Homeopathy Tips for 7/9/13 Materialism vrs. Spiritualism

All beliefs are based on assumption. The belief of modern medicine is based on the assumption that all disease has a material basis. This belief has been reinforced through time with the germ theory and modern diagnostic systems that can look at the microscopic level of matter. This belief that all disease is of a material basis has led to much criticism of homeopathy. Because there is no particle of the original substance left after Avagrado’s number of dilution, the material scientists then conclude there is nothing in the homeopathic remedy. If there is no physical medicine left after dilution then it can not possible work.

This argument has been homeopathy’s biggest hurdle in gaining recognition as a valid medical modality. But recent studies using detection systems that were not available in the past are lending some legitimacy in the eyes of the material scientists. With the aid of TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy), SAED (Selected Area Electron Diffraction), and ICP-AES Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Energy Spectrophotometry) Dr Shantaram Kane, a chemical engineer in Mumbai, India, claims to have detected nano-particles of the original substance in homeopathic remedies.

Anyone that is current with today’s technology knows that nano-particles are the latest interest of study for the material scientists. There are many that still debunk the studies but they seem to be valid detection of these nano-particles. For a material scientist this means that there really is something in the homeopathic remedy in potency. Because this fits their belief system it has formed some legitimacy for homeopathy as modern allopathic medicine is investigating nano-particles for their own drug therapies.

Lending more validity to materialism is scientist and Nobel prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier. His research indicates that there is definitely some memory of the original substance left in the medium of the dilutions of higher potencies. He claims there are structures which mimic the original molecules. He has been able to detect resonant electromagnetic signals that can be measured.

Dr Jacques Benveniste has asserted that water retains the memory of compounds once dissolved init and this is a possible explanation of how homeopathy works. For making this assertion he was severely criticised. The materialists are still very skeptical of any assertion that there is sometime in the homeopathic remedy.

The work of Masaru Emoto has given plenty of proof that water retains the memory and can be influenced by the mere intent of human consciousness upon it. His photographs of water ice crystals has shown conclusively that the water has been effected my merely thinking focused thought upon the water. The shape of the crystals that form are substantially different after focused intent has been placed upon them. You can read more in his book The Hidden Messages in Water.

These are only a few of the new researchers that are beginning to bridge the gap between Hahnemann’s spiritual vital force medicine and the modern material scientists allopathic medicine. Hahnemann recognised long ago that there was nothing in the dynamically potentised medicine but that did not stop him from pursuing more research. He also recognised that “in the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway, and retains all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious vital operation, as regards to both sensations and function, so that our indwelling, reason gifted mind can freely employ this living , healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.” Organon Aphorism 9.

In Aphorism 11 he goes on to explain dis-ease. “When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life: it is only the vital principle, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by it’s effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is by morbid symptoms, and in  no other way can it make itself known.”

These ideas are clearly explaining dis-ease as a spiritual affliction. It is the spiritual vital force that is deranged. When homeopathy tries to explain itself in materialist terms, it will always fall short.   Hahnemann continued his research on the belief that  we are spiritual beings and that we need to treat the spiritual vital force, not the physical, material body. His research was pure, because through his belief he was able to use observation alone as to whether the remedies worked or not. His idea of serial dilution and succussion came from somewhat of a materialist perspective because he saw the detrimental effects of the material dose. When he observed that the diluted and potentised remedies actually worked better at inspiring healing, he did not question the fact even though there was “nothing” left of the original substance.

When I first discovered homeopathy I was very confused and conflicted. I could not bridge the gap that if there was nothing in the homeopathic remedy, how could it work? But observation alone convinced me that it indeed was working and quite magnificently at that.  I could not ignore what my experience was reporting to me. As time passed and I became more convinced that when applied correctly homeopathy offered an opportunity for healing like no other medicine. After twenty years of dedicating 100% of my professional life to homeopathy I am fully convinced that the medicine is for real and not subject to ridicule. I would be a hypocrite and a fraud if I did not see convincing results of this medicine and continue to do this work as a homeopath. The fact remains I do see results and do not question them. I have come to expect them, whether there is anything in the remedies or not. I know that this medicine is not placebo effect. When an incorrect prescription fails and a subsequent prescription works it rules out placebo for me entirely.

