Homeopathy Tips for 8/09/11 Repeating Patterns in Life

I have been observing for some time now how the repeating patterns in a person’s life have a definite periodicity. The idea to look at this has come from studying Total Biology with Gilbert Renaud. Through the work of Dr Hamer and Claude Sabbah, Gilbert has repackaged this information for the benefit of the English-speaking world. A part of the understanding is that there are repeating patterns in a person’s life that rise in very defined time periods. Particular traumatic or challenging events will recur like clock work giving the person an opportunity to heal again and again.

The time of our birth is always a beginning point. From this moment we experience our life daily and have certain rhythms that are established. These rhythms have different wave lengths. These wave lengths recur over and over and some will overlap with a compounded result.

I see this metaphor which describes the idea best. Imagine that every person is like a pool of water. The pool is never the same for any two people and always has a perfectly round shape that can change size. The water in the pool is always glass like calm. If you were to drop a pebble in the very center of the pool a splash would occur and a wave would start that would extend all the way to the edge where it would then bounce off and return to center. The time it takes to travel is always consistent depending on the size of the pool. Because the pool can change size some waves take longer than others to reach the shore and return to the center. Eventually the wave will return to the center where having come from all directions will converge in another splash event but no pebble was dropped this time. Then the process repeats all over again and in the exact time it took the first event to complete its cycle, the splash event will happen again and again.

Our lives are ruled by time events very similar to this. When we have a traumatic or significant event happen in our life, if we double the age from that event (and be particular about the number of days in our life at that time) we will find that a similar event occurs again at our later doubled age. One would think that our lives did not operate with such repeating patterns but I have found through investigation with hundreds of my clients that this phenomenon does occur. Our lives are not random occurrences but patterns of energy that get expressed with particular themes, usually prompted by significant events in our life.

When I am trying to understand a persons story and the time line for it (to determine what is asking to be healed), I use this tool often to really see the pattern. The person rarely has knowledge of the pattern, but they do know the events.  I will take a particular event and determine the day or month it occurred in their life and the actual age in years and months that this occurred. Then I will cut their age in half and ask them what happened in that year and month when they were half their age. Amazingly there is something they will report that has the same theme involved. Cut their age in half again and sure enough we are starting to get back to the roots of this theme.

By taking significant events in a person’s life and doing this we can begin to see overlapping and repeating patterns appear. Like I said before the person rarely has knowledge of the pattern and may be perplexed why things happen in their life the way they do. But when I  am able to share this with them it is like a light bulb going off. Now they are able to “connect the dots” in their life. This is amazingly liberating when a person can see the pattern and not feel that they simply have been a victim to life’s random struggles. They now have a framework to understand their sufferings. Their sufferings can now have value by understanding the pattern.

Another event that can be used to determine a repeating pattern is emancipation from the family home. When a person leaves the nest so to speak, they are on their own for the fist time in life. I find that when their age is doubled from there another move or change usually appears in their life. For instance a child leaves the home and begins life on their own at age 19 years and 2 months. There will be something significant that appears in their life when they are 38 years and 4 months old. It is amazing, but true.

The birth of children can create repeating patterns. Deaths of loved ones, accidents, divorces, first day of school, virtually anything that can create a change or traumatic event can create a recurring pattern. Watch for these in a persons story and ask when they happened and what their age was. Playing around with this can be fun. But more importantly when you discover one or more repeating patterns in their life it will be very illuminating. It will open the door for the person to really discover the whys in their life and it will open the door for the homeopath to understand the pattern/themes that are asking to be healed.

This in no way should be initiated in the initial interview. It is always inappropriate to interrupt the persons delivery to take them down this road. But after the real descriptors and the energy of the case is known it can be a very valuable tool. I often wait for the first or second follow-up to do this with my client. It many times is not necessary to know these patterns to find the remedy. But after the remedy has been given and the healing response noticed, it can be invaluable.

This again is another example of how educating our client has as much value as giving the right remedy. Take the time to investigate their life and see their patterns. When you can share this with them it can be illuminating. Not only for them but for you also.

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  1. Pushpakaran on

    It is quite interesting to read about the observation.
    Innovative and informative!

  2. Ashok RajGuru on

    Dear Robert,

    A very interesting and enlightening read – more so because it is based on your personal observation and not on some fancy theory. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    As a student of Vedic Astrology I routinely look for patterns in lives of people who consult me for Homeopathy. Astrological symbolism helps me to identify the patterns more clearly. You do not need to cast a horoscope chart (although that helps), but you will always find that patterns of accidents, sicknesses, break-ups, breakdowns, hospitalizations have a periodicity that relates to the harmonics of astral events.

