Homeopathy Tips for 7/28/09 Noticing Healing

     When a client comes back for their first follow-up I ask them how they have been doing and what they have noticed after taking the remedy. Often the response I get is “nothing, I haven’t noticed anything after taking this remedy.”

      It would be easy to think that the remedy has not worked with this response. Sometimes I hear how wonderful the remedy has worked and all of the changes that are taking place. But when a person does not notice the remedy, this does not mean that it did not work.

      Usually after careful examination I can determine if the remedy is  working or not. I must go over the symptoms that they have reported. This is when good notes are essential.  Sometimes it takes me going through all of the symptoms to get the real picture. Often they report that in fact the headaches they were experiencing have ceased. Their skin is actually better. The mental symptoms are improving, and only after they have answered these questions do they realize that they are in fact doing better. It is sometimes very striking how a person will have not recognised their healing. Why is this?

     When we rise in the morning, it feels natural to feel how we feel. Some days are better than others and when we are not really evaluating our days with scrutiny, it is easy to just accept the day as it happens. Because homeopathy does not act directly on a person but inspires them to heal themselves, it feels natural to heal.  When our thoughts are subtly changing it is difficult to tell why. Many times the changes are so gradual that from day to day there is nothing noticeable. It is only after a month or more that we can have retrospect and see any changes. If the client has not been paying attention to their healing, they will report that there has been no change, when in fact much has occurred.

        It is necessary to really evaluate the persons responses. If in fact they do not notice any changes and I have inquired deeply about their former symptoms, then maybe the remedy has not worked. I ask questioons about coffee, drugs, and other hindrances to their homeopathic healing response. If in fact they have not noticed anything and their are no obstacles to cure then I must re-evaluate the remedy.

     I seldom change the remedy in the first follow-up unless new information is leading to a different remedy than the first remedy prescribed. If in fact nothing has been noticed then I will usually change the potency before leaving the remedy entirely. Sometimes it just takes a little longer for the response to be noticed.

      When a person says they have not noticed any changes I do not think I am a bad homeopath or the remedy has not worked. I question the action of the remedy; but not my actions. The original remedy should be given with such confidence that there is a very real expectation that it will work. Only after it has been proven to me that it has not, will I want to change anything.

      So the next time that your client reports no changes, do not be alarmed. Investigate and find out for yourself. Often there have been many changes and the person simply has not noticed them.

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  1. k.gopalan on

    There are sevaral varieties of people some patients will go 4doctors per day and they are telling they are cured . patients are comming to you only for immediate relief.we have to give them immediate relief. ihad tropical esinophilia with arsenic symptoms. Itook arsenic 30 but in vain. then i took only one dose of arsenic 6. Igot immediate relief. why there are some pathological changes in lungs. only low potency 6 or 3 is working wonders. for another patient who had belladona symptom but it failed. why I found his neck is not proportionate to his head and body. it was very lean I cured him immediately by giving natrum mur 6x. some patints will knowingly says that they are not better. but actually if there is no improvement they will not come to you again they will approach another homeopath.If they are coming to us defenitely there must be some improvement.

    Hello K.Gopalan,

    You make a good point that if they are coming back there must be improvement or they would be going to a different homeopath.
    Thanks. Robert

  2. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear Sir,
    Here I would like to mention the opposite case.
    In a case of mental agony, any medicine gives a response, , initially.
    A chronic case of hallucination, more of voice than video. He hears voices as he feels sleepy, but not slept yet (slumber time )
    Also fear of insanity. If some noises he hears , he feels it has said something to him in his known language, and he understands what is said!.Mancinellka, Calc.carb. etc. taken, and improves for a time and then relapses. First dose, he is ok. ie. 2 nd visit ok. 3 rd visit always reported relapse? Any answer?

    Hello K. Rajagopala,

    He seems to respond well in the first doses but then something changes and the remedy then needs to be adjusted. I would not change the remedy, but change the potency.It sounds like it is a good remedy selection but the potency needs to be adjusted after the 3rd visit. Try going up to the next available potency. If the 30c was given, then give the 200c. If a lower potency was given, for example 6c, then go to the 12c potency. You will probably find that the response to the remedy is positive again. Good luck,


  3. acchinnapparaj on


    kindly letme know any confirmed cure for diabetes in homeopathy

    If there were a confirmed cure for diabetes then you would have heard of it already. Homeopathy can help a person heal. Homeopathic treatment should ALWAYS be for the person and NOT the disease. Any successful homeopathic treatment will never be focused on only a single symptom but will include much about the energy of the person. It is only through this understanding of the totality of the expression of the disease that any good homeopathic remedy selection could happen. It is very individualized medicine. No two cases of diabetes are ever the same. There will never be a magic cure until the world is populated with very good homeopaths prescribing very good remedies inspiring everyones vital force to heal themselves. This is where true healing comes from. Not from any external drug or energy source. The homeopathic remedy does NOTHING to a person. It acts as an inspiration that the vital force can respond to. This response is the healing response. Understand this well and you will change your idea about magical cures. They happen only when the vital force has been magically inspired. This is homeopathy in it’s essence.
    Thanks for your question.

