Homeopathy Tips for 7/27/10 Mental Health and Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the only real healing art that treats the entire organism aside from possibly acupuncture and spiritual laying on of hands. Because it is not a drug therapy the medicine will inspire us to heal at all levels and in all aspects; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In the mental and emotional realms the changes can sometimes be profound. Other times it is more subtle.

When we receive a case it is important to pay close attention the how a person tells their story. How they see their world and relate to others will give us many clues that may lead us to the best remedy.

One of the greatest frustrations I see in clients happens when they have taken very well selected remedies and feel that they are not changing in the mental realms quick enough. If the homeopath goes along with the frustrations of the client then this can lead to prescribing many remedies. Treating other homeopaths can be the most frustrating when their expectation is so great.

The mind is a creature of habit as well as an organ that has been imprinted by our genes as well as life experiences. It is said our personality is fully developed by age two. Everything we experience from then on is filtered by our basic world view. Because it is about survival of the ego or our physical survival, the mind will do all it can to make the best decision.

I often see frustrations of people who have a vision of themselves that they do not live up to. They may want greater success, more confidence, less fear around others, etc. These are conditions that homeopathy can help, but are ingrained in our life view and habits of thinking. Even with the best remedies I find that people who suffer in this way will report that the change is not quick enough.

What we are dealing with are the habits in thinking that do not surrender easily. It could be so easy for an individual to simply make a different choice about themselves and have the change they are looking for but it does not happen in this way. The dis-ease in the mental sphere does not surrender easily. Most people will cling to the old belief and suffer greatly even with the best homeopathy.

Those conditions of the mind that have suffered acute challenges of a not so severe order are able to heal quicker than our deep seated personality traits. We do have the ability to heal and change but we never become someone totally different. The healing response to the remedy will help us to lessen and fine tune our sufferings but is not going to create a fundamental change in our self/world view. This can happen over a longer period of time but those alterations in our mental state that developed and are never treated also contribute to the stubbornness  of our disease.

For those persons who have a streak of evil in them and a true malicious intent, I have never seen homeopathy take this away entirely. I am not saying that with time and good prescribing that it is impossible, but that it takes a very dedicated person or a person that is their advocate to have them continue with the remedy. Most often they will say that they feel better and can make a better choice, but still suffer the lack of conscience that one would hope could change.

I do not mean to be negative about the possibilities for mental healing with homeopathy but to share the reality. As homeopaths we need to have a balance expectation about our healing art when it comes to the mind.

The mind is the highest in the heierarchy of our being and therefore primary to all expression of dis-ease. Without a clear mind there is not a superior level of health. We must use our reason gifted mind to our highest possibility to be the best reflection of health. All dis-ease begins with the lack of free choice and when the dis-ease leaves and health returns the mind will then return to clarity. It takes years of good homeopathy for this to happen and our fundamental world view to change.

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  1. Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

    Good Morning,
    Sir I would like to know how to understand the mental state of the patient from it’s mental symptoms???

    • Robert Field on

      Hello Dr.

      The mental state are the totalities of the mental symptoms plus the positive aspects of a persons mind. The state is the whole. The symptoms are those ways that the person suffers mentally. They are different. It is good to have a bigger view of their state as well as the symptoms. It will be helpful in making sense of their story and determining what is really asking to be healed. Remember we treat the whole person.

