aggravation in the early part of the treatment. The vital force has adapted to the long term expression of disease and will show the aggravation after giving the medicine over time and increasing the potency in gradually higher doses. Only after correct treatment does the aggravation occur when the cure is almost complete. See Aphorism 161.

Sometimes in the course of healing we see a return of old symptoms. This can be included in aggravations. We will re-experience an old injury or condition that never fully healed from our past. We are not time travelers that can return to a previous time to do healing. Because the vital force knows how and what to heal, it will bring up these symptoms in the present moment in time. It is only in the present that we can do healing so we must re-experience the sensation to be able to heal it. It is common to see this with injuries when no physical re-injury has taken place and with old pathological conditions where the sensations are the same as before but no pathology exists.

It is helpful to remember that the remedy does nothing more than inspire the vital force. To inspire is to exert an animating, enlivening or exalting influence upon; to incite, bring about or spread by indirect means. When the energy of the dis-ease and the energy of the remedy are so similar the vital force recognizes this and is inspired to respond. The additional expression of the vital force temporarily increases the expression of the dis-ease as the vital force is temporarily inspired. This increases the outward expression and intensifies the symptoms. This is the aggravation. Once the vital force has extinguished the dis-ease by pushing it farther out of it’s energetic field, then amelioration and cure ensue.

The best way to handle aggravations is to prevent them by proper potency choices. This does not mean that aggravations are unwanted, it is really just the opposite. They are very wanted but in mild enough form as to not increase the suffering of the person. I have found that most aggravations are also supported by an increase in the health of the person at the same time and their ability to handle them is equal to the suffering. But if the potency is too high, or the remedy repeated too often then there is too much inspiration and there will be great suffering.

If the aggravation is severe it is sometimes necessary to stop the action of the vital force. Antidoting the person by having them drink coffee or inhale camphor can many times stop the response but this is not encouraged unless the aggravation is very severe. Be encouraging to your client when it is worse before it is better. Sometimes a few kind words and explaining what is happening can make a world of difference. But nothing takes the place of good prescribing. Select good potencies that reflect the strength of the persons vital force. In doing so you can prevent most unwanted severe aggravations.

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  1. tony villar on

    you hit it on the head. As Dr. Hamer says, all healing will be under ” painful conditions”.

    • anuradhakrishnamoorthy on

      I,clearly understood how aggravations occurs and how potencies reflects the strength of the persons vital force. thankyou.

  2. Florence on

    Quite educative,more can be told on the topic. Thanks

  3. gunalan on

    Dear homeopath,

    If u really want to light in the above subject. pl. read REDISCOVERY OF HOMEOPATHY BY DR. SEGHAL METHOD, http://www.ssrhindia.com. people say sugar is sweet. u will know it when u are hearing, reading , but if u taste it by chewing a bit by yourself u will actually know, feel, sense, understand, experience, what is sweet. pl. come forward to know the latest advance practical applicablity . Thanks. gunalan

  4. gunalan on

    Dear Dr.

    if u read the rediscovery of homeopathy by Dr. seghal method and see http://www.ssrhindia.com u understand the meaning of the aggaravation and elimination of toxins.

  5. celes on

    Dear Mr. Robert,

    It was interesting to read todays article on aggravtions.

    While reading the aphorism of the Master Samuel Christian Hannemann, which is quoted as under:

    In a living organism, a strong dynamic affection extinguishies a weak dynamic affection, even though different in nature, resembles it in expression.

    Now when a client gets a viral flu attack, or another attack etc., his vital expression becomes weaker and so we check up in the Reportory to find the right remedy for extinguishing the weak expression, which though different in nature greatly resemble it in expression. The remedy right now for fever or cough during monsoon was Baptista 200 liquid and Naturm mur liquid 200, while taking this remedies it was found that the patient was not finding much difference so the patient tried allopathic medicine which improved his vital force.

    We would like to know if this vital force which gets weakened during sickness takes a longer time to cure than allopathic. Is it right or wrong? kindly drop some few lines regarding my query.

    Would appreciate your response and guidance.



    • Robert Field on

      Hi Celes,

      In regards to the patient above who did not respond to Baptisia, it is because the remedy was not the correct remedy for this person, even if it was selected as the genus epidemicus remedy. Remember each person has their own unique way that they express illness. The remedy needs to be “homeopathic” in order to work. There needs to be a resonance of the remedy and the disease expression. As to whether allopathic or homeopathic cure takes longer, again this is an individual issue. In chronic disease the vital force has much to express but it is weakened by the continued expression. It also gets weakened by allopathic medicine. I have yet to see allopathic medicine “cure”. It can alter the expression by suppression. But cure must come from the disordered vital force restoring order again. This can occur with good homeopathic remedies. This does take time but it is impossible to compare two different systems with two very different results. So which is quicker? I know that it takes time to bring order back to the vital force. Dis-ease does not usually yield easily. But true cure can be had. So if I were to choose it would not be based on time but on effectiveness. Homeopathy wins..hands down!

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Robert Field on

    Dear Prof.Robert,


    In a global world of nowadays tips & tricks oin Aggravation regarding
    this main topic in the teaching of Homeopathy at bedside of patients,
    as part of Law of Cure by Hering and later by Kent in USA are a
    remarkable event for all students of homeopathy as medical art of cure
    not well understood yet by many physician worldwide.

    Despite all remarks of this law of cure by Hering, in common sense
    such clinical event may happen bu several additional reasons as bad
    medical prescription, interactions between homeopathic remedies
    (antagonists) and many others exogenous and endogenous factors.

    Example: ,Multiple addiction of allopathic drugs and homeopathic ones
    taking by patient (hipocondriac comportment etc so common nowadays by
    daily patient stress and no observation what happens in a oirganism
    under action of correct homeopathic prescription etc..

    Patients not ready emotionaly to homeopathic treatment, a main factor
    ignored by many professionals a sad reality nowadays…simply not
    respond by emotional distress to none homeopathic prescription etc…
    pls no confusion such few cases with prejudices against homeopthatic
    prescription or any other complaint on the matter etc…

    Pls explain it carefully to your studenst in USA in behalf of
    Homeopathy teaching ok


    Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,PhD

  7. abdul razak ibrahim on

    dear sir ,

    thank you for your wonderful explanation of this wonderful medical science homeo, your tips is always the best i enjoy reading it bcouse it deeping my knowledge in homeop.

  8. Robert Lal on

    I thank you for your hard work in explaining the aggravation while treating any dis-ease. It is very informative and looking forward to your next issue.

  9. rengaraju.C on

    this is really very usfull for all Homoeopothic practitionor.
    I would like to know the remedy for a rubrics as follows.

    there would be insomnia if the paient is doing regular yoga especially meditation. i searched many in the materia medica but failed.. so…..


  10. amjad shaikh on

    Dear dr,

    Hearty greetings!

    Thanks for your regular and valuble tips, they are educating.
    Eliminating agravation by antidote is advised by you in sever cases. But does it wipes the cure totally or partially. Pl clarify.

    Amjad Shaikh

  11. susan vaughan on

    Totally confuse – it seens that ALL remedies we try cause severe aggravation – to the point of not sleeping for 2 days and ranting all night

  12. RostislavTenny on

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