Homeopathy Tips for 7/13/10 Can I Practice After Attending the School

The most common question that comes my way is, “Can I practice after attending Resonance School of Homeopathy?” This is a question that comes with many other questions attached. Let me explain.

The practice of homeopathy is regulated within the country that the person lives. If you live in India or the United States, for example, the laws governing the practice of homeopathy are very different. The requirements for education are very different and the degree or title of being a homeopath are different. Because our school is located in the State of Nevada in the United States we must comply with Nevada law. In the United States each state makes their own laws concerning the practice of medicine and homeopathy. So here we have 50 different jurisdictions for determining the practice of homeopathy based on each of the states legislatures.

I am unfamiliar with how the practice of homeopathy is governed in other countries. I am sorry for this but it is enough to follow Nevada’s state law changes year by year. I can not imagine trying to follow a whole countries laws determining homeopathy, especially with 50 states in our own country. As you can see this gets overwhelming.

As many of you know Resonance School of Homeopathy has an online program. This is available to anyone with a strong interest in becoming a homeopath. Our program is available in any state or country and we have students all over the world. We are training using live classes and cases that have been videotaped and made available to students over the internet. We have a lot of interest from many different countries. I wish we could accommodate our program to fit the requirements for every country but this would be a task that I think is insurmountable.

Our program though is applicable to anyone wanting to learn to be a homeopath. This is not specific to any state or country and will help anyone on their path to being a homeopath. That is the beauty of our online program; it brings the classroom clinic to you.

There are many lay homeopaths all over the world. These are people who have a strong passion for homeopathy and help many people outside of the local laws and regulations. I am not advocating breaking the law, but I am advocating a form of safe medicine that can be practiced effectively without being a medical professional.  This has been done for a long time. Once a person gains the passion for helping people and understands homeopathy there is little that can stop them from helping others.

For those people who want to be a professional there a few ideas about the profession that need to be understood. The first is that in the USA there are no real recognized titles for homeopathy other than through the few states that have a Homeopathic Medical Board. Because there are many schools but no recognized degrees for homeopathy the process is not similar to becoming a doctor. I think this is different in other countries that have recognized homeopathic medical universities like India for example.

Because there are no recognized degrees for homeopathy in the USA there are many titles available that have been recognized by different organizations. But these titles are not a license to practice (regulated by the states) or a degree (recognized by a board of higher education).

 We do have an organization in the USA that does try to be the official agency (self-directed, not through the states or the federal government though)  for the standards of the homeopathic profession. This is the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) They have created a qualification and testing protocol to try to bring a professional standard for practicing homeopaths. The title they grant is CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) Through their qualification process and testing they are attempting to organize the profession of homeopathy to a standard. From this the hope is that the profession will be recognized at the state level and better legislation can be created to bring the practice of homeopathy into legality.

There are states that have responded to grassroots movement by the people to create new legislation for the freedom of health care choice. These states have allowed those persons who are not governed by a state board to be allowed to practice their healing art without reprisal if they do not do any of the restricted practiced that could cause harm. Because homeopathy is very safe medicine it has been one of the modalities that these types of legislation has been favorable for. Homeopaths can practice in these states free of worry that they will be accused of practicing medicine without a license. If your state has not adopted such laws and you are in favor of this it is a good idea to support the organizations that promote and help get these legislative changes.

The purpose of this newsletter is not to share all of the particulars in regards to practicing but to explain how the process works. If you want more information please go to our school’s website and visit the Licensing and Certification page linked here.  Here I have explained this further and provide links to the organizations that can answer the particulars of each state. The information there only pertains to homeopathy in the USA. It does not have any information about other countries. For readers from other countries you must investigate this for yourself in your own country.

More than half of all readers of this newsletter are from Central Asia (India, Pakistan etc.) You can still benefit from study at Resonance School of Homeopathy by getting advanced training using live cases and follow-ups. Because the format for our school is live clinical training, there is nothing better  than experience to be prepared to help another person. This unfortunately has been lacking in the schools in the USA for some time. Having the ability to see and participate in so many cases and get professional guidance to the cases you are working on is invaluable. Homeopathic theory can be learned from a book, but becoming a homeopath can only be learned with real people.