    Robert Field

  4. Deborah on

    HI Robert. Very good article today! But I am writing to compliment on your response to the last comment! Bravo! Again you give such great explanations! It really helps me help my patients understand homeopathy.

    Deborah Inskip, RN, APH

  5. jawaid on

    yoy always talk about the inner healing throgh vitality but i want to add that there are two function every organ has 1) chemical 2) machanical
    In chemaical funtion the organ produced something and store them e.g. the liver produce bile in its chemical function and 2) in machqnical function it sends the chemical produce to where ever needed in body + if excess get rid of throgh different outlets. NOW the medicine you give has one of these two functon. e.g. if you take aloevera, bay leaves,mango they help liver to produce and store bile (there are many others) 2) if anyone take black pepper,ginger,salt etc they will help liver in his machnical function which means to send bile to different area of body or if excess to expel from body.
    Homeopathy low potency upto 3x/6x works as the raw of that medicine work, if potency given higher than 6c it will work on energy level means forces like vitality + immunity which means no direct effect on organs but again on energy level thats why mostly homeopath does not know how medicine work.
    In the case of dibeties, its again the pathology is not discussed in homeopathy. If you people want I can send you the research on what is diabities?
    lastly as english is not my mother togue so I beg my pardon….

    god may bless Mr. robert,all of you

  6. Debbie on

    I’ve noticed people often reporting no change, despite a review of their case revealing the opposite. I attribute this to the remedy having peeled off a symptom/set of symptoms they were no longer clinging to themselves. They were so close to healing, the extra push of the remedy merely freed them without there being a perception of any major change.

    Hi Debbie,
    I agree. It is the perception or lack of it about their change. It is because it feels natural to feel better. Thanks for your comment, Robert

  7. Pat on

    Because my first two remedies inspired such obvious noticeable changes almost immediately, I must admit to initially feeling that my most recent remedy, Sol, really didn’t do much of anything for me. I was expecting a “burst of sunshine” which also was different from my first two expectations – I had absolutely know idea what to expect – no preconceived notions. When I didn’t get stuck on the idea that this remedy wasn’t doing anything and kept myself open to the possibilities, I was able to begin to “see” more clearly what was going on. I think the healing that is coming about now is on a deeper, less superficial level – more subtle perhaps because it isn’t so much new as it is refining and defining and clarifying.

    Hi Pat,
    Really good observations. I think you have explained it well. Thanks for sharing, Robert

  8. jawaid on

    can you please tell about obesity and some of possible homeo-medicine

  9. jawaid on

    It is a nice effort. I want to add that we as human being are forgetable so we forget our old pains/sufferings.Another thing is often when one pain/suffering is gone, other which was less comes to surface or patient feels it more now.
    We should give benefit of doubt to patients.

    Hi Jawaid,
    I agree totally with you. I always give the benefit of the doubt to the patient. It is only their testemony that could be verifiable other than my own powers of physical observation and what others report about the person. There is a blending of all of these that helps with my “knowing” whether the patient is better or not, or if the remedy is working. I never argue or disagree with a client. They are always giving their testemony and I trust that they are doing it with integrity. But I also know that sometimes they can be blind to their changes and that it can be misleading if not thoroughly investigated. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Margarita on

    Hi Robert:
    I really liked what you said “Homeopathic treatment should always be for the person and not the disease”. Although I am still struggling to see the “expression” of the disease, and the energy of the person. Two things that I know they are very important for prescribing the right remedy, but still hard for me to see.
    Thanks for this article.

  11. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert:
    Thank you for explaining how to handle and perceive a first follow-up appointment, to see through the curtain of apparent non-wellness and discover the healing signs that are subtle but exist to a discerning physician’s eyes. To the above, I would like to humbly add that certain remedies are inherently slow in their healing. This was true of their provings also, the signs of their provings show up only after a period of time. Likewise their pace of healing is also slow. Gelsemium is a typical example. The tiredness, lethargy etc of a Gelsemium patient state are slow to appear in a proving (It’s pace of cure is also slow). So also with Calcarea Carb. On the other hand take Aconite or Belladonna, the provings show a rapid onset of symptoms, likewise the curing effect of homeopathic Aconite or Belladonna in an indicated patient is fast & furious.
    Glonoine (or TNT or Nitroglycerine) in its proving shows a dramatic fast pace in onset of symptoms. When given curatively, if Glonoine does not give any relief in a few hours based on the careful questioning you explained, then the choice of Glonoine “may” be incorrect. An experienced practioner learns this over time. In my case, I am still learning from the global comments of everyone in this forum…..how to keep my eyes open for healing signs as you explained. Very often (in “acute” complaints) if a patient has a deep sleep after the first remedy, that is often an indication that cure is taking place.
    Thanks, Philip

