Homeopathy Tips for 7/20/10 Potency and Dosing

There are as many different ways to apply the potency and the dose in homeopathy as there are suffering people and homeopaths. Each homeopath has their own way they have either developed or been taught. The first rule that is universal to any correct prescription is to let the client tell you what you need to know to make a decision about potency and dosing. If you do not do this and there is a strict protocol you follow then the beauty of the prescription will be lost. This is more akin to an allopathic approach and the likelihood of successful treatment will wane.

This requires the homeopath to be equally as observant of the client when determining the potency and dosage as when determining the remedy. Here are a few of the ideas I keep in mind when determining the potency and the dosage.

The first question is, “Am I giving the remedy based on an acute expression or based on the current expression in relation to a chronic condition?” As always we want to look to the long term expression of the dis-ease to prescribe but some cases are really a new expression that is acute (meaning it will resolve on its own in a short period of time) or the results of trauma.

When an acute or trauma case appears it is necessary to give the remedy in a potency that can meet the acute or traumatic expression. Most cases do well with a 30C or 200C potency. It may be necessary to go to a higher potency if the condition only briefly responds to the lower potency. Repetition of dosing is based on the vital forces response to the remedy. If after a single dose there is improvement, and as long as the improvement continues, there is no need to repeat the dose. If improvement slows, then it is necessary to repeat the dose. If this improvement does not last then it is time to raise the potency. Do this until the case is resolved or the remedy stops working. When it stops, it is necessary to re-take the case.

In chronic prescribing there are more factors to consider. After determining the remedy the first question I ask is, “What are the obstacles to cure? What are the conditions of the home and workplace like? Will their environment be supportive of their healing or will it keep the person in a state of survival. What substances do they consume that would interfere with the response to the remedy? Are they drinking coffee and can not give it up? Do they smoke marijuana and consume drugs? Are they taking many pharmaceutical drugs to treat their condition?” Answering these questions lets me know if they would respond to a single dose of the remedy or whether they will need a daily dose.

The severity of the dis-ease will also be a consideration. It is the expression of the vital force. A strong expression with many symptoms usually indicates a strong vital force. A weaker vital force would produce a low vitality state and chronicity of the symptoms. How long the person has been suffering from the symptoms will also tell me the strength of the vital force.

If the vital force is low and the dis-ease is chronic, then a lower potency will usually be chosen. Lower potencies that are common to start treatment are the 6C, 9C, and 12C. If there is a very inflammatory state and extremely low vitality I may choose to use the X potencies. I do not find this happening too often primarily because most of my clients are in average health. When lower potencies are used I will prescribe a daily dose. Depending on the obstacles to cure and their vitality, one to two times per day will be sufficient to keep the vital force inspired.

I will do follow-ups as I see necessary (usually after 4 to 6 weeks) and I always instruct the client to call me if there are any changes or concerns. It is imperative to have contact with your client to make changes appropriately.

Children and healthy adults with a clean lifestyle are the best candidates for higher potency, single dosing. When someone has much support for their healing and in a very supportive environment, it is not as necessary to remind the vital force with so many doses of the remedy. This is where higher potencies like 200C, 1M, 10M are very effective. A single dose may take them very far.

One of the most common mistakes I see is wanting to repeat the remedy too often with higher potency prescribing. It is always best to wait and observe. Some of the worst aggravations I have seen come after repeating the dose unnecessarily. I tell my students and clients this little story to help make my point. When you ask a child to sit down, is it necessary to ask them again once they have sat? After each time you repeat the request the child will be likely to stand up and shout out,”I am sitting down!” This is a strong reaction just like you may get with repeating higher potencies too often.

Some clients are very sensitive. They feel every remedy, every drug, and every pea under the mattress in bed. These people usually have trouble with the X and C potencies and in sublingual doses. For these people I have found that the LM potencies are the best. Putting them in water is always a good way to go. If necessary there can be multiple dilutions to soften the remedy even more.

Taking the remedy sublingually, in water or sniffing it all have different ways of inspiring the vital force. I equate sublingual dosing to getting someones attention by poking them with a stick. Most people will respond. If they respond too violently then putting the remedy in water is best. It is like gently putting your hand on their shoulder to get their attention. They usually respond in like fashion. But if this sets them off also then have them sniff the remedy. These are the  people who are good candidates for the LM potencies.