      Thanks for your comment.
      Robert Field

  2. Sorrel on

    This is interesting to me, as I consulted with a homeopath about my long term mental health issues, for which I am already in depth psychotherapy. This was with a view to an alternative to anti-depressant medication. I worked with this homeopath for some time, and was on a number of different remedies.
    For me, a major sticking point was that the homeopath was somewhat antagonistic to elements of my psychotherapy, and for this reason I terminated working with them.
    Also the ‘trail’ we were following felt somewhat blurry, perhaps because of this, and also because of transference issues along with the ‘I disagree with your therapy’ stance.
    I’m now back to low potency self prescribing when my symptoms ‘peak’ acutely. I did gain quite a deal of relief from the higher potency less common remedies, but I also felt somewhat lost and all at sea. I had one agenda, and my homeopath had another.
    Come the time when I do eventually fully come off anti-depressants, I may consult with a different homeopath, but I’m witholding judgement for now. I don’t feel I can now trust one to bear in acceptant mind how long term relational depth psychotherapy works. I had thought homeopathic treatment would be very compatible, but in this case, I was wrong. Maybe I have the wrong perception of homeopathy – that it can support the emotionally vulnerable person in bearing distress, alongside psychotherapy, as an alternative to psychiatric medication. But the consensus of homeopaths seem to be that homeopathy is a cure and other treatment modalities are not needed.
    [In ‘diagnosis speak’, I have been officially diagnosed with chronic major depression, and complex trauma symptoms have been identified in psychotherapy.]

    • laticia on

      Dear Sorrel:::::Please contact me [email protected]—All the best

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sorrel,

      Just as every person is different, every homeopath is different as well. So no two will prescribe or see the case the same. That being said the point of this article is not that homeopathy does not work, but that healing takes time. And it is this time element that frustrates most homeopaths as well as their clients. With out a proper context for healing, and the time it takes to change an ingrained world view, the expectation that homeopathy will work the instant miracle leads to disappointment when the change is not observed quickly enough. In your case there seems to be a disagreement in what you are wanting to heal and how your homeopath sees your case. This is a little unfortunate and has led to some of your disappointment. Again this echos part of what this article was meant to share in that healing takes time, especially in the mental realms. I do believe that homeopathy helps and can support a person and lessen suffering. But the complete cure where there are no more mental symptoms and life is with a new personal viewpoint does not happen quickly. Any homeopath who can promise this may be leading you on. Healing take time, especially in the mental areas.

      I have found that drugs only modify symptoms at best and do not heal a person.

      Good luck. Don’t give up. If there is any hope for change, homeopathy is your very best choice.

      Robert Field

  3. Sandy on

    My daughter has OCD, aspergers and sensory processing, adoption trauma problems. She has been in homeopathic treatment for about a year. I definitely see positive changes in her but it is very slow going and the OCD is very stubborn. Have you seen success with treating people with this type of M/E problems? I understand what you mean about the habits the mind develops and how stubbornly it holds on to them. Much of her treatment has been with 2 nosodes and the latest remedy is Nat Mur.


    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sandy,

      Yes I have seen substantial improvements in all of the conditions you have listed. Homeopathy is the very best treatment to help your daughter. Being treated at a younger age really helps. The quicker effective treatment can begin in a persons life the better the healing will be. Good luck,

      Robert Field

  4. Dr Mukund Suvagia on

    very informative article ,
    it will b more helpful to understand STATE within inspite of mental symptoms
    thanx for such nice info.

  5. tara olivia on

    I have so many stubborn thoughts and ways from my life experiences so far. I find that following your guidance with one remedy has helped tremendously. Along the journey I have learned that you have to be very aware to the things that begin to show up. I have experienced huge breakthrus in the mental and emotional areas that if one was too hasty and impatient they mey miss these amazing but sometimes very hidden breakthrus. When my remedy is in full support it is because I am also supporting it. I am meditating, I am practicing reiki and certainly not drinking coffee. My healing has quite frankly taken over my life and if I mess around it shows up the next week. I find that for these deeply embedded ways about us we need to be fully dedicated to the healing. The remedy really is the base for you to stand on and heal properly and slowly. The watched pot never boils right?

    • Robert Field on

      Thanks Tara,

      I think your response is what the best of homeopathy can inspire. You are very aware and have taken your healing seriously. As a result you have benefited greatly.

      Yea for you,

  6. dr.p.s.choudhury on

    Fantastic article.Thanks a lot.

  7. dr subbaiah on

    i have 20 years as a homoeopath, yoga, hypnotherapy, nuero laguestic programmer, i had seened n number of cases includeing doctors means psychologists, psychotherapist in my clinic very individual have their own opinions but not concreate on failukre have no parents, where as sucess have, its own merits my personal numeber only for Drs 9343815882

  8. Dr.S.Kalyanasundaram on

    Thanks for the information.I take longer time to study the mind of a patient.It gives good results if I prescribe in medium and high potencies.

