Homeopathy Tips for 7/14/09 Psychological Help

     Being a homeopathic practitioner is much more than prescribing remedies. I have found that half of what I do with clients involves education as well. Part of this education is offering support to their healing process. One of the ways I see people suffer the most in their healing process is to have awareness of their problem but not have the tools to help themselves. This is especially true in dealing with psychological problems.

      Sometimes good therapy or counseling is very beneficial during these times. But I have found that it can be very expensive and time consuming to return to the psychologist or psychiatrist every week to talk about our problems again. Often the psychiatrist will want to offer drugs as a therapy and this will interfere with the persons healing process and defeats the purpose of seeking psychological help. Psychologists and counselors have the art of talk therapy mastered and sometimes this is good for the client to have a place to share their problems. But I have found that a great deal of transference happens from the practitioner to the patient in these settings. Often the reason a person has become a psychological counselor is to help themselves heal their own problems. Feeling somewhat successful they often go on to try to help others but bring their successful story with them and many times a persons suffering becomes labeled through a lot of speculation.

       Talk therapy encourages the repetition of the clients story. It can become like a broken record when repeated often.  This creates thought forms that can be difficult to free oneself from. It can be actually detrimental to a persons healing if created.

      What the suffering client really needs during the difficult time of self discovery are tools to help them manage their lives. Unfortunatly many times these are not offered in a professional setting. As homeopaths, when we are intimately aware of our clients suffering, we can offer them tools to help them take care of themselves. I believe that each of us holds the key to unlock our own suffering. We already have the answers. No other person knows our story better than ourselves. If we can offer our client tools to help themselves then we are helping them more than any therapy.

       Some very useful tools I have discovered along the way are from some unlikely places. I will mention them briefly here. If you find that these could be useful for your client or yourself then investigate them further.

  • The “Work” of Byron Katie. www.thework.com  She has developed a very simple approach to discovering truth through inquiry. Her method is very simple and asks 4 questions. If answered honestly will often bring clarity and freedom to the issue. Her book “Loving What Is” explains this well.
  • The work of Abraham-Hicks. In the book “Ask and it is Given” the last half is devoted to 20 ways to change your feelings about certain struggles common to everyone.
  • EFT is a form of tapping. A technique to move energy by tapping on specific acupuncture meridian points to free up the energy associated with thought forms. It is very easy, quick and effective. Google ‘EFT Tapping’ and you will have many links to great free information about this technique.
  • The Release Technique as originally taught by Lester Levenson. This is now taught through the Abundance Course.
  • The Sedona Method for letting go of attachment and emotional freedom.
  • The work of Dr Michael Ryce and the worksheets provided in his book “Why is this Happening to Me Again….and what you can do about it.” I have found that doing the worksheets can significantly change major issues we can become stuck on. I am not sure if the book is in print any longer, but if you search hard enough you can find it. His work is based on forgiveness.
  • The book by Colin Tipping “Radical Forgiveness” and the worksheets associated with this. Very similar to Dr Ryce’s work.
  • The Twelve Steps and any Twelve Step program.

       Not all methods are for all people. Do research on these methods and learn more. What is common to all of these methods is that the person is never wrong and always is encouraged to move forward from where they are. If you know of any other tools or methods to help please share them with everyone below so we all may benefit. I welcome your comments

        I believe that spiritual understanding is the context and forgiveness is the method for finally releasing all suffering. There are many ways to achieve this. Homeopathy, being spiritual medicine, is the most supportive and deepest healing modality. But when the suffering increases during the time of the aggravation, new levels of self discovery and consciousness are not always easy to face and grow through. Having a few tools to offer your client will help them tremedously. If you know of any other tools or methods to help, please share them with everyone below so that all may benefit.  Your comments are very welcome.

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  1. shirley gillotti on

    I have found the Forgiveness work of Fred Luskin in his book
    Forgive for Good an excellent tool in finding peace within with long standing hurts that drain our vital force over months and years and decades!


  2. mah-jabeen on

    for giveness for God is very big gift by God .

  3. Yohai on

    Dear Robert
    Thank you for your excellent new letters I am finding them very instructive and helpful.
    As to your current letter, I am an homeopath and a practitioner of EFT in Israel and have been using EFT as part of the Homeopathic clinic. Usage is mainly in the following instances.
    1-Emergency emotional cases, where the patient needs to be first treated with EFT in order to be able to go through the homeopathic case taking in a reasonable manner.
    2-Creating a direct rapport with the patient.
    The results are very much appreciated by the patient as EFT helps in reestablishing emotional balance, helps during the patient healing process, that is in case of crisis. We could say that EFT helps the patient in the exercise of is newly found freedom of choice. From the practitioner point of view the insight gained during EFT sessions is very helpful, that is in observing the patient’s complete symptoms picture.
    Thank you again

    Hi Yohai,

    It warms my heart to hear of your use of EFT with your clients. I am sure this tool is very appreciated by them and you are helping alot. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. May it inspire others to investigate these other healing techniques that can so help others.

    Thanks again,

  4. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Majority of the sufferings are emotional oriented, that is what I believe. So psychiatric treatment in conjunction with homeopathy can make wonders. Some study on mind oriented repertory is already on.
    Am I right?

    Hello K. Rajagopala Kupup,

    Yes. There is always a mental/emotional component to all expressions of dis-ease. Having some tools to help is useful. Some cases are more difficult than others. If true psychiatric help is needed then by all means get them the help they deserve. I find that most of the time getting and using a few tools can help emmensely.

    Robert Field

  5. Rooksie on

    Listening to a tape on Byron Katie doing The Work she said the “the work is like homeopathy”. During a session at the University on WA I asked her what she meant by the comparison, she said “Just as in homeopathy the thing that makes you ill is the same substance as the remedy – your suffering or “problem” is the key/mirror image of your healing”.

    A friend once remarked that she regretted taking homeopathy because she became aware of issues that hadn’t bothered her before and now she felt like “a case” because now she has to deal with all this “stuff” – how would you respond to her?

    Thanks for educating me

    Hi Rooksie,
    I would remind her of the opportunity she has to do real healing and offer her some tools. This is the perfect time to give some suggestions for help so the person does not feel so helpless or lost. As the homeopath, I feel that this is also a part of what I do and is my responsibility. To send a person off without any support is not very compassionate. They need support going through the hard times and the tools mentioned above can be very helpful. They also need to want to help themselves. It is easy for some clients to choose their suffering over taking responsibility for changing. They will then blame others or homeopathy for how they feel. If this is the case there is not alot that can be done. It is always sad, but ultimately the person gets to choose and not the homeopath. I hope this helps,


  6. dr naseer on

    dear robert

    Homoeopathic belived psystric problem first. a few

    remedy Ign is great psystrtic drug and arg nit is

    great psystric drug for stress and acacardium is great

    mind remedy loss of memory. Dr.Kent stress mind symptom

    and emotional for selection of remedy in the indiviization

    of patient and mind and emotional symtom

  7. Dr.R.Saravanan. on

    Dear Dr, thanks for this useful article.i use Bach flower essences as a complementary therapy to Homeopathic treatment.other approaches such as Reflexology,healing music,breathing exercises may be applied depending upon needs of the individual.

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