Sometimes when a person has only moderate movement after repeating the daily dose, plussing the remedy will help the response along. Put the remedy in a glass bottle and fill it with water and a little vodka to keep it from spoiling. Before each dose the person succusses the bottle and takes the dose. This will raise the vibration of the remedy ever so slightly and help the body to re-perceive the remedy slightly differently after each dose. This does not raise the potency because it is not being re-diluted. It just reinvigorates the same potency.

I use all of the above mentioned ways to treat my clients. Each client’s needs are unique to them. I realize that there are many ways to use the potencies and dosing.  I hope that  each of you find that your methods work well for your client. If they do not then these might be another way of applying the potencies and dosing to customize their treatment.

As the remedy needs to be homeopathic to the person, so does the potency and the dosing. Remember that the remedy potency needs to be slightly higher than the expression of the vital force. Too low and it is not perceived as different from it’s own dis-ease expression. Too high and you run the risk of it not being recognized at all or worse yet, recognized and a severe aggravation  may happen. Homeopathy should be safe and gentle. If we are good observers we will be able to see what our client needs and adjust the potency and the dosing to best inspire a safe, gentle and rapid cure.

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  1. waqar ahmed on

    Dear Robert,

    Very useful guide relating to the much confused topic of potency and dozing.

  2. M. El Siddig , Canada on

    Hi Dear prof. Robert
    It very benifical map of dosing and matching regarding the vital force of the indivdual to reach the final cure.
    dear Robert can you touch the plussing Method for other scale especially LM potencis ( ie if I we have 1 pullet LM can pluss every day, in upward scale is that plussing ?
    M.El Siddig

    • dr.chetan on

      When reapit the dose in
      3.Acute problen during when pt on constitutional remey is working

  3. Dr.Wali khan on

    Dearest Dr.Robert
    Thank u so much for discribing on the use of potencies and dosing.This is a very confusing matter for the homoeopathic practioners.i hope that by reading ur this useful article the reader would realy get benifits.As fr as my experience is concerned i always got good results by using high potencies fr chronic conditions.
    wiht warm regards
    Dr.wali khan
    Bajaur Agency Pakistan
    Email:[email protected]

  4. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Thank you sir for the essential and very specific article for the Homeo-practitioners. This evening one women came to me with a problem she had no excitement for coupulation. Her last son is at ten yrs and aged about 32 yrs, About last six months she is suffering from no sex and burning after copulation. Excretion of sexual juice is absent in the vagina. She did not feel interest to intercourse with her hasband. I prescribed Sepea 1M with NM 12x Biocheic as she visited other Homeo practitioners. Let me know all of your views. Thanks for early reply.Rahman Bangladesh

    • zafer on

      Salam Dr Rehman,
      May I know the dosage (repititions) you prescribed her?

  5. Gerald Field on

    Dear Robert, thanks very much for this information with your experience. It helps me to understand how to proceed and why.

  6. Sharon Rose on

    Gracias, very helpful. Do you recommend a book on the subject?

  7. Ray Malecki on

    Very nice post. I especially like the “Sit down” analogy!

  8. Yvonne on

    After giving a 200 to a patient I found profound changes. Even the protein in the urine which was 3.2 came down to 2.6. I really wonder if there is an explaination to this.

  9. abdul razak ibrahim on

    Thank you for this wonderful guide

  10. Jennifer on

    Is it ever appropriate to give say 4 or 5 pellets/doses of a 6c or 30C remedy to achieve a stronger effect on one’s vital force? For example, if I don’t have a 30c or 200c of a remedy around, I will take 4 30c arnica montanas or give 3 or 4 6x chamomillas to my fussy, teething baby.

    • zafer on

      Hi Jennifer,
      It is not correct . YOU may read nay topic pertaining to potency and how they are determined. Your doubt will be cleared. I am hearing this doubt for the second time and a doubt like this has to be cleared as soon as possible.

