Homeopathy Tips for 8/08/17 A Great Adjunct to Homeopathic Healing

There are many alternative forms of healing available today. Some of them do not work so well with the homeopathic healing response. One of them, for example, is essential oils. They are so popular today many people want to use them, but they can negate the healing effect. We call this antidoting the remedy. In effect it is not effecting the remedy but the persons healing response to the remedy.

The homeopathic healing response is what we are always looking for. This is a non-material response of the vital force to the remedy that is homeopathic. What happens is the vital force shifts and the sentient/physical being shifts in response.

Things that have a material effect on the body that can shift the natural expression of the dis-ease can often move the dis-ease in a way that the remedy is no longer homeopathic. Then the remedy does not seem to work.

So what are we to do for our client that can be an adjunct therapy or provide additional help? It would need to be in alignment with the vital force and not alter the expression of the dis-ease. The vital force would then recognize the remedy energy, the person would get additional support and they would still have an enhanced healing response.

Unfortunately the best therapy does not come in the form of another pill or oil. It does  provide a way for the person to get in touch with their natural healing abilities and enhances the bodies ability to heal itself. This therapy is meditation.

The brain is the master controller of all systems in the body. It controls much of the dis-ease expression as it records our mental/emotional conflicts. New German Medicine and the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, Rr. Claude Sabbah and Gilbert Renaud have made these connections that are so important to understanding why we get sick the way we get sick. They have proven by brain scans that the energy of our conflicts get recorded in the brain and the brain is the controller of the physical expression of these conflicts.

So any therapy that will not interfere with the physical expression of our dis-ease and can enhance the brains ability to turn off the programming and heal, would be a perfect adjunct to the natural homeopathic healing response.

Meditation; which is non invasive, safe, does not suppress our natural expression, changes the brain and our thoughts and mood, is free, is the perfect therapy! What better way to make changes to your physiology as well as your emotional and mental state than to escape the confines of our habitual thoughts.

The mind that has perceived the problems in our life and has not been successful in solving them will not be the same mind that will eventually find the answer. Only when we change our mind, literally,  will we be able to change our physiology as well. Good diet as well as vitamins, minerals and the basic building blocks for our bodies can support the change we may be seeking at the physiological level. But escaping our minds is one way to make quick physiological changes as well.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has written some great books about this subject and has mountains of data supporting the healing response to meditation. I highly recommend his books Evolve Your Brain, You Are the Placebo, and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. He explains clearly the problems we have with our minds, brains and healing. He connects the dots to this simple act and powerful response that is meditation.

Another book filled with findings showing the connections of spiritual experiences, meditation and health is How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman.

Meditation is a very quick way to change our state of being. When the habit of meditation is practiced,  we can permanently change our state of being. When we drop from everyday-thinking and the Beta brain wave state into Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brain waves, our brain changes and our physiology changes also. This is in perfect harmony with the natural expression of the vital force and is the most effective and least costly form of an adjunct therapy. It is FREE! and can provide instant relief.

As a person becomes more familiar with a practice that suits them, they can do this anywhere, at any time of day. Our mind is filled with habitual thoughts. Having more peace of mind will bring a better healing response. It is in perfect harmony with our most natural expression of life.

Try meditation for yourself. It is an easy and  wonderful way to make changes in life and escape the thoughts that plague us. I highly recommend it!!



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  1. Nancy K. Paquin on

    I have a question. I like what you’ve written “…the energy of our conflicts, get recorded in the brain and the brain is the controller of the physical expression of the conflicts.” I’m working on a healing book, entitle, “As Good Belongs to You” [the original quote, Whiteman: For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.] If I may reference your quote, please give me the complete info for my Bibliography.

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