Homeopathy Tips for 8/12/14 Potency Part 2

Last week we went over how the vital force recognizes the potency of the remedy and is inspired to respond. Each potency has a slightly different ability to inspire. When the vital force is no longer in response to the remedy in potency, we commonly say, “the remedy has stopped working.” This is not exactly what has happened though. Remember the remedy does nothing; it holds the possibility to inspire the vital force only. When the response stops it is necessary to do something different or repeat the potency again. Often a new potency is required. The repetition of doses is the study of Posology. We will get further into this in a future newsletter.

Different potencies have affinities to inspire the vital force. The lower potencies, from the first potency to the 30th potency, are best suited for either chronic cases or those with a lower vitality or stronger physical pathology. These potencies work best when repeated more frequently. I often will start a case with a daily dose of a lower potency. The sun rises and the sun sets each day. We are biological beings with bio-rhythms and attuned to this cycle. Giving the remedy daily will inspire the vital force gently. It is often like an invitation to do a little healing each day. This is not to say that in every case this would be approached the same way. But the general idea of starting a case in this manner holds true.

The 6C potency works best when there is chronic dis-ease and there is also a physical suffering as well. When the clients aches and pains are daily or there are allopathic drugs being taken on a daily basis this is often a good potency to start a case. This potency will usually be very gentle for a person and not cause aggravations. It is a good potency to begin the series of potencies 6C, 9C, 12C, 15C, 18C, 21C, 24C, and 30C. This potency has a resonance with the 200C potency. If a single dose of 200C is desired but there are many obstacles to cure, then the 6C is a better potency to begin a case when given on a daily basis. It is readily available from most pharmacies also.

The 9c potency is a great potency to begin a case that is of the mental/emotional/spiritual realm. These clients usually do not have physical sufferings. It can help open the door to inspire healing in these higher realms. The same progression of potencies will still be applicable when the response has waned and a change is necessary to reinspire the vital force.

The 12C potency is best suited for a chronic case that has both a greater suffering of physical and mental symptoms. It is a bigger expression of the vital force. Therefore a better potency to begin the case. When used in the progression of potencies starting with the 6C or 9C it often brings up a greater response from the vital force. When the 6C is started there is often great amelioration. Then the 9C brings a sustained improvement. But I often see the 12C bring more aggravation. It seems it takes the vital force a while to bring the energy of the dis-ease to the surface and present moment in time to finally heal that which has been hidden in the interior. Putting the remedy in water during this time helps greatly to soften the aggravation.

If a case is more acute than any described above then a higher potency could be used to start the case. The 15C, 18C, 21C and 24C potencies are most often used to continue the case especially when it is certain that the client has responded well to the remedy.

In true acutes there is a strong expression of the vital force. The 30C, 200C and 1M potencies are best suited. Because of the nature of an acute or emergency situation it is best to act quickly. This is where time is of the essence and the repetition of the doses may be much more frequent than one time per day. In acutes it may be necessary to repeat the remedy every few minutes to every few hours depending on how the person responds. It helps to know what you are dealing with so having a knowledge of disease and trauma are necessary.

When the trauma or acute illness is mild and looks to follow the expected course, the 30C potency is the best to begin treatment. Depending on how the person responds will determine the repetion of the dose. If the vital force responds but you begin to see a relapse then repeat the dose. Remember, what we are wanting to see is movement in the case. When the movement slows or it seems that the remedy is needing to be repeated more often rather than less often, then a higher potency is necessary. Going to the 200C until its action has diminished, then on to the 1M, is appropriate. In acute disease and trauma you may see this often as the persons vital force continues to mount the healing response.

If the acute comes on in a more violent way or the trauma is more severe, starting the case with a 200c or even a 1M potency would be best. These potencies can also be given daily when used in the progression that have started in the lower potencies. It would be inappropriate to start a chronic case with a daily dose of the medium to higher potencies. These potencies can be used in chronic cases but must be given a single dose that is not repeated too often. Starting a chronic case with a repeated dose of high potency is asking for a very big aggravation. This should be avoided at all cost if possible.

The high range of potencies are the 1M, 10M, 50M and CM. (There are other intermediate potencies between them but they are not always available from pharmacies.) These potencies are best when there is a very strong or very weak vital force. When there is a milder expression or a moderate expression of the vital force the lower and medium potencies are best suited. But when there is a strong, pure expression with either chronic physical or mental aspects, especially in children, then a single dose can be useful.

The biggest problem I see in cases that have started with a single dose of a high potency is repeating the dose too often and creating aggravation. High potency prescribing requires great skill and understanding. With this comes great patience and the ability to see the subtle ways that the vital force may be responding. If these are missed, then all too often the homeopath will believe that they have given the wrong remedy or another dose is repeated thinking that the first dose stopped working before the response is seen.

When higher potencies are given repeatedly and without warrant, it is like saying to a child to sit dow. The child sits down but the parent continues to command “sit down” to the child. After several more commands the child will respond and stand back up saying, “I did sit down!!!” They are moved to revolt. The vital force that has been reminder too many times will revolt also. This is when you see the most violent aggravations. These should be avoided at all cost.

So things to remember when thinking about potencies;
*It is necessary to evaluate the strength of the vital force’s expression of dis-ease.
*The potency should be slightly stronger than the expression of the vital force.
*Is the case a chronic case or acute case?
*Are there obstacles to cure that would prevent a sustained healing response?
*It is better to gently remind the vital force to respond on a daily basis to prevent great aggravation. This is best achieved in the lower potencies.

Please leave a comment. There is always much more to say about this fascinating subject. Everyone would love to hear from you.

5 comments so far

  1. Laurie on

    This article is adding to the incredible education I am receiving from your writing. I am blown away.

    I am curious as to what CM or CMK means in the potency range.

    I may have mentioned before that I realize that my homeopathy aggravated me from my very first appt for constitutional care by prescribing a 4 remedy combination, two of the four being 200C. It was so aggravating that I had to put one drop in a a little bottle and divide the doses over a week. Not fun. However I think he is pretty insightful. But after a year and a half I am still suffering lots of issues. At first I was going to give it one year. But I guess I will wait a little longer.

    Do you take skype patients if that day ever comes for me?

    So much appreciation here for your wonderfully written articles and for giving back in this way!

    • Robert Field on

      Yes. I see clients from all over the world and use Skype and the telephone. I can be reached through my office at USA 1-775-827-0222
      Robert Field

  2. Dr.Archana on

    Extremely valuable article.Thank you so much Sir. Sir please discuss about 50 millesimal potency in your next article.
    Generally 9C, 24C potencies are not available in markets, so we are not able to prescribe these potencies to patients. In Lucknow ( U.P ) it is not available not even big dealers are able to provide us. This is a practical problem

  3. Ambika Patnaik on

    Thank u so much sir for the information on potency.Usually after 6c ,I use 30c since other potencies like 9,12 ,18 are rarely available. Pse keep us informed further.

  4. Trish Parrish on

    Thank you for your illuminating study. This is a very sensitive subject and the potencies are hard to pin down to a schedule, however this is as close as one can get. The remedy has to resonate in frequency with the patient and the dis-ease. This kind of discernment comes with observation, practice, courage, sensitivity, (and more observation). Your explanations are great starting points. No potencies work if they are not given. Aude sapere!

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