      • zafer on

        its “ANY” and not “nay”

    • Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

      Hi Jennifer,
      It is not about the no.of pills in homoeopathy..since this science is about is quality..single dose can vary from 1 pill to 100 pills.What matters is how many times it has been given i.e repitition.and no of pills is not equal to potency..So u cannot ever get the effect of 30c or 200c by increasing the no.of pellets of 6c or 30c ever.

  11. mazhariihr on

    Dear sir

    The different potencies of the same remedy acts differently. lower acts on vegetative plane and the Higher acts on the mental plane or higher senses.
    for example Arsenic alb, Merc sol and Aurum met and many others.

  12. irfan yousaf on

    Dear sir,

    thanks very much for this informatic article and it is very benefical for new one.Sir i wana knows some remedy about my child problems he is 5 years old and he has suffering from flu since last 2 year ago. nose always wet from inside and running all the time with watering liquid.please send the best remedy for this problem.

    • Dr.Aradhana Srivastava on

      Can you please describe in detail your child’s nature and his physical generals:thermal,thirst,appetite, craving,aversions.And how the complaint started..All this information will help to give ur child the right remedy.

      • irfan on

        Dear Aradhana,

        First of All thanks for replied. Now i am sending you my personal observation about my son. My child is physically weak and nature wise very stubborn, coward, little bit nervous and he has no confident to face other same age child, he did not played with every one just played with the selected child and afraid from dreams, sometime he has bed wetting problem but not frequently, appetite was very good, whole body was normal but lot of sweat on face and head.His head was very hot during sleeping in the night. He has suffering flu, watery discharge all the time, he has no sneezing problem. He likes to eat chocolate, ice-cream etc and dislike the milk and milky items etc.

        Best regards
        Irfan Yousaf.

  13. Yvonne on

    Jennifer, as far as I know its not the amount of pills you take but how many times you repeat taking the dose. Like if its reapeated daily or every 15 minutes.

    Please correct me if I am wrong here.

  14. Dr Meera on

    HI,Dr Thanks a lot for your tip on potency .It is really very helpful,I was searching for this since long ,thanks once again .One of my friends daughter is taking Onasmodium 3x &phsysostigma 6x daily for hre eye number . she say here no has not increased ,is this possible and is the potency correct.

  15. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Dear Dr Zafar
    I prescribed repetition of Sepea 1M for FIVE days with increased potency system Early in the Morning only. Pl suggest me. Thanks.Rahman

    • Yvonne on

      I would never give 1M this long, 3 doses would be good enough and better still one dose with a wait and see attitude is safer.

  16. Dr.Md.Nuruzzaman on


  17. Robert Field on

    Hello Everyone,
    It is nice to see that you are responding to each other. There is no quantity to the energy of the remedy since it is diluted beyond Avagrado’s number of dilution and there is no quantity left. The number of pellets really does not matter except in very low potencies of the x range of remedies. Also asking for a remedy for a certain common condition will not lead to good homeopathy. The remedy will be for the whole person and not the disease. There needs to be proper case-receiving to properly prescribe. I know many of you have someone that you would love to help but the best thing to do is see a qualified homeopath. Thanks,
    Robert Field

  18. Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Thanks to Dr.Robet Field for his invaluable article on potency & dose.I think there is nothing left to be said on potency & dose.Inspite of that I would like to say a few words on the issue from my on experiences here.
    1.For acute diseases,it is usually better to start with 30 & 200th potency.
    2.For the labour & hard working group, it is better not to start above 200th, because they react severly in higher potencies.They may leave Homeopathy.
    3.For the nervy people, it is better to start with the 200th potency, else, there is likely to be serious aggravation.
    4.For the intellectual groups, who are less sensitive, it is better to begin with 1M potency.
    5.For the infants babies & children, usually it is better
    to start with 30 or 200 potency.
    6.For the old people,moderate potncies like 200 & 1M acts
    better in the begining.
    7.In the acute menifestations of chronic diseases usually
    1M potency acts better & controls the situation.
    8.In the treatment of Chronic Diseases, it is better to
    start with 1M potency,particularly in less sensitive
    But it should be kept in mind that doses with same
    potencies should not be given repeatedly, for it does no
    not work rather it may complicate rapid cure.
    It should also be borne in mind that once the medicine
    starts working it should not be repeated under any

    With regards to Dr.Robert Field.

