Homeopathy Tips for 8/07/12 Heart Attack

Homeopathy can treat heart attack as well as most medical emergencies. In the United States there are 1.1 million people having heart attacks yearly. Two thirds of these are male. Almost all of them have some underlying coronary heart disease. Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack and how to treat it can make the difference between life and death.

The most common physical causes of heart attack are improper diet and lack of physical exercise. The more emotional causes are a broken heart from loss of love or a profound territorial loss. No matter the cause when heart attack happens it is a real medical emergency and everything should be done to get the person to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Heart attack or myocardial infarction happens when the blood supply to the heart muscle has been severely reduced causing the heart muscle to die. This happens because the oxygen supply to the heart muscle is reduced because of lack of flow to the lungs. Other causes can be because of a blockage from clotting of the blood or an arterial rupture.

Two thirds of heart attack victims report chest pain. shortness of breath, and fatigue days or weeks before the attack. During the attack severe chest pain with radiating pain is often reported. Most often this is down the left arm or up the neck to the jaw. Sometimes nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, indigestion, light-headedness and extreme fatigue will be present. They may become restless and have a sense of impending doom.In severe and sudden attacks loss of consciousness is common.

So what do you do if you suspect someone is having a heart attack? The first thing is to contact 911 and get help as soon as possible. Emergency medical responders have all equipment on board to shock the heart, give oxygen and certain drugs to immediately help clotting before the person ever makes it to the hospital. Giving CPR before the ambulance arrives can save a person’s life. If there is no phone or hospital local then it will be your responsibility to administer first aid.

If you witness a person having a heart attack and they are conscious have them remain as calm as possible. Have them lie or sit down. If aspirin is available and they are not allergic to it, have them chew one aspirin. This will help with blood clotting. If you have your homeopathic emergency kit available give them the correct remedy. We will go over the most common possibilities in a minute.

If the person looses consciousness then give CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) immediately. First check if the persons airway is open. Next start chest compressions by placing both hands on the persons sternum and pushing down 2 inches with a hard, deep thrust. This puts pressure on the heart causing blood to pass through. Heart compression is more important than breathing for the person at this time. Give 30 compressions. These are done quickly with more than one per second. After the chest compressions give two breaths with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Bring the chin up and tilt the head back to be sure the airway is open. Pinch the nostrils and place your mouth over theirs while blowing in and inflating their lungs. Give two breaths and return to 30 more chest compressions. If two people are present then have one person continue the compressions while the other does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the same time. Continuing for 15-20 minutes prior to medical intervention can save a person’s life even if you think they are unresponsive.

Rubrics that are common in heart attack symptoms are;

