Homeopathy Tips for 7/21/09 Heat Disorders

     Summer is here and wow is it HOT! Everyday for the last week we have had temperatures of 100 degrees F. Lucky for us in the western United States it is not too humid. But the effects of the summer sun and heat can be brutal. Conditions of sunstroke, heat exhaustion, heat stroke  and sunburn can create a lot of suffering. Homeopathy can help in many of these acute conditions.

     The symptoms of heat exhaustion can come on suddenly. It is usually accompanied with profuse perspiration, confused thinking, slow pulse, anxiety and profound fatigue. A prolonged condition over several days can lead to syncope. In this condition blood pools in the lower extremities producing a drop in temperature and loss of consciousness due to blood loss to the brain. If the person is treated for shock and removed from the heat they will usually recover in a few days. Sunstroke is a form of heat exhaustion that is associated with direct exposure to the sun.

      Heatstroke usually is accompanied by the sudden onset of symptoms after an exposure to high heat. Symptoms often include headache, weakness, confusion, convulsions or even  loss of consciousness. The person usually is pale. This is because of the body’s inability to regulate heat. Either an increase or decrease in body functions can occur in response to high heat. They may have an increase in body temperature. This could lead to a cascade of symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. This only compounds the situation by dehydration, mineral depletion and eventually shock. This is a life threatening situation. Medical attention is required immediately. If the body temperature rises above 105 degrees F. the person is approaching critical condition. If it rises as high as 108 degrees F. brain damage can occur.

       Sunburn is caused by overexposure to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. These penetrate the skin deeply and can cause damage to the epidermis. Symptoms include inflamation, redness to the skin, pain and blistering in severe cases. If the case is extreme there can be fever, vomiting and collapse.

        Common sense says that we should protect ourselves from the harmful effects of  intense sun and heat exposure. Due to the degradation of the earth’s ozone layer we are experiencing higher levels of UV exposure. Sunscreens are the best way to protect our skin from the harmful rays. Covering ourselves is also a viable way but unless our culture has developed habits of dress that are appropriate for heat conditions we run the risk of trapping heat close to our body and compounding the situation. Repeated sunburns can effect the DNA deep in our skin and can lead to skin cancers later in life. Genetic susceptibility, skin color and number of exposures all play a part in skin cancers appearance.

      First aid in these acute conditions are essential. For heat exhaustion have the person lie on their back with the head resting slightly higher. Replace depleted fluids and salt by giving them orally. Do not overdo the salt, but if available, a teaspoon in a litre of water will help remineralize the person. In heatstroke and sunstroke it is essential to get the persons body temperature lowered quickly. Wrapping the person in wet towels or getting them to a cold bath is important. Core body temperature should be monitored and not allowed to drop precipitously low. Bringing the fever to 101 degrees F. helps the person to stabilize before lowering the temperature farther. Medical attention is necessary.

      Sunburns can often be relieved a little by showering and washing the skin. The juice of  the succulent plant Aloe Vera is probably the best locally applied topical medication. It is very soothing and can really help prevent peeling later if the sunburn is not too bad. Calendula and Hypericum gels are also very beneficial to sunburn.

      Homeopathic remedies taken in potency are  very useful in treating heat disorders. Look at the following rubrics; they are useful in repertizing for heat disorders and ailments from exposure to the sun:

  • Generalities; sun, from exposure to
  • Generalities; sun, sunburn
  • Generalities; sun, sunstroke
  • Skin; Eruptions, sun, from exposure to
  • Head; pain, general, sun, exposure
  • Head; sunstroke

     The leading remedy useful for heat exhaustion or heatstroke is Veratrum Album if there is a cold sweat and collapse.  Other remedies to consider are;

  • If the person has a red and hot face, and is hot all over consider Belladonna.
  • If there is great fear and sudden onset give Aconite.
  • If there is great prostration and shock give Arnica.
  • If the person is clammy cold and very pale, yet wants to be fanned give Carbo vegetabilis.
  • If the condition is slow onset, the weakness is gradual, lethargic and appearing intoxicated give Gelsemium.
  • Natrum Carbonicum is often revitalizing and is useful to the person who is very susceptable to ailments from the sun.
  • Antimonium Crudum; headaches, drowsy, do not want to be touched. They can have great sensitivity to light.

      The leading remedies  useful for sunstroke are Glonoinum and Granatum. Glonoinum will tell you their head is about to explode. Usually their symptoms will improve as the sun is setting. They will have a pale face. Granatum is also very useful in sunstroke. Other remedies include;

  • Belladonna; hot, restless, delirium. They will have a red face and worse for sitting or lying.
  • Gelsemium will appear droopy, tired and drowsy.
  • Arnica when the sunstroke is accompanied by shock and great prostration. They often will tell you that they are OK and nothing is wrong.
  • Hyoscyamus if there is mania following sunstroke.
  • Aconite is for shock of sunstroke especially if symptoms appear suddenly and there is great fear.