The debate between the materialists and the spiritualists will always exist. I fall wholly in the spiritualists camp. I do not need to see a nano-particle or believe there is anything in the homeopathic remedy. I know that there is something there though. I know this through observation, just like Hahnemann did. Even though I can not see the Vital Force, I know it exists. I see evidence of this in my material existence. I tend to believe that everything in the universe is vibration, whether material or spiritual. I also believe that it is a vibration in the homeopathic remedy that is able to inspire healing in the vital force. This happens through the principle of resonance. To me this explains it all. I do not need to know more. I am convinced by repeated experience that this is true. No one could ever convince me otherwise. I appreciate the attempts of individuals to explain homeopathy in the materialistic realm. But personally, I do not depend on any external explanation for homeopathy. My belief is supported by my observation. Homeopathy offers an incredibly beautiful glimpse into the spiritual world.

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  1. Marie on

    Vibration, or the principle of resonance, would also explain Homeopathy’s healing effects on animals and plants. It is indeed a beautiful and valuable connection for us with the Universe, seen and unseen.

  2. ved prakash gupta on

    it is much interesting and useful for propagation of homeopathy. Lot of thanks for this article

  3. Syed Husain on

    The article is very good and deserves for full of praise. The conclusion that
    there is nothing in the homeopathic remedy is totally baseless. Experience shows that where the modern medicine has failed to give the desired result and peoples were recommended for surgery, homeopathy has provided the best result and peoples were surprised to see the spiritual force of the system..

  4. Davira on

    I recently had a conversation (which lead to an argument) with a medical doctor about homeopathic remedies and his belief was not that there was nothing in the remedies but that there are actually chemicals such as in pharmaceutical grade medicines. He claims that he has sent out remedies to be tested in labs and they came out positive for all kinds of active ingredients holistic minded people are trying to avoid. Is there any truth to these claims as far as you know??

    • Robert Fieldbert on

      I do not believe this is true. The only physical part of a remedy is the substrate ie, the alcohol and water or the milk sugar pellet. I do not believe that these are contaminated like this Dr is suggesting. They are simple substances. If the original substance of the remedy is diluted many times and there is nothing left from the original substance, I do not think that contamination would be possible. I think this is a way for the Dr to justify his discrimination about homeopathy.
      Robert Field

  5. Robert Lal on

    It is vital force which is spiritually disturbed in dis-eased body and therefore it can be healed if spiritual power is sought from Almighty .God bless you the reader ! Jesus healed many sick people in his earthly ministry and even today he continues to heal many diseases miraculously.He guides the sick to a right treatment if prayed for, he will be gracious unto any one who looks for his spiritual blessings without any cost.You may try and find yourself, he is the true saviour !

  6. ghulam mustafa on

    when a homeopath give one drop of Aconite for the first time pass the urine, it give the positive result immediately, No other any medicine doing this for new born baby, it is spiritual, dynamic and genital for Pt. DR. GHULAM MUSTAFA, SAHIWAL, PAKISTAN

  7. when a homeopath give one drop of Aconite for the first time pass the urine, it give the positive result immediately, No other any medicine doing this for new born baby, it is spiritual, dynamic and genital for Pt. DR. GHULAM MUSTAFA, SAHIWAL, PAKISTAN

  8. zille on

    In addition to this beautiful article I want to provide some more information on memory of water nano level.
    The memory of water has been discussed and researched in several books, articles and laboratories. The memory of water at Nano level in crystal/structural and liquid form is a proof of efficacy of high potency homeopathic remedies, where no trace of medicine is found in the liquid water.
    In October 2004 one of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto author of best-selling book “Message from Water” presented his experiments in proving the high response and flexibility of water crystals during the “Water at the Nano Level” at Dar Al Hikma Girls College in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. He founded a theory proving that water takes on the vibration and energy of its environment whether polluted or natural and pure. He said he believes that water can send messages telling us to look inside ourselves.
    Experiments and researches of Emoto, who has a doctorate in alternative medicine, focused on exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography or nanotechnology.
    He paid a lot of effort in the first photo of the water crystal using the nanotechnology and equipments that he installed. As he could not stay in cold places for long, a chemist took the pictures in a -35C atmosphere. The professor also did the same study on other samples of water taken from different sources in Saudi Arabia. He had to lighten the water 1000 times in order to be able to freeze it and take a photo of its crystal that looked like a diamond.
    The shape of a crystal does not stay for more than two minutes. It changes after that with the different temperature. He thought that there must be vibes in water. He experimented surrounding water with music. He placed a glass of water between two speakers and played the process of transforming after playing the music to the public. The crystal changed to a beautiful shape. After that experiment, he said that it now clear that water has vibes and responds to the surrounding environment Fig. 1.

