“Homeopathy Tips for 7/21/15 Digestive Issues

In the last decade I have observed a disturbing trend. More and more clients are complaining of digestive issues and problems with food intolerance. This has become epidemic in my opinion. No matter what their most important symptom is, or the main reason for the visit, well more than 60% of my clients are reporting problems with digestion.

This is a serious trend that is established and extends across all age brackets. There are answers to this epidemic and I will share my ideas about it. First, food is medicine and we are what we eat. The standard American diet has been deteriorating for many generations now. Agricultural practices have changed to big farms with GMO’s and more and more pesticides and herbicides in use today than ever before.

Modern medicine has over-used different drugs and antibiotics that have disrupted our natural bacterial balance. In the presence of an imbalanced internal biome, the balance between bad bacteria and good bacteria has become upset. So much of our immune system and digestion happens as a result of these bacteria. If these bacteria are not keeping each other in balance then the entire system suffers.

Gluten intolerance has become an epidemic. So many clients claim that many of their symptoms improve when gluten is removed. I believe this is true but the real cause is not the gluten. Gluten is a common protein found in grains. It has been tolerated for many generations and has become a staple of many cultures diets. What has changed about grain cultivation is RoundUp (Glyphosate) herbicide.

Grains are harvested when the seed head has died and begun to dry out. This happens at different times for each grain head. Growers found that as much as 20% of the crop were immature seed heads at harvest. So in the infinite wisdom of the chemicals companies, and to sell more product, a new practice began of spraying the entire crop with RoundUp to kill the plant. As the plant dies the grain heads all dry out at the same time thereby improving crop yield 20%.

The problem is that nearly ALL commercially grown grain is treated this way. Nearly all processed food that contains wheat or its products contain a fresh dose of Glyphosate. We are eating this same grain. The way Glyphosate works is by interrupting the uptake of nutrients in the plant. The very same thing happens in humans when ingested. The body knows which foods are good for it and which are not. After a decade of eating this herbicide the body has developed an immune response to this chemical.

When any food that contains Glyphosate is ingested an allergic response if formed. This allergic response has created many food in- tolerances that Americans have never seen before. Combine this with an imbalanced micro-biome in the gut and you have a real recipe for disaster in the system. Our food is no longer recognized as food. It is not fit for our consumption. We are not able to fully digest it.

Every person is different and has a different susceptibility to the chemicals in our environment as well as their diet. Across the board though, a 60% increase in digestive disorders is significant. The answer is balancing the microbe populations in our gut and eliminating chemicals and antibiotics from our diet. There is no time like the present to begin eating organic, clean food and doing homeopathy.

There are ways to balance the micro-biome in our digestive system. Probiotic supplements introduce healthy good bacteria into our digestive tract. The best quality with the highest bacteria count is desired. Foods that contain healthy bacteria come mostly from fermented foods. Greek unsweetened yoghurt, unfiltered non-alcoholic beer, sauerkraut, Kimchi, kefir, kombucha and naturally fermented pickles are all high in good bacteria. These need to be made a part of a daily diet and eaten over an extended period of time to really repopulate the gut.

For some people that have a severely compromised system even eating these foods and supplements are intolerable. There is a newly recognized procedure that directly implants bacteria into the body through an enema. This is a fecal implant using fecal material from another human. As disgusting as this sounds it has proven miraculous for some individuals. Using feces from a relative or someone with as close of genetic match as possible is best.

The homeopathic approach would be to find a remedy for the entire person and their story. This will inspire the vital force to heal in all ways; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Healing takes time. Doing all we can to physically help ourselves and remove obstacles to cure is always recommended. Looking at the acute condition of bacterial imbalances in the digestive tract only, the bowel nosodes are highly indicated in most conditions.

Many symptoms come up in addition to digestion, especially conditions of the skin and lungs. These are related in Chinese medicine. Consider these bowel nosodes in prescribing for any acute bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract:

  • Dysentery Co
  • Morgan Gaertner
  • Morgan Pure
  • Mutable Bacillus
  • Proteus Bacillus
  • Sycotic Co

Low potencies given on a daily basis for a few months seems to be the best way to inspire the vital force to change the micro-biome to respond favorably. Do your research and prescribe the best remedy for the individual.

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  1. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    A thought provoking article

    • dr. ghulam mustafa ch SAHIWAL PAKISTAN on

      can we use mother tinctures by the rules of Homeopathy

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