  • Heart; HEART, attack, (22) : 3Acon., apis, arg-n., 3Arn., ars., aur., 3Cact., carb-v., 2dig., 2glon., iod., 2kalm., 3Lach., 3Lat-m., 2laur., 2naja, nux-v., phos., rhus-t., 2spig., verat., 2tarent.
  • Heart; HEART, attack,; fear of death, during (11) : 3Acon., ars., asaf., cact., cench., 3Dig., kali-ar., 2naja, 2phos., 2plat., psor.
  • Heart; HEART, attack,; stopped beating, as if heart had, with acute anxiety (16) : 2arg., 2arg-n., aster., 2aur., 2cact., chin-ar., 3Cic., 3Dig., 2lach., 2lil-t., 2lycps., 2rumx., 2sep., spig., tarent., zinc.
  • Heart; ANGINA, pectoris, (89) : acet-ac., 2acon., adren., agar., 3Am-c., 2aml-n., anac., ang., 3Apis, arg-cy., 3Arg-n., 3Arn., 3Ars., ars-i., 3Aur., 3Aur-m., bism., 3Cact., camph., caust., cere-b., 2chel., 3Chin-ar., 2chin-s., chlol., chr-ac., 2cimic., coca, 2cocain., conv., 2crat., crot-h., 2cupr., 2cupr-acet., 2cupr-ar., 2dig., 2dios., 2glon., 2haem., 2hep., 2hydr-ac., ip., 2jug-c., 2kali-c., kali-i., kali-p., 2kalm., 3Lach., lact., 3Lat-m., 2laur., lil-t., lith-c., lob., 2lyc., 2mag-p., magn-gr., morph., 2mosch., 3Naja, 2nat-i., nat-n., 2nux-v., olnd., 3Ox-ac., petr., 3Phos., phyt., pip-n., prun., 3Rhus-t., 2samb., saroth., sep., 3Spig., 3Spong., staph., stict., 2stram., stront-c., stront-i., stry., 2tab., 2tarent., 2ther., thyr., 2verat., verat-v., zinc-val.
  • Heart; CONSTRICTION, sensation, (64) : aeth., agar., 2ail., alum., aml-n., ang., 2anth., apis, 2arn., 3Ars., 3Ars-i., asaf., asc-t., aur., berb., bufo, 3Cact., cadm-s., calc., 2calc-ar., cann-i., cann-s., chlor., cocc., cund., 2dig., ferr., ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., graph., hydr., 2ign., 3Iod., 2kali-ar., kali-bi., 2kali-c., kali-chl., kali-p., lac-ac., 2lach., 2laur., 3Lil-t., lyc., 2lycps., lyss., merl., mur-ac., 2naja, 2nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-m., nux-v., phos., phyt., 2plb., rad-br., rhus-t., samb., 2spig., 2spong., tarent., verat., zinc.
  • Heart; CONSTRICTION, sensation,; as if an iron hand prevented normal movements (1) : 3Cact.
  • Heart; CONSTRICTION, sensation,; hoop around, as of a (1) : 2cact.
  • Heart; CONSTRICTION, sensation,; painful, in region, with anxiety (2) : 2cact., 2spong.
  • Heart; CONSTRICTION, sensation,; squeezed, as if (4) : 3Cact., 2iod., lil-t., spig.
  • Heart; DEATH like feeling, to left side of back (1) : 2cact.
  • Heart; LANCINATING, pain (9) : 2acon., apis, aur-m., 2cact., chel., jac-c., lat-m., spig., syph.
  • Heart; SQUEEZING, sensation, (25) : 2acon., adon., aml-n., arn., ars., bor., 3Cact., cadm-s., calc-ar., coc-c., colch., 2iod., iodof., kali-c., lach., laur., 2lil-t., lycps., lyss., mag-p., magn-gr., nux-m., ptel., spong., 2thyr.

If you suspect someone is having a heart attack and are prepared with your emergency remedy kit the very first remedy to think of is Cactus Grandifloris. If you notice in the rubrics above, Cactus G. is the one remedy that is in every rubric. Having this remedy in your emergency kit is essential. Have the 30C and the 200c. Give this remedy first and give it often. Every few minutes may be necessary. This can often stop the attack from progressing and pull the person out of the most acute part of the onset. This by no means is a substitute for medical intervention.  This remedy like Aconite has a fear of death and the anxiety in the region of the heart. Aconite is a very good choice if Cactus does not seem to help. Other remedies that are very useful in the acute are;

  • Aconite – Great fear of death. Pains from the heart extending to the left shoulder. Palpitations with anxiety. Fainting. Tingling in the fingers. Pulse hard, tense and bounding. Intermittent pulse. Pains worse sitting erect.
  • Amylenum Nitrosum – Great anxiety as if something bad would happen. Must have fresh air. Very restless. Unconsciousness. Oppression and fullness of the chest. As if a weight on the sternum. Tumultuous action of the heart. Violent beating with constricted feeling in the carotid arteries. Heart pain extending to the right arm. Flushing of heat to the face. Chewing motion of the jaw.
  • Arnica – Heart pains. Stitches in the heart. Heart beat shakes the whole body. Heart pain felt in the elbow of the left arm. Fear of death especially at night. After great exertion or trauma.
  • Cactus Grandifloris – As if an Iron band or hand has gripped the heart. Heart feels clutched and released. Pain, numbness in the left arm. The whole body may feel caged by wire that are being twisted together.Fear of death. Fear something bad will happen.  Very acute pains. Palpitations with weak and feeble pulse. light-headed. Shortness of breath. Constricting pains felt all over.
  • Digitalis – Felling as if the heart has stopped. Pulse weakend and quick. Pulse irregular, beats only every third, fifth or seventh beat. The least movement aggravates, must hold his breath and keep still.
  • Latrodectus Mactans – Anxiety around the heart. Pain with loss of breath. Screams violently that they will suffocate and die. Pains sharp extending to one or both of the shoulders. Pains extending to the fingers with numbness. Pulse so weak or so fast it can not be found. Pain in the left axilla.
  • Spigilia – Anxiety about the future with restlessness. Sits as if lost in thought. Confusion. Violent palpitations that can be heard and felt. Violent sticking or compressive pains felt in the throat, arms, scapula, worse for least movement or bending double. Pulse intermittent, tremulous and weak.
  • Spongia Tosta – Cough with organic heart disease. wakes at night with pain and suffocation. Can not lie down, must sit up. Great fear of death. Surging of heart into the chest as if it would be forced upward.

