Homeopathy Tips for 7/15/14 The Remedy Doesn’t “Do” Anything`

When was the last time you heard a homeopath say, “the remedy doesn’t do anything”. Well I am saying this now! The remedy doesn’t do anything. Yes that’s right. It does not do anything in the sense of the word to “do” something.

Doing requires that the remedy has an action on the organism. Hahnemann described primary action and secondary actions of remedies. The primary action has an effect upon the organism but does nothing to it. This effect acts as an inspiration and is not a direct effect as in western medicinal drug effects.

Drug effects have a chemical/physiological action forcing the organism to respond to the drug. The homeopathic remedy has no physical material other than the milk sugar pellet or alcohol as the substrate or carrier for the remedy energy.

When the vital force recognizes the remedy it responds in many ways including the physical response, but this response is not a direct result of the remedy. The response is a result of the vital force responding to the immaterial energetic vibration of the remedy. This did not happen because the organism had a direct response to the remedy. If there was a direct response to the remedy energy then the homeopathic remedy would act like a drug. It can not do this because there is not a material dose to the remedy energy. It is a pure energetic pattern that is perceived by the vital force. This is what Hahnemann described as the secondary action; that which is outwardly observable by the client or the homeopath.

Another way to describe this process is by analogy. When you stand on the seashore and the clouds and the water are so beautiful, illuminated by the setting sun, one can become moved to an emotional response, just by witnessing the scene. One can say the sunset had an effect on the person. But the setting sun did nothing to the person directly. They were moved emotionally by the principle of inspiration. They became inspired and were forever changed as a result of seeing that sunset.

To inspire is to “serve as the exciting cause. To enliven or exalt. To move by supernatural means.” This is what is happening when a person responds to the remedy. They are moved by the response of the vital force to heal. The remedy didn’t do anything. It merely inspired the vital force.

This is what makes homeopathy such a powerful and safe medicine. What other form of medicine can cause the organism to heal without having a direct effect? If the remedy is the wrong remedy and is not homeopathic, meaning it did not carry the resonance of the disease energy of the organism, then nothing happens. There is no response. The organism did not have to deal with a foreign chemical in their system like a western drug. It is simply that the remedy did not work. No harm done.

When the remedy is homeopathic and the vital force responds, the animating force that sustains life and creates dis-ease as well as health in the organism is inspired, many things can change. The very energy of the dis-ease can be extinguished and health is restored. This is a powerful medicine indeed.

So when you speak of homeopathic remedies doing something, think long and hard if this is really true. Speaking the truth of homeopathy is powerful; as when any truth is spoken. But we must choose our words succinctly and accurately. When we understand the truth about this most wonderful and powerful medicine then it becomes easier to explain this to others. When they understand the truth also they become advocates of this system of medicine if they are so inclined to overcome the prejudice that medicine is always western drug treatment. Many more people are open to a greater understanding than ever before. Speak the truth about homeopathy. Yes it can change the world, or at least your clients understanding about their healing process..

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  1. Karen on

    Thank you for this…A great and helpful reminder and inspiration!

  2. Sarfaraz ali'Islamabad on

    This is what I told to one of my friend whose son is under homeopathic treatment.This is very important article,inspiring one.

  3. Laurie on

    Aha! Now I understand why my homeopath says this is safer than herbal medicine. Herbs do things to the body. Also I understand now why there is no response if it is the wrong remedy. Now I can put it in to words. Thanks!

  4. Abdul Waheed on

    Thank you for reminding the theory. Will you please add the role of potency and time taken to respond.

    • Dr.Archana on

      Homoeopathic remedies work much more faster than any system of medicine if it is exactly similar to the disease symptoms. In most of the cases patients donot give complete symptoms to the physician, so the selected remedy is half correct. Always give the entire symptoms to the doctor. Regarding poteny… always start from the lower potency. Potency selection is a wide subject & require deep study.

  5. Dr.Archana on

    Yes Homoeopathic drugs arise the power of Vital force which has been weekened by the disease force. Now the stronger vital force exinguishes the disease by its aroused power. Thats why Homoeopathy is able to increase the patient’s immunity. Individuals who are on Homoeopathic treatment have more friendly bacteria in their intestines than who are habitual of antibiotics.

    • Prasannam on

      Beautiful comparison to explain how the vital force is going to be inspired or activated.

  6. Ambika Patnaik on

    Selection of appropriate medicine for the patient especially for chronic cases is more difficult due to various reasons and the cure is time taking.Under the circumstances it may not be a good idea to fully open up with the patient

    • Dr.Archana on

      But I think all Physicians should maintain transparency with their patients. A patient should know his disease is curable or not, & if it is curable how much time duration it will take to be get cured. It comes under MEDICAL ETHICS.

  7. Robert Field on

    Hi Ambika and Dr Archana,
    I think every homeopath should use good ethics with their clients. I never know what the remedy will “do” or not “do”. So I never make a promise about any result. At the same time I encourage them to be positive in their expectation. We never know what miracles may occur. I never give an exact time frame for healing because I do nor have a crystal ball. How would I know ever what a persons healing will be like. So it is best not to sugar coat any expectations but also it is good to encourage hope. It is a fine line to walk but one that if done with compassion is not difficult. I find it is appropriate to talk about death if they are having thoughts about it, just as I find that having hope is important. After all they did not come to see the homeopath with an expectation of a death sentence. I will leave that to the allopathic profession. They are masters of this.
    All the best,
    Robert Field

  8. Dr.Archana on

    Respected Sir, you are very correct that no one knows what miracle will happen, but usually most of the patients ask at the very first visit how much time the disease will take to cure, and I usually tell them the approx time say 6 mths or 1 yr or 2 yr.If the disease is incurable I inform them that the disease is incurable & only palliation is possible in this case. I leave upto them to decide to start their treatment or to consult any another doctor. This is my personal opinion….. one may not agree with it. Above all these optimisim & positive approach is the most important issue. Sir please guide me how far I am correct . Your suggestions carry a great importance to my practice.
    Thanking You

  9. Dr. Anindya Das on

    Wisely it is the Truth. But ignorants will laugh at it. But at least we (students and practitioners of Homoeopathy) should perceive it and then we should explain it to our clients as you have written. Thanks. Would you please visit my website and write your valuable comment on my Guestbook ?

  10. Dr.Archana on

    Dear Dr. Anandiya Das
    It would be pleasure for me to comment in your guest book, but please explain about it.

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