Homeopathy Tips for 7/26/16 Autism

When I was a child Autism was virtually unknown. In the last 50 years this condition has grown into a full blown epidemic. Now one of every 50 children have Autism and one in every 6 children in the United States has a developmental disability. This ranges from speech and language impairments to serious developmental disabilities including Cerebral Palsy and Autism. What is happening to our children??

Autism Spectrum Disorder is occurring 4.5 times more often in boys and is across all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. What all individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum have in common are significant difficulties in the areas of social communication, repetitive behaviors, an over-focus on specific areas of interest, and unusual responses to sensory input (sound, light, taste, etc.).

With these symptoms in common for all Autism patients there are a wide variety of dis-similar symptoms that may occur in Autism persons. These include:

  • Some people on the spectrum have no spoken language — but others talk a mile a minute.
  • Some are very engaged (often too engaged) with other people, while others would be happy to spend most of their lives in complete solitude.
  • Some have no problem with crowds or noise while others are upset by the buzz of a fluorescent light bulb.
  • Some autistic people are capable of high level academic achievement, while others have severe cognitive and/or learning disabilities.
  • Some autistic people have aggressive and/or self-aggressive behaviors, while others are gentle and slow to anger.

In addition to these behaviors repetition behaviors and the need to have things a certain way often prevail. Maybe the light switch will need to be repetitively turned on and off. Or watching a certain movie or repeating a certain phrase will be common.

The biggest mystery is why is this happening to so many of our children. In my opinion when there is something that seems like a mystery then there is also a story that will make sense. Unfortunately the medical powers that be seem set on protecting their interests and not looking closely at the whys. There are not may treatments available when the whys remain unknown.

Something that is common to the time frame of Autism is more vaccinations are being given, more pesticides and herbicides are being used on our food, more of our food is laced with GMO’s, more chemicals are being used in manufacturing and more drugs are being used in the treatment of disease. All of these combined seem to be common to the onset of this dreadful disease.

At least a few of these common environmental toxins are related to health care and the others related to food. If food is medicine then we as humankind are in a very sick situation. And when the treatment or prevention of disease is actually contributing to this disease then we have some big problems in our future. Our children are our future and with so many being effected the future does not look good.

The best form of medicine is nutritional, physical and occupational therapies and homeopathic when dealing with Autism. Because the symptoms can vary so much between all suffers, homeopathy, being such individual medicine, is best suited to help. There are as many remedies as there are suffers. So the case must be received and the remedy must be chosen on the more rare, strange and peculiar symptoms unique to the individual.

Often because the case is very complex more than one remedy will be necessary to continue the healing inspiration. Remedies for vaccination, heavy metal toxicity, pesticides and herbicides will need to be given isopathically. The toxic substance is sometimes the best remedy when made into potency. Specific vaccinations may need to be given in potency, as well as many other substances that seems to aggravate or contribute to the disorder.

Autism is not easily treated because the etiology is not know. But these toxic exposures are common to all individuals. I think it is a combination of influences that act together and form a tipping point where the brain is effected. Once this cascade of influences have made their mark, the road to recovery can be long.

Clean Chlorella is very useful as a gentle chelator for toxins in the body. I think it is a key ingredient to healing. The product Restore – for gut health – is another important supplement to aid in the balancing of the microbiom. When the gut is healthy the person has a much better chance for healing. Vitamin C is also very useful and helps to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.

Remedies for Autism are very specific for each condition. It is difficult to say what remedy would be most applicable since there are so many symptoms involved. The remedies Thuja, Carcinosin, Tarantula, MMR vaccine, Mercurius Vivus, DPT vaccine, Plumbum Metallicum, Glyphosate (Round-up herbicide), as well as any drug that the child or mother has taken may all be used homeopathically to inspire healing. Because the toxic load can be so great the effect may not be treatable with a single remedy. This is not a complete list by any means.

Lower potencies are often better used; from the 6C to the 30C and on a daily basis. There is a better chance of seeing the subtle changes and adjusting the remedy into water or sniffing or even stopping if aggravations ensue. A complete case history of the child and the parents are very necessary to be able to understand the healing process as it unfolds.

Always receive a good and thorough case. The very same rules for Autism apply as in any other case. See what is unique about this persons suffering and find the very best homeopathic remedy. Then observe how the person is responding and again apply good homeopathy as necessary. Being a good and diligent homeopath will go a long way to helping children heal from this epidemic disease.


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