     Sunburns can be treated with remedies each depending on the severity of the symptoms;

  • Apis; when there are hives and swelling after sunburn especially aggravated by heat or touch. 
  • Cantharis if the sunburn is very painful with second degee  blistering of the skin. 
  • If the sunburn has produce very small blister that itch Rhus Toxicodendron can be useful.
  • Sol, the remedy made from sunlight is very useful in treating any long term effects of sunburn.
  • Urtica Urens is also good for minor sunburn  with prickling pain or itching.

     All acute conditions are best prescribed with the 30C or 200C  potencies depending on their severity. In acute life threatening conditions it may be necessary to give the remedy very often, even every minute at times. In less severe conditions the remedy may be repeated hourly to daily. Let the persons response to the remedy tell you what to do next.  Above all, seek medical assistance in life threatening situations.

       In the summer months it is a good idea to have a collection of remedies on hand to be prepared for any heat related disorders. Knowing and giving  first aid is essential. Having remedies available is very helpful. They can make all of the difference and help a person far beyond where first aid stops. Never try to be a hero and neglect proper professional medical assistance. But until help arrives, giving remedies appropriately can help a person in any heat related suffering.

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  1. k.gopalan on

    Thank you for your excellent newsletter.Iam finding them very instructive and helpful.This is the first time i am reading this.from south india .kindly give your tips on diarrhoea at your conveniance thanking you.

  2. Dr.H.C.Malaker on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field for your timely tips for summer heat.We the peoples here in Bangladesh are also facing to much heat.Your valuable suggesstions im noting as a key point to treat the patients affected with sun heat,burn and exposure.Glonoin and Bellodona i have seen very effective in this case,also other remedies as have been shown cant be ignorned.Regards,malaker

  3. Dr.Ranjit Singh on

    Thanks Dr.Robert Field for giving timely tips for summer season.It will help a lot to all of professional homoeopaths as well as to the suffering community.
    With kind regards,
    Dr.Ranjit Singh

  4. Debbie on

    A tip to help you understand early if you’re getting dehydrated is to taste the sweat on your upper lip. If it doesn’t taste salty, take corrective measures immediately.

  5. Dr.Rubina Altaf on

    thank u very much excellent newsletter

  6. Dr. Rizwan Ali on

    Thanks Mr. Robert Field for giving such useful tips. It will be very helpful for me and patients who are suffered.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Rizwan Ali

  7. Margarita on

    Thank you Robert, very instructive information.

  8. mah-jabeen on

    dear,Robert thanks its very useful informatiuon good bless

  9. Rooksie on

    For heat exhaustion – salt water is good, I recommend sea salt for it’s trace minerals.
    As a preventative drinking an eletrolite mix before going out – there are many brands of electrolite and mineral packets available at grocery stores and natural food markets the most common is “Emergen – C”.



  11. dr ritesh on

    detail with threraputics about Gynacomejia( swelling in male chest nipple)

  12. Dr. K L Rana on

    Dear sir,

    Thanks. In such cases I have given lemon+salt+sugar mixed water, besides homoeopathy remedy which have helped the patient.


    Dr. K L Rana




    hay mr. robert
    good morning
    i make my nimkol In such cases I have given lemon+salt+sugar mixed water to pts.

  15. Sharebano on

    hi robert,
    it is aninteresting &informative artical.congratulation,but you should give this information in the month of april so that our pt.get more benifit of this. any it is very good artical.now i want medicine for rainy season.

  16. Dr Mukund Suvagia on

    Resp Robert , it seems to b very nice as v all r being updated with fruitful info by U….thanx

  17. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Dr Robert:
    Thank you for the excellent post on remedies for heat stroke, exhaustion, burn etc. I would like to add Natrum Carb also to the list of frequently required remedies as it has often come in handy for headaches from being out in the sun (assume other acute symptoms agree with observed Natrum Carb picture in Materia Medica). You have already mentioned Sol and this made me think of homeopathic potencised X-ray as a possible remedy for UV rays skin damage but I have had no practical experience of using this yet.
    Also while reading about Granitum (which you had mentioned earlier) in Complete repertory as it is a new strange remedy to me, I saw it listed as the only remedy with some very very strange mind thoughts. Just a curious observation while researching this remedy.
    Thank You again for spreading homeopathy.

  18. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    I am very grateful to this useful information,i will share it with others.Kindly give info on uterine fibroid and homeopathic solution.

  19. DR KIRTI on

    your tips are very good and useful, iam really grateful to get all this information.

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