    • Robert Field on

      Thanks Philip,

      I often see sleep as a curative response. And your comments about slow acting and faster remedies is also true. I still need to see some movement in the case to assess whether the vital force is responding. There will be subtle signs even in slower remedies. Thanks again for your very insightful comments,

      Robert Field

  12. Anindya Das on

    Sir, I am a student and have not practiced it till today. But so far as I read the writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. J.T.Kent,Dr.Stuart Close,Dr.H.A.Roberts I agree with your view.Thank you for another good discussion.
    Apart from this subject matter I am asking your valuable tips to ‘memorising homoeopathic materia medica’ and tips for ‘mastering the art of prescribing’.

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Anindya Das,

      Memorizing Materia Medica is a very big task. It is much easier to understand the essence of the remedy. And when you understand what is asking to be healed in the individual it is much easier to prescribe accurately. This covers both of your requests in a very simple way. Apply the essence of the remedy to the essence of the energy of the case. But learning this takes time, dedication and openness to being an unprejudiced observer. It is key to successfully being a homeopath.
      Becoming a homeopath is really a spiritual self evolution. I find that those who stay committed to this learning process always move forward in their life and into being a homeopath. If there is movement, you cannot fail.

      Blessings, Robert Field

  13. kumar on

    Can I have the notes for obesity and the remedies. I have treated patients with phytolacca Q but poor response.


  14. Dr.Syed Najm-ul-Hassan on

    Dear Robert,
    We appereciate your comments,based on day to day practical experiences of noticing the healing process in homeopathy.Sometimes doctor may get confused when a patient sitting in front,do not explain well of himself.
    In my country, where literacy level is not much appreciable, many false symptoms are also included while explaining the history of a case. For example, when you ask a patient who already seems to be psychologically impressed are influenced before a “Doctor”, whether he feels pain in joints are anywhere in abdomen?……..
    “Yes” the answer could be and then there will be a series of “Yes” to every question, you have asked, whether or not related to the problem.This situation is often faced when contradictory symptoms are placed before a doctor.Then, either you have to concentrate the obvious the major symptoms and ignore all others, are treat the collective symptoms? secondly,in some cases patients particularly females are so shy, or do not opt to share the secrets imparitive for a doctor to handle the problem.I would much appreciate your comments on such cases Thanks again for all of your’s useful tips..

  15. Dr.Syed Najm-ul-Hassan on

    Dear Robert,
    We appereciate your comments,based on day to day practical experiences of noticing the healing process in homeopathy.Sometimes doctor may get confused when a patient sitting in front,do not explain well of himself.
    In my country, where literacy rate is not much appreciable, many false symptoms are also included while explaining the history of a case. For example, when you ask a patient,who already seems to be psychologically impressed are influenced before a “Doctor”,whether he feels pain in joints are anywhere in abdomen?……..
    “Yes” the answer could be and then there will be a series of ‘Yes’ to every of your question asked,whether or not reflecting his problem.This situation is often faced when contradictory symptoms are placed before a doctor.Then, either you have to concentrate the obvious major symptoms and ignore all others,or treat the collective symptoms? Secondly,in some cases patients particularly females, are so
    shy, or do not opt to share their privacy,imparitive for a doctor to handle his/her problem.I would much appreciate
    your comments on such cases.Thanks again for all of your useful tips.

  16. Souzaki on

    Thank you Dr. Robert. I’ve just read the article and it is very helpful. I had a case of a chiild 7 yrs old. came suffering from bed wetting, sinuses, low self esteem, fear of darkness and of thieves. Lack of concentration and poor memory and consiptation. The parents during potty training scared the child. He had a brother younger by one year. He is jealous of his brother. I gave him Aur 30c on split dose to know afterwards that the mothe didn’t igve him except one time… The mother reported no change and when questioned according to the above way. We found out that there were lots of improvement. Then because the main issue for the mother and upon which she evaluates the sucess of the treatment is the bed wetting I gave the child equisitum 200c he stopped on this night and continued for 2 days; then few red pimples appeared on the back of the child and disappeared the following morning. Within one month the child for the first time in his life spent 18 days out of one whole month dry. Gained more confidence. His memory improved tremednously. the fears were gone. Sinuses improved All this was reported by the father and upon asking some questions he didn’t know the answer.
    After the one month the mother didn’t come to the clinic was sending sms saying his case is worse. He is still bed wetting and now everyday as before, lack of concentration, poor memory and returned as the first visit. Do you have any explanation for that? Thanks for your help.

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