So the questions still remains, can I practice after attending the school. The real answer is YES!. But you will have to negotiate the myriad of laws that are determined by where you want to practice. Or be a lay homeopath that is always helping others and maintains a quite presence in the face of the mega-medical industry.

Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear from all of you. You come from so many parts of the world that the information you can share may be invaluable to other readers. Thanks.

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  1. waqar ahmed on

    Dear Robert,

    I am quite confused with the online programm; Are online programms equally beneficial on the way for a good homeopath ?


  2. Sarah on

    It’s not hard to be a lay practitioner because the medical ‘big wigs’ consider homoeopathy useless — as long as one doesn’t try to take a client from an MD or tell the client to stop his allopathic drugs.
    The hard part is finding the similimum.
    And how much is the homoeopath really a layman after years and years of homoeopathic study? I would consider him a specialist, even an expert.

  3. uzma on

    I am new in your forum and I like it.

  4. Dr.Md.Nuruzzaman on

    Dear sir,
    The late renowned Homeopaths in my country (Bangladesh)did not have any Govt. recognized Diploma or degree, but they cured many patients declared incurable by the alopaths.Now the practice in homeopathy medicine is regulated by a Govt. Homeopathy Board.It is fact that many lay homeopaths are helping people in rural areas, but many are also deceived due to lack of proper knowledge & experience.Resonance School of Homeopathy can help those lay homeopaths.
    With regards.

  5. iman on

    I think it’s very difficult to convince governments to allow homeopaths to practice without any medicines background !

    • sog22 on

      I think we all should be able to see who runs the hospitals and most MD. It is the drug companies wanting a bigger profit margin. Drugs should be used as a last resort. The study of medicine is a part of homeopaths as I see it. Homeopaths must understand medicine to help people.

  6. cicseta on

    homoeopathy is a vast subject how we get command on it?

  7. abdul razak ibrahim on

    i think practising homeopathy needs knowledge to do

  8. Robert on



    Answering this main question:

    Certainly all students after probatory stage in clinical homeopathy
    during attending school years on Homeopathy may practice it with
    supervision of a professional with at least twenty years of clinical
    practice on Homeopathy as also has a deeper learning on classical and
    modern Homeopathic Materia Medica for at least two years as well…

    In common sense this is necessary in my modest opinion as retired
    professor after more than 25 years of medical practice of Homeopathy.


    Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,PhD

  9. Michelle on

    I think we should go out of our way to avoid the term “lay homeopath” as it infers a lack of knowledge and experience.
    It is possible to earn a PhD in homeopathy in the US.

    • Robert on

      Hi Michelle,

      What term would you suggest we use in place of “lay homeopath” I will entertain any way of referring to the non professional that is better. Getting a HMD (Homeopathic Medical Doctor) in Nevada requires having earned an MD from a traditional allopathic medical or osteopathic school and then only a minimum study of homeopathy to qualify. It is mainly for alternative medical doctors who are doing alternative medicine and the focus is not on Homeopathy. This is unfortunate. I know there is a school in Arizona that is offering a program designed to become an HMD. I’m not sure of what other states would recognize it though beside possibly Nevada. If you have more info, please share. Thanks.

      Robert Field

  10. Robert Lal on

    Dear Prof Robert;
    Your write up is a good piece of information on HOMEOPATHY . I believe one can help any sick person if he has a passion to serve humanity.what matters is a good working knowledge and experience . Thanks for your encouragement to learn homeopathy,earn a certificate or degree and help the needy and get registered as required by the law of the country.

  11. PALANI PN on

    The matter about ‘Can I practise homeopathy’ is almost solved by you. Many people do not know homepathy’s curing value as it does not have self propagation methods. Even those who practice have no such propensity as they only concern about the cure and not for money.