    I agree with a school of thought that says we repeat patterns because we are good at surviving such situations. Once in a stressful situation, each individual is virtually on autopilot and his/her response mechanism will orchestrate a repetition of a previous pattern – because it was successful and it has been fine-tuned over many generations at the genetic level. The day we fail to succeed, we break the pattern – and we are dead. Dead men have nothing to repeat.

    I also found Miasms are best understood in terms of repetitive patterns. Miasms are a succinct summary of our survival instincts. They keep us alive in life threatening situations. Problems arise when we start using this “nuke” in simpler and less threatening situations (Sankaran calls them Delusions). I have adopted Grant Bentley’s Homeopathic Facial Analysis as part of my practice and I have found it very useful in identifying the underlying constitutional Miasm (as interpreted by Bentley). The patient’s story is indeed important in identifying the Miasm.

    The true remedy will always be the one that “breaks” the pattern, not by the power of a Mantra invoking astral powers (while that may be so – who knows), but by changing one’s response from an instinctual one to an intellectual one and gradually to an intuitive one. I feel true healing occurs when we move from instinct to intuition. What’s the difference? Well, the situations may still repeat, but the responses will not be the desperate instinctual one, they will be wrought out of awareness. A “cured” patient will come back to tell you about a better love life, freedom from an abusive relationship, overcoming addiction, accident free driving – all that while the cancer may still be around.

    Better and better!

    • Robert on

      Hi Ashok. Thanks for your observations. Indeed our responses can change as we move from instinct to intuition. We have more freedom through awareness to choose differently. Any tool, astrology for instance, that enhances our ability to see the repeating patterns will be helpful in treating our clients. Thanks again for sharing.
      Robert Field

  3. Dr. Anindya Das on

    Does the fact really happen? How much have you followed this in patients? How this fact comes within your thought for consideration? Apart from the topic I want to know the stages of education system in USA ( e.g. In India the sequence is as follows- primary school:4yrs, secondary school:6yrs, higher secondary school: 2yrs, college:3yrs, university: 2yrs and more & choosing different acadenic streams comes first in h. s. school & finer specialisation are done in college and above. And here research work is very poor: copy & paste method and a good & genuine research work is not encouraged and supported financially) and how a student enter the research work in USA?

  4. Bob Bennett on

    The pattern mentioned was close to my personal experiences – the task of learning how to overcome the pattern can be difficult for numerous reasons – including the denial by ‘the elites’ of various fields that the problems exist.

  5. Anurag Sareen on

    Hello Sir, The write up is really informative and shall be of useful for us. This may deal with anxiety and help us in dealing real problems.

  6. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    For homeo path clinicians this information is very precious.

  7. coco on

    I tried to experience it with my own chronology and it was 99% accurate-thanks

  8. Karen on

    I happen to especially like the water ripple image…I even use this for my business logo to illustrate connectedness. I appreciate having another point of view as the information was the seed for some introspection also, insightful and valuable to my case following perspective.

  9. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Dear sir I could not follow you truely. Thanks Dr Rahman

  10. C.Fernandes on

    Dear Robert,

    Interesting article. Sir, I need to understand why is it necessary to treat the patient first and not the disease.

    Pls. let me know.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi C. Fernandes,
      The patient is what is common to the disease. Not the isease to the patienty. It is the vital force that is behind all expressions of the person including the disease. It will be the vital force that will heal and restore the person to health. The outward m,anifisation of disease is only a reflection of the diturbance in the vital force. The person is much bigger than the disease and the disturbance in the vital force will show up in many areas independent of the diagnosed disease. Always treat the person.
      Warmest regards,

      • C.Fernandes on

        Dear Robert,

        Thanks very much for clearing my doubt reg. patient and disease.



  11. shanti kumar jain on

    dear Mr Robert,
    I am not a professional homeopath but a keen student of homeopathy since 1977. your observations have reignited my observation about other aspect of happenings in life viz number. My life has been disturbed with the number 18. Be it date , room no;ticket no,exam date;journey date I have always landed in trouble and later on come out of it. People say it is psychological phenomenon of linking 18.
    Is there any explanation as to why it happens with me only? I do feel this may not have any bearing on the need for any treatment . what do you say/

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Shanti,

      I do believe there are no accidents. It is not just coincidence that the number 19 shows up for you. I can not tell you the significance of this but in the context of your life it has great significance. If I were receiving your case it woyuld have some bearing in understanding what is asking to be healed. Like I said earlier, there are no accidents.


  12. Jai on

    Dear Robert, Ashok Rajguru,
    Can I have a discussion with you, in this regard? How can I reach you?

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