Homeopathy Tips for 7/24/12 Children’s Scheduled Check-ups

One of the bigger questions I get from parents is how to handle the scheduled “well baby check-up” with the allopathic doctor. This comes up often when I treat growing families. I will help the mother with her pregnancy and delivery. Homeopathy can always help. Then after the child has come begins a new round of interaction with allopathic medicine. Preventative care is good and I encourage the parents to follow through with these appointments that are scheduled, though often done so without the parents request. The standard protocol is to schedule an appointment for the child at these intervals;

  • At two weeks of life
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 4 months
  • 5 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 1 year
  • 18 months
  • 2 years
  • 2 1/2 years
  • 3 years
  • Each year after that throughout childhood

During these visits vital statistics about the child is gathered. Height, weight and head circumference along with vision and hearing observations.  Developmental issues are considered. I believe that all of this is necessary and that helps the parent to develop a relationship between their child and the pediatrician. 

The concerns start when the doctors want to vaccinate. Most parents who are seeking homeopathic medicine are of a similar opinion as myself that vaccines are potentially very harmful. This is where the parents must walk the line of their truth in this interaction of two worlds of thought. I have seen parents try so very hard to assuage the fear that the allopathic doctors offer in regards to vaccination. These threats are very real for most parents. My job as the homeopath is to help educate the parents as the reality of their situation. They would not have seeked homeopathic support if they did not have some belief that vaccine/drug therapy were not dangerous.

I believe that the tools available in the allopathic worlds are very useful and should be utilized. But the fear mongering is a tool used to manipulate the parent into their way of thinking. This is often cause for great consternation of the parents. On the one side the parent believes that vaccination is bad, yet on the other side they are being told that if they do not vaccinate they will be subjecting their child to many risks of disease. I try to educate them to a different reality and for them to find their own way. I always simply offer the facts and do not have a vested interest in their decision. Many parents even after hearing of the risks of vaccination will still opt for them out of fear. I still will treat their child and do not judge them for this.

Much pressure comes from the public schools to vaccinate children. Parents will be told that their children must  have vaccinations to be admitted to school. This is not always true. Every state regulates vaccination and immunization differently regarding public school. Google vaccination immunization and the state you are wanting to know about. Look at the administrative codes and the statutes for each state. Many have a search window for their sites. You should be able to research the exact laws regarding vaccination. Most states have a religious or medical exemption. It is not absolutely mandatory that vaccinations be given to go to the public school.

Running this gauntlet of check-ups is a chance for aware parents develop a relationship with their doctors. This is the time to educate your doctor as to how you wish to treat your child. It is a time when parents, who are taking a greater responsibility for their childs health, find out how your doctor thinks and how willing he/she is to work with you.

Stepping into this allopathic world is opening a door that is sometimes hard to close. For those parents who walk both worlds, and there are very many, it can become confusing. I encourage them by offering homeopathy as a first choice of medicine. The things that could be discussed at a scheduled doctors check-up might include developmental disorders or failure to thrive. Where the allopathic doctors have very little to offer, homeopathy has many great homeopathic remedies that may inspire the child to heal. Sleep disorders and bedwetting or involuntary defecation are common disorders that happen as the child grows and matures. These could also be discussed at the check-up but the doctor may not have much to offer.

Great fears can be triggered in the parents of an acutely ill child. If they are newer to homeopathy and have not began to trust then they will always take the child to the doctor. Antibiotics are give nearly every time. Then at a scheduled homeopathy visit I will learn of this later. My question is always, “why didn’t you call? ” The common response is, ” I didn’t even think of it.”  Now the real job of homeopathic education can begin with the parents.

This is the best opportunity to get the parents thinking in homeopathic terms and healing. By giving homeopathy a chance first they really have nothing to lose if you can earn their trust. In the end if the remedies do not work then I will be the one to suggest they get another opinion and see the doctor. If they have a pediatrician who understands their desire to use more non-drug modalities, they can really get the doctor to work with them. This is how doctors should be but unfortunately there are far too few of them. When you can find one, treasure them deeply.

Study childhood illnesses so that you are well versed in them. Study the common remedies for these illnesses and conditions. When your client brings in their sick child you will be much better off to handle the childs case. The last thing a parent wants is a health care practitioner who does not instill confidence and in what they are doing.

So again it comes to educating your client. I have always said that more than half of what I do is education with my client. They need to know. Don’t underestimate their ability to understand. If explained simply and in detail, they usually get the new model of health and dis-ease that homeopathy is addressing. I say new only because it is usually new to them. We know that we have two centuries of information to draw from and that homeopathy is a time-tested modality that works. Educate yourself first, then your client. In the end they will love you for it.

7 comments so far

  1. NagarajanRangaswami on

    Educating parents in to good things of life.

  2. Adnan on

    This tips does not clear the fact weather allopathic vaccine should apply to the new born children or either in pregnancy period to the level which have been mentioned in this tips.

    Either it should be complete prohibited or it can be used occasionally during emergency………….. ?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Adnan,
      Yes I am deliberately vague because I always leave the choice up to the parents about vaccination. This I can not choose for another. I personally do not believe vaccinations are good. I think they do harm. You can find several newsletter to the right where I speak to the issues. But the finasl choice is ALWAYS up to the parents.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Robert Field

  3. Donna D'Antuono on

    The “well baby visit” is the bread and butter of a pediatrician’s practice. I have always encouraged new parents to read – How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn, MD. It is an older book, but still valid in today’s world and found in most used book stores.

  4. Mah-jabeen on

    thanks dr Robert.,
    what vaccinations eqal to homeopathic medicine ?

  5. ghulam mustafa on

    it is a big issues for Asian countries due to lac of education, if there is alternate in Homoeopathy, it should great help for parents and new born,

  6. karen M. Diefenbach on

    How can you obtain an exemption letter for religious purposes for anyone and for someone wanting to get their US papers? My daughter is dealing with this now as a newlywed. Thanks for your help! I have one from years back, but can’t reach that Dr. anymore…

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