  19. Dr.Haran ch malaker on

    Dear Robert Field,thanks for your use full tipz regarding potency and its utilisation.This was confussing to select a correct potency for a patient according to the conditions.You have shown the correct way with clear directions.Regards,malaker

  20. Yvonne on

    This is an absolutely wonderful explaination. Thank you very much. Though I have been advised that you can repeat every two weeks until theres optimal results.

  21. Yvonne on

    In ,my experience, after giving 10M, somehow its wrong to give 1M of the same remedy. I dont know why this happened but it did. There was alot of anxiety.

    Sometimes I dont feel comfortable to give a 10M even though the remedy is correct. What kind of explanations would there be make sure its the right thing to do and when?

  22. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Yvonne,

    Your experience is correct.The vital power usually
    does not respond to lower potency after getting a
    higher potency of the same remedy.
    You should’nt feel uncomfortable to give 10M potency
    of a medicine to a client if the disease is usually
    chronic and the patient is less sensitive.You can
    also apply 10M potency in acute cases also,but it
    should’nt be given during the time of aggravation
    of that remedy,else there may be severe aggravation
    giving much trouble to the patient.
    We should not have any prejudice regarding any medicine
    or any power.We should deal every case with free
    mind on the merit of the case.

    Thank you,

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman,

    • Yvonne on

      Thank you for this really convincing reply. What do you think of LM potencies?

  23. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Dear Yvonne,

    LM potencies are used in few countries of the
    world.Dr Vithoulcus or his Academy has been using
    centicimal potencies even at the present time
    when LM potencies are spreading at a quite good
    speed.All the Masters of classical Homeopathy used
    centicimal potencies mostly,sometimes decimal potencies.
    My experience is that it is much more deep acting,
    Homeopathic aggravation is lesser,it can be applied
    too frequently & repeatedly.In the centicimal potencies
    the rule is that the medicine should be stopped when
    improvement starts,else there may arise some problems.
    But it is safe under LM potencies to continue the
    medicine.But there are many questioned to be solved
    about LM potencies.Eg.duration of action the medicines under
    LM potencies are not clearly specified.However,I started
    LM potencies sometimes in the past but I revert to
    centicimal potencies,because I get the desired result from
    it.Sometimes,when I see that even after repeatation of
    CM potency further improvement is not marked then I
    use LM potency,so I consider It as ‘lender of the last
    resort.You may try.
    Thanking you,

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman,

  24. dr nkiru on

    many thx for sharing your views and experiences and special gratitude to dr Robert for his selfless service to all and to d growth of homeopathy. dr nkiru

  25. flo on

    Well lets give it a try and see if you can help me because I’ve literally given up on some physicians because all they want to do is give you antacids and antiobiotics and aspirins (they can’t be good for the body in the long run)…my dr says my thyroid level is on the low side.
    I tire easily, fuzzy memory to forgetfulness, sweat in scalp a lot, my hair sheds more than I would like it to, I get anxious a lot, hot flashes especially if I find myself getting upset or over anxious about something, acid reflux, slow to no bowel movements, fungus on my toenails only, all of a sudden gaining weight around mid-drift area (I’ve been small all my life, never had a problem with too much weight – had more of a problem gaining weight and keeping it on), and bile reflux where it affects my breath.
    Through my research since receiving my blood work from my dr. I have found that calc carb would be good for me – but I don’t know the dosage.
    I now take digestive enzymes and probiotics.
    I dring alkaline water and no sodas, onions, tomatoes or chocolates, no red meat, no pork and I eat watermelon, bananas, and an apple or pear every now and then (just recently found out the pear may not be good for me).
    I am starting to take a multivitamin with omega 3’s (ocean essentials), cal mag, and hair, nail and skin vitamin.
    Would appreciate your feed back please

  26. dr.chetan on

    When to reapeat the dose in
    Acut and chronic case

  27. Dr palak on

    I want to start my practice in Ghana, west Africa, but its my first time so plz suggest me how can I start? And in flight homoeopathic medicine allow from India?

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