Homeopathy Tips for 8/05/08 Obstacles

     Many times after giving the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy we may see a response but not the results we may expect. It can be difficult to ascertain whether the remedy is really working or whether there is an obstacle to cure. We must investigate closely the conditions for healing in the home as well as any medicinal substances the person may be taking. Homeopathic management in this modern drugged society can be difficult indeed.

      It is best before ever evaluating the remedy to evaluate the client and determine the obstacles to cure. These are often a drug therapy that the person has been on for their malady. This will make your job significantly more difficult, but not impossible. If the person is on 3 drugs there is a 50% chance that there will be a new symptom that is a result of the drug therapy. If the person is on 5 or more drugs it is a 100%  fact that there will be a new symptom as a result of the bodies response to the combined drug effect. This is a major obstacle to cure and is a difficult case to manage. My rule of thumb is to find out what drug is working for them and what is not. I then encourage them to go back to their prescribing physician and get off of all drugs that do not help. It is often that when a client comes to see me and has been on drugs for some time they will say that only one or two ever helped at all. They need help in getting off their drugs and it is never my place to unprescribe something that I did not originally prescribe. This keeps me clean of any interference with the allopathic community as well as not having to be responsible for any withdrawal they may experience.

        Other obstacles to cure can exist in the home or workplace. Many people live in conditions that are not conducive to their healing, either with bad hygiene or unhealthy relationships. I find this obstacle as difficult as drugs because rarely will the person feel safe enough to leave their home and find a more suitable environment to live in.

       This is especially true when there are unhealthy relationships that continually challenge the person. It may be an alcoholic spouse, unruly children, ailing relatives, monetary concerns that border on poverty, or any number of other challenges that keep a person more in survival mode than in a relaxed healing environment. It is then necessary to find ways to work within this environment and offer new tools to cope along with the support of the remedy. I find that giving the remedy more often is necessary to maintain the healing response. Low potencies daily will often be much easier to manage and more supportive to the person.

        Other obstacles to cure also include those medicinal substances that can bring about an antidote. When we speak of antidoting it is not the remedy that gets antidoted, it is the person in response to the medicinal substance that shifts as a result of it’s influence; then the remedy is no longer homeopathic. It looses it’s resonance and then it appears that the remedy stops working. These influences must be removed for cure to take place.

      Substances that can influence our response in addition to allopathic drugs include coffee, herbs, liquors, strong smelling odors as well as many other influences. Hahnemann talks of these influences in Aphorism’s 260 to 263. In his additional notes he describes the obstacle like this, “The softest tones of a distant flute that in the still midnight hours would inspire a tender heart with exalted feelings and dissolve it in religious ecstasy are inaudible and powerless amid discordant cries and the noise of day.”

        This quote accurately describes the subtle way the vital force is inspired to heal and how easy it is to disrupt this response. Working through the obstacles is not impossible but requires the homeopath to pay close attention to their clients and offer as much support as necessary to provide a healing environment.

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  1. Debasish on

    Many thanks for your valuable article on obstacles to recovery during homeopathic treatment. Really, those who are attached with this art of science they will certainly be benefited after reading this vital article.

    Warm regards

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  2. Salima on

    Excellent article. I am wondering if being around the brewing of coffee at work can be affecting my patient. She does not drink it, but cannot escape the odor.

    Hi Salima, This all depends on the sensitivity of the person. Usually it will not affect the person, but again depends on each individual. Robert

  3. Dr. Chris Chlebowski on

    Good advice, but everyone should also remember that the correct remedy works through almost anything, albeit at a slower, less effective pace. I beleive too many homeopaths are overly concerned with “antidoting” and therefore they change the correct remedy too quickly, or they blame poor prescribing on the cup of coffee their patient had.


    Very delicate and sincere experience with homeopaths in routine practice. Sometimes correct selection of remedy when fail to get results after retaking case over again and again then this stong aroma of such unavoidable substances to be considered which reflect to the cure. Somehow this is very difficult inspite of careful selection to judge and clients leave homeopathic treatment. Good article to know when you fail in treating client to the satisfaction.

  5. Anthony (Australia) on

    Hi One & All Thanks Dr Robert. In my early days of Practice i followed the rules regarding antidotes.I found that applying too many restrictions on a patient had a negative effect. Now i dont really worry other than Caffeine & i still get good results.If the remedy is correct it Will work.

  6. Dr. Ghulam mustafa on

    hay robert . how are you sir
    it is a v.imormaive article as usussal.
    dr.ghulam mustafa SAHIWAL PAKISTAN

  7. Dr. Ghulam mustafa on

    hay robert . how are you sir
    it is a v.informative article as usussal.
    dr.ghulam mustafa SAHIWAL PAKISTAN

  8. karthiyaini on

    Hello Homoeopath,
    This article is very very usefull.after reading this one doubt is aroused in my mind.If anyone consuming Homoeopathic remedies one after another for a long time for any kind of chronic conditions ,what ll be the effect?whether it lead to the serious illness like that of Ectopic Pregnancy?

    Hello Karthiyaini,
    This is a very good question. A person who has consumed many remedies over a long period of time may very well be affected. Many times if the remedies have not been prescribed well, it will be a very difficult case for the homeopath who inherits it. I call these cases “confused cases”. Nothing will be clear because of the many ways the vital force has responded to the many homeopathic energies. I cannot say for sure about ectopic pregnancies but yes there can be very difficult states of dis-ease to try to sort through.


  9. ginni on

    must say I’m in agreement here as usual with your informative snippits. The more obstacles, the lower and more often the remedy. thank you Robert.I think your wonderful for giving of your precious time x

  10. dr naseer on

    dear Robert
    Many times after giving the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy (your this beginging word require great experience
    and knowledge law of similarity.correct symptom from the patient is great difficult. according homoeopathic repertory and philosophy syptom giving from the patient
    require great experience of materia medica knowleldge and
    case takiing evaluating the syptom. your this topic is
    knowledgeable learn more.

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