Homeopathy Tips for 7/26/11 Resonance

Resonance is the phenomenon that best describes the action of homeopathic remedies upon the vital force. There are a few definitions in different dictionaries that define resonance;

  • A reinforcement of sound in a vibrating body caused by waves from another vibrating body at nearly the same rate.
  • An excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
  • A vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system.
  • From the Latin resonantia, “echo”, from the root word resonare “resound”

It is easiest to understand the principle of resonance by the example of two tuning forks that are in the same key. If one is struck and begins to vibrate and release sound waves, the other tuning fork in close proximity will be activated to vibrate at the similar rate causing it release sound as well. This happens to the second tuning fork without it having to be struck. If we put a tuning fork in an octave above or below the original tuning fork that has been struck the second tuning fork will resound but of less of an amplitude. This shows the principle of harmonics and resonance.

All matter vibrates. Each organism has its own level of vibration or it’s resonant frequency. The human organism is a very complex system in terms of electrodynamic vibrations. Not only will each part have it’s own vibration but the whole organism vibrates in a dynamic way, constantly changing and responding to different stimuli. These changes are not only in frequency but in amplitude as well. Despite its complexity there are laws and principles that govern both the morbific influences and therapeutic influences. The whole organism can be strengthened or weakened depending upon the degree of harmony, resonance and force of the morbific or therapeutic influence applied to it.

When a person is exposed to a morbific influence, it is only through resonance that the morbific , energetic influence could alter the vital force. This will be the first deviation from health and shows the susceptibility outwardly through signs, symptoms and alterations in health.

Hahnemann described it in Aphorism 148 of the Organon like this, “The natural disease is never to be considered as a noxious material situated somewhere within the interior or exterior of man but as one produced by an inimical spirit-like agency which, like a kind of infection disturbs in its instinctive existence of the spirit-like principle of life within the organism, torturing it as an evil spirit and compelling it to produce certain ailments and disorders in the regular course of its life. These are known as symptoms.”

Information is stored in the homeopathically prepared remedy of the original source of the substance. In this the information about the ability of the substance to alter health is recorded. This is stored as a vibrational pattern in the substrate of the remedy. The potency is altered by each succussion and dilution and will effect the amplitude of the vibrational pattern of energy.

When the energy of the remedy comes into the energetic field of the person/vital force, if it is homeopathic and carrying a similar vibrational pattern, then resonance occurs.  If they are in the same phase but one has a higher amplitude, they will be enhanced. This will produce symptoms of aggravation. The energy of the remedy will be added to the energy of the person and an increase in symptom intensity will happen.

When the energy of the remedy is 180 degrees out of phase with the energy of the persons dis-ease, but of a very similar quality,  then the oscillations in the waves will cancel each other out. The disturbed oscillation of the persons disease will be annihilated by the resonant oscillation that mirrors it exactly. The energy of the dis-ease symptom will then dissipate and amelioration will happen.

These principles only tell part of the story about how remedies interact with our vital force. The principles of resonance are the best examples of understanding the healing response to energetic homeopathic remedies. There are other factors involved that do not seem to respond to the pure science and physics.

The element of grace plays a very big part and there are no physics to explain this. Keep this in mind when trying to bring a rational idea to homeopathy. Sometimes the world in not exactly as we think it is and somethings are not meant to be understood or known. This is where faith and observation of results come in to play. There are forces at work that are far beyond the remedy and the homeopath when healing is inspired. Don’t forget to give thanks for the blessings that occur.

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  1. coco on

    Dear Robert–thank you,
    I am convinced that this is true. Just because I believe it does not make it so. Do we know anything about “negative”energy. Yes,we do.It will soon turn what we believe to be true upon it’s head. Many proponents,including students of Hawkins will&are being ridiculed as was Galileo. No one wants their reality “bubble”burst. A world where everything exists in infinite if not”eternal”entities. A world where diametric opposites are BOTH true! Yes,beware the wormhole,for as did the non-centrist view of the Earth,it will take all we hold to be true(Newtonian physics,time,e=mc2,simultaneous existence,even our most basic axioms)&stand it upon it’s Sophistic head leaving some obvious options.1)Fight hard with you knowlege to discredit the “heretics”to maintain our views&questionable sanity or 2)Throw what we believed we “knew”to the vurdloks &once having probably with some difficulty opened our minds,perhaps even exposed our souls,move forward being teachable,unburdened by the sophistry we once held to be TRUE. May help explain what some call miracles,although I believe that regardless of our learned “knowledge” the true miracle will always be our blessing. One of the cornerstones that God provides us simpletons to help us with faith.Homeopathy is the one.

  2. Lori Gertz on

    I live by the philosophy of the last paragraph of your post this week and it has never led me astray. As always, valuable insights and such a humble teaching. Thank you.

  3. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    This is really a very important aspect.
    Thanks for your good approach.

  4. Karen on

    I always love reading your words…good reminders and said well. Thanks…

  5. abdul razak on

    I am always impressed with the education you give me about my profession homeopathy . thanks

  6. Yogalover on

    But is a remedy really necessary if a person is fully aware of what the root cause of their dis-ease is? Isn’t awareness and a commitment to change and or improve ones feelings, emotions, belief system and mind set enough to cancel out symptoms? If the body is meant to heal itself why then if a person truly understands why he has a certain disease would he ever need a remedy?

    • Robert on

      Hi Yogalover,
      In theory I think you are correct. But this requires great faith and belief. The inspiration of another energy acting with the viatl fotrce is sometimes necessary to get the movement going that is the healing. If it were as easy as thinking away our illness then I’m sure all of us would be eternally healthy. But the thoughts that got us into illness will not get us out until a new energetic thoughtform is adopted. We must stop believing the falsness of disease before we can believe in the healing and have it stick. Homeopathy helps this process.

  7. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Surely it is thinkable and needs to follow for successful. Thanks a lot to you all. Dr Rahman Bangladesh

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