This by no means is a complete list of remedies available for heart attack. Study the rubrics and remedies above. Get these major remedies especially Aconite, Arnica and Cactus Grandifloris for your emergency remedy kit. Go over basic CPR or take a course and get certified. Having these tools may save a life.

Above all if you suspect a person is having a heart attack call 911 and get them to a hospital as soon as possible. Here in the United States and other developed countries most hospitals are equipped to treat heart attack and regularly save lives. But time is very critical. If you have to choose between administering CPR and driving to the hospital, always give CPR. Give the homeopathic remedy. Give aspirin. You can also give the homeopathic remedy even if the person is unconscious. Just drop it between their lip and gum. They will get a dose and it may be just what they need.

No one knows when a heart attack may happen. Being prepared is vital to being able to help someone. Regularly study up on remedies that are recommended. Know them so when the time comes you do not have to waste it looking for remedy ideas. Know them! Being a homeopath is about being prepared.

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  1. naveen bhartia on

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    Dear sir, this is useful article for emergencies.and Very informative article , thanks .

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    I ask a question what is remidies in kidny failiers and dilisis in 2 times in a week? is him recover with homeo medicine? thanks

  7. Zille on

    This is very useful and informative article. We should think of Aconitum as one of the best first aid (I would say first attack against disease) remedy. Great fear, suddenness, severity of illness and patient think he will not be able to survive are prominent symptoms in heart attack. Cactus G. is also top remedy in heart related disorders. cactus ailments also come suddenly. The heart also gets afflicted suddenly as if somebody has been caught in a powerful vice. Cactus proves to be very effective in the treatment of those diseases of the heart in which there is dilatation of the muscles and the damage to the valves.
    You have really made excellent awareness of homeopathy first aid requirement in such urgent cases of heart disease.
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  8. Dr K L Rana on

    Whenever I faced this situation, I have advocated Aconite 200 and Ars 200 as the patient was restless, feared and BP was abnormally arisen

  9. Robert Lal on

    For some other heart tonic; Cratoegus, Stropanthus , Adonis Ver, Terminalia ArjunaQ may be given. Thanks Dr Robert for your very good effort to save the people suffering a heart attack.

  10. Dr.Sarfaraz, Islamabad on

    Very informative.Diacard of Madaus,Germany in functional heart complaints is also indicated.

  11. V S Kalyaanasundaram on

    Very good and informative article.Homoeopathy can compete with modern medicine to some extent in herat problems.

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    It is a very informative and useful article for emergencies.I believe this must be read and practiced by all sane human beings.We also provide Homeopathic
    in our clinic.There are numerous people who got benefitted by our weight loss programs.

  15. banibrata Mukherjee on

    I was a patient of cardiomyopathy and was hospitalized for 10 days. Therafter i continued with the doctors medication ,checkups,bloodtests and so on for 45 days. but soon i realized that this form of treatment can only delay my deathand not cure me.I studued all the allopathic medication from the net and also started consulting Homeopathic and aurvedic treatment for cardiac problem. I stopped allopathic treatment completely and continued with ARJUN and Crategus and after one and half year I feel much better and 705 cured.

  16. Ethno on

    Strophanthin is the latest hear tonic and is widely used in Europe as a cardiotonic.We supply Strophanthus gratus seeds from which the glycoside strophanthin is abtained.
    [email protected]

  17. Biju Maheswaran Nair on

    very very useful message….a great knowledge that can help in life saving of some one suffering from sudden heart failure….


    Please inform me the most effective first add in case of HEART FAILURE /ATTACK.

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    You find it is for causing heart problems or death

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    Syphilinum IM 2 drops , taken once a month can prevent Heart Attack.

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