    Fig. 1 Beautiful shape of water crystal after playing music in front of a glass of water and freezing the water to form crystal.
    When he played Tchaikovsky music, water crystals came in a different shape. He also showed that positive words make beautiful crystals Fig.2. Negative words make ugly crystals Fig 3. Words like “you fool” shows a disorganized unclear shape of the water crystal whereas words like “happy” show a more beautiful shape.

    Fig.2 is taken when some words like “happy” were said near water and frozen it to -35C.

    Fig 3 this picture was taken when the bad word like sick was said on liquid water and frozen to crystal form.

    More interesting to the attendees was exposing water to pictures where water crystals reflect the different shapes they are exposed to. A glass of water was placed on an elephant picture. The water crystal he froze and viewed showed that shape of the elephant’s trunk clearly. And so did a picture of a traditional Japanese house with the triangle shape of the ceiling.
    When Emeto was in France once, a muslim couple gave him a paper that has 99 names of God. He took it with him to Japan. He left it at his office for almost a year. He then tried using God’s names in exposing them to water. It shows different beautiful shapes every time. Emoto stressed on the importance of water and how we should appreciate it. Our body consists mainly of water the moment we come to life and until we die. A fertile egg consists of 95 percent of water, new born has 80 percent water, adults have 70 percent and elderly have 60 percent. It decreases by age and that is what causes Alzheimer because losses of water in the human body.
    This incredible theory of water has been examined by several research laboratories and amazing results were recorded in numerous books and articles.

  9. zille on

    Sorry Figures 1, 2 and 3 are not visible in my comments given above. If some one wants to see these figures please ask I will send it separately by email.
    [email protected]
    Mobile: 00966504662505
    Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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  11. Tariqul Alam on

    Thanks for the article. It is a wonderful article which has focused on the inner curative power of homeopathic medicines which sceptics have always been avoiding for centuries and for which they blindly consider this scientific treatment scientifically baseless and bogus. Their only weapon is the Avogadro’s Hypothesis with which they dare to measure the fathomless and bottomless dept of potentized homeopathic medicines. How funny it is when they use their only weapon (Avogadro’s Hypothesis) to measure the dept of the ocean of any potentized Homeopathic medicine and its curative force? Attempting to evaluate Homoeopathic medicines in the light of Avogadro’s Law seems to be as ridiculous and unwise as having a vain attempt to plunge a rope of ten metres into a vast ocean to measure its depth. Hannneman who was a great Chemist, Biochemist, Botanist, Mineralogist, Zoologist and a renowned allopathic physician was contemporaneous to Avogadro. The sceptics do not know the fact. How could an inveterate experimentalist and great philanthropist like Hahnneman dare go beyond the dilution of Avogadro’s number to prepare homeopathic medicines the aim of which is to save human lives is not known to sceptics in any way because they do not want to know what there is beyond the wall of materialism. Of course, dept of knowledge and intuition is essential for this. They believe what they see; they do not believe what they do not see. I like to say proudly that Hahnneman was too far advanced for his age two hundred and half years ago and still so for this modern age also. We can positively hope that there will be time in very near future when scientists will come out of the shell or cocoon of their vanity with subtle and keep knowledge coupled with curious mind to prove the subtle curative power of homeopathic medicines to their skin points as Professor William Tiller, a Professor of Material saidence and Engineering, said that we did not have those kinds of instruments to trace the acute energy of homeo medicines. He also said that instruments of such kinds were available at the age. The above article shows the proof. One day scientists have to surely accept inner truth of homeopathy and homeo medicines to save man kind. The days are not far away.

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