Homeopathy Tips for 8/03/10 Potency Comparison

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Potency and Dosing. It seems there was some confusion about potency in general and how many pellets equal a dose. It helps to learn the potency scales together because comparing them gives a greater understanding of their use.

There are three basic scales of dilution in the creation of the homeopathic remedies. They are commonly referred to by their Roman numeral designation indicating the dilution rate. The X potencies (X=10) are diluted one part in ten. The C potencies (C=100) are diluted one part in one-hundred.  And the LM potencies (LM=50,000) are a little different all together. A mother tincture/base solution or trituration is potentized to the 3C potency and then further diluted in each successive step in the one to 50,000 dilution.

Potency as defined by the dictionary is; the capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects, inherent capacity for coming into being. This indicates that by potentization it brings the quality of the substance into being. More qualities can be revealed than the original substance alone when the physical becomes potentized. It is actually returning to the non-physical/spiritual intention of G-d’s creation.

The process of potentization includes succussion, the violent shaking of the substance. Once the original substance is dissolved into the mother tincture then the substrate, water with a small amount of alcohol, can be diluted and succussed. Taking one part of this solution to 10, 100 or 50,000 creates the first step in potency. This is the 1X, 1C or LM1. Remember that the LM’s start after the first 1 to 50,000 dilution that happens after bringing the mother tincture to the 3C potency. Each successive dilution then becomes the next higher potency, ie. 2X, 2C, LM2.

If we use a comparison of length or size to the potency scales we can get a comparison that is good to understand their differences. If the X potencies are 1/10 of an inch then the C potencies would be 1 inch and the LM potencies would be the length of 14 football fields, end to end, or about 3/4 of a mile. This is a huge difference.

The X potencies are similar to the point of a pencil. Knowing that the remedies are to inspire the vital force then how the vital force would respond to a pencil point tells something of the quality of the potency. If I wanted to get your attention it wouldn’t take many probes with the point of a pencil before you would react. The X potencies are most useful when the dis-ease is very physical with gross pathology. Infections, inflammations, and acute conditions respond well to them.

The C potencies are like the end of a one inch thick branch or dowel. If I prodded you for a response I would get it but unless I used this stick to strike you it would not be as acute as poking with a pencil point. As you can see the increase in the potency will create a bigger response. The lower C potencies (3c to 30C) are very useful in acute and more chronic physical expressions. As the potencies become more rarefied/dilute they hold more potential or have a deeper acting effect and power. These (200C to 1M) are very useful in acute , self resolving dis-ease and trauma or when starting with a single dose to inspire a response. When the potencies are in the very high range (10M to CM) they are deep acting and can be long lasting. More of the spiritual energy of the substance is released into the potency and will have a deeper, more inspiring effect to the vital force.

The LM potencies are wide. It is like standing on a beach that is 3/4 of a mile wide and nothing but the steady onshore ocean breeze coming to embrace the person. They may be standing in the water but there is relatively no wave action, just the gentle rise and fall of the tide. This is like the LM potencies. Hahnemann created the LM’s  to reduce aggravations. They are gentler. A person will respond to the beach scene described above but will most likely not have a strong response to it. If the person is very sensitive then this beautiful scene could inspire a strong response in which case further dilution of the potency in water will be helpful.

As you can see it is all about sensitivity of the person. We are very lucky to have so many potencies to use in the treatment of the person. The potency needs to be slightly stronger than the expression of the dis-ease so it will be noticed by the vital force. The remedy needs to be homeopathic to the person. So between the correct remedy (similimum) and the correct potency the vital force can be easily communicated with. When the porper combination is applied the vital force will respond with gentle, safe and lasting healing.

Please share your observations about potency. There are as many ways to interpret potency applications as there are homeopaths and persons needing to be healed.

13 comments so far

  1. jarmila beitlova on

    I want to share this experience with a potency Korsakov, namely 10MK, I needed to extend the period of operation, patient anxiety and take Lycopodium, 1M it lasted for 4 weeks Korsakov did not work, tell me why? thank Jarmila

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Jarmila,

      It is possible that the remedy was inactive due to high heat, sunlight exposure or some other influence. Assuming the remedy was good, the method of Korsicoff is not the same as Hahnemann described and although similar and most remedies seem to work, they are different. It is possible that the 1M potency was actually more vital than the 10MK. It really depends on the laboratory that is creating the potency and the methods they use. Homeopathic standards can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and potency can be different although labeled the same. Once a remedy is started it is best to stay with the same manufacturer to avoid the potency differences issue.

      Thanks for yourquestion,
      Robert Field

  2. Sarah Knox on

    Thank you very much for this excellent explanation of potencies;these concepts have always been elusive to me.
    I am amazed at the power of the LM remedies that I have used myself and have often needed to dilute them several times. They seem to get right to the deep psycho-spiritual core of the problem being addressed (which can be uncomfortable!)especially right after going up in potency. I am so grateful for the LM option, being of a highly sensitive constitution. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Tammy Johnson on

    I was just looking this up in a book last week because I was curious. You explained it so much better. I loved the visual imagery, it will stay with me and help me to remember this! Thank you!

  4. anukant on

    Dear Roberts

    Please let me the number succussion per potency as per hahnemann and other hompaths.

  5. Tarakeshwar Rao.K on

    Dear Roberts Sir,
    This is beutifully explained and much helpful for the starters like me. It cleared all the doubts on the potencies of homeopathic medicenes. The explanation is crystal clear. It would be further much helpful if one case is put as an experiment or sample study which will be registered permanently.

    Thank U.

  6. tarlochan singh on

    i m diabtic patient my sugar is sudenly 403 i hv taken phosphur 200p but it is failed

    • maryam on

      May be phos was not the right remedy for you.May be you did not choose the appropriate potency.Your symp was very acute but you used 200 potency.

  7. dr. ghulam mustafa on

    dear robert
    a 2 year baby girl come to me before one month, she burned her neck and chest skin from dropping on hot tea cup, i gave her cantharis 30, she curred 25 present, now what potency i give her. regards

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr,
      If the previous potency worked, repeat it. If it seems that it is not working, increase the potency to 100C or 200C. Good luck.

      Robert Field

  8. Sharon RN on

    Robert, clarification on this topic is always appreciated. Potency of 30c & 200 c has worked for me. Loved the visual comparisons. Is the LM2 a 1000,000 dilution? would the LMs ever be used on children or infants with a poor or fair vitality?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sharon,

      LM potencies work great with children especially with low vitality. A LM2 is a 3C potency that is then diluted to 1 to 50,000 and then one part of this solution to 50,000 again.


  9. Dr.kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Robert Field

    Thank you for your above write up.
    In this connection,I have one question to ask.
    Does the duration of action of a drug under C potency
    & LM potency remains the same? I am in confusion
    because medicines under LM potencies are usually
    administered frequently without waiting for its
    duration of action.
    I shall appreciate if you kindly enlighten me
    on this point.

    Dr.Kh. Mahbubur Rahman

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