  9. dr naseer on

    dear sir

    the most important topic specially for repertorization

    and casetaking . selection of remedy for mental symptom
    Ign is the remedy of grief

    Arg nit is great remedy of fear and nevvous


    staph is great of anger and emotional stress

    aconite is remedy sudden fear of death

    Ancardium, 200 great remedy memoory of weakness

    kali phos is great nervous system or breakdown remdy,

    Aur met is great remdy of suididal tendency

    higher potency work very well.

  10. Sharon Rose on

    Robert, thank you so much. Emotional/mental anguish is just as debilitating as with physical disabilities. Have you found long term succes with clients who are bipolar & on multiple antipsychotic meds?

  11. Sharon Rose on

    Thanks, Robert, any long term success with people diagnosised with bipolar & on multiply antipsychotic meds?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Sharon,

      When you say long term I am envisioning 5 to 10 years. I find that when a person is taking multiple anti-psychotic medications they can be helped a little by homeopathy but I do not see the bigger shifts occur. There is simply too much suppression. The vital force has no place to express. Continued treatment is necessary over an extended time without suppression to be able to see substantial changes. What is see most often is a level of support that a person has while on the remedy that does not exist when they are not taking a remedy. This support opens doors of healing that otherwise would not be available.

      Thanks for your questions,

  12. ahmed abbas on

    Dear sir

    Your tips on mental health and Homoeopathy
    reminds me of an English Professor who had
    great results in treating diseases homeopa-
    thically by relying on mental symptoms only.

  13. rakesh panchal on

    HI. SIR:-
    [1] symptomatic tret.
    [2] miasmatic tret.
    [3] on constitution base
    [4] mental sympt.
    how much importance of mental sympt. in general disease tret. it can be helpful in acute case?

  14. H.Dr muhammad Ayub khan on

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for kindness for sending Homeo tips on Mental health.i agree to your opproach.I have an opinion that maximum patients find to be illusion affected and thier subjective/objective symtoms lead to advise good brain tonics(Kali Phos,Aurum Met,Acconitum Nap etc…) and continuese councilling for mental healing.Current era has a serious dominating will of inferiority and a complex insity delimas.

    From: H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan

  15. Sharon on

    Hello Robert, thankyou for your observations on healing at the mental level. Over years of observation of my clients and family who are being treated in an energy mode that much resembles homeopathy and with homeopathy itself, I’ve come to greatly respect and appreciate the time needed for a person to heal. If we could wave the magic wand, they would be relieved of their symptoms AND the cause of their symptoms. Again and again I see people gain power and happiness as they consciously experience each step of clearing the mental patterns of their childhood. Each step they take consciously gives them more autonomy. I see homeopathy as a perfect healing mode because when used correctly it catalyzes the vital force to move how and WHEN it is ready to, and therefore doesn’t interfere with the person’s path of learning. Rather it aids and highlights it.
    Your approach to homeopathy fully embraces this, and for this I’m so grateful to be your student!
    thankyou, Sharon


    hi mr. robert
    Homeopathic treatment based on three state of patient
    1. sensation
    2 location
    3. modelities
    so with out taking symptoms of sensation (mental state) we can not choose correct remedy, it means homeopathic treatment start from mind.

  17. Dr.nirmal Jit Singh on

    H Doctor,the article on mental healthand readers views are highly informative for a practitioner in
    homeoepathy and laymen equally. thanks

  18. Dr.Khyati shah on


  19. alaina on

    I don’t know if this page is still active… I am trying to turn towards homeopathy to see if it will help my husband. He is currently taking 40mg of Paxil a day for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD. I don’t feel like the medication is helping, and the doctor he is seeing is always eager to prescribe more drugs, which is a huge concern. We have decided to try some natural remedies as he is trying to slowly lower the paxil dose and eventually stop taking it. A recent suicide in our close group has magnified the problems we were already facing. I don’t really know how to start using a different approach…

  20. Anonymous on

    Ive read a few good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to create such a excellent informative site.

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