    Every body can practise homeopathy at least to himself/herself family and friends who have keen interest and know the philosophy and basic strong principles of homeopathy. They can atleast cure normal health disturbances.

  12. H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Sir,
    Your question at the part of Homeopathy is valid but in Pakistan it is being supervised by the Govt. All homeopathic Doctors are registered with National Council for Homeopathy Pakistan(ref NCH Pakistan). All work for recognition of alternative Medicine system was took up on the bases of reasoning arguments which became a road map for praticing the Homeopathy…However your work for humanity is liked the best one and appriciated also.

    From: H.Dr Muhammad Ayub Khan

  13. mazhar jameel on

    Quote:Homeopathic theory can be learned from a book, but becoming a homeopath can only be learned with real people.
    The real people are those who have dedicated their life in the service of mankind with this noble art of homeopathy. They acquired this knowledge with their own efforts and in the company of a noble spirit. They did not have a consumerism in their mind. But todays qualified doctors practice on the basis of consumer law, which have made this noble work into consumer oriented work.
    Aphorism??: the futility of transcidental speculation which can receive no confirmation from experience , be his power of penetration ever so great………. It is the personal differences in different cases that lead us to select different medicine in different cases and the same medicine in all cases. Such is the beauty of this art of Homeopathy. This can only be achieved when One learns this in the company of a good practitioner and not by big degrees. One can boast with degrees, but one can not boast a cure.


    • Robert on

      Hi Mazhar,

      Thank you for your post. I could not agree more with your statement. Very well stated. It brings joy to my heart to hear your words. I wish all readers to please consider this post. I agree without reservation.

      Robert Field

  14. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali on

    In Pakistan , as stated above the homeopathy system is recognized and there are various institutions offering the courses of homeopathy approved by the homeopathy council.Qualified homeopaths are working in various institutions working under Ministry of Health,Govt. of Pakstan.In clinical Research Division of National Institute of Health, qualified homeopath and hakeem are treating the patients under one roof.Lot of patients are benefitting from homeopath.I remember that one homeopathic doctor prepared a research report of healing the cases of haemorroids who were not cured by any other system.Similarly many other cases.In the city of Rawalpindi,qualified allopathic doctors (M.B.B.S.)praciced homeopathy for a long times, known as very successful practioners.In sialkot district of Punjab province highly qualified M.B.B.S(Like MD)is doing homeopathic practice.Patients from far off districts are going to him,even patients from capital i.e.Islamabad are going to him.
    Long live homeopathy and hmeopathic doctors.

  15. Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    From the opinions of so many learned & experienced Homeopaths,it transpires that some of the Homeopaths are in favour of recognizing the so called ‘lay Homeopaths’ because of their long experince & services,while the others are in favour of recognizing the qualified Homeopathic doctors.It is true that the ‘lay Homeopaths’ have kept the science of Homeopathy alive for the last few dcades in so many countries of the world else the name of Homeopathy would have been effaced from those countries,but for the progress & future development of the

  16. Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    ( to be continued) Homeopathy as well as to compete with other Medicines qualified &educated Homeopaths are necessary.So for maintaing a standard of Homeopathy, cllege education should be made compulsory for all Homeopaths. Regards.

  17. Rengaraju.C on

    practicing homoepothy is a good help line to the people and their health.As per me the homoepothy is not much developing because of not much business is possible in this practice. in the allopothy there is lot of medicine and can be given to our people and make an lot of income. in homeopothy in a very less amount we reinstate good health. one day will come that all would say our Samual Hanniman was only the right in medical feild.


  18. vinay joshi on

    Dear All,
    I am Mr.Vinay (age 21) from India . My entire family is compleeeeteelllyyy indebted to Homeopathy . Since last 20 years we havent even seen the faces of doctors and hospitals . My father (age 52 ) did his correspondence course from an institute in kerela 20 years back just to save the family from getting trapped in the vicious circle of the allopaths . Since then he only treats us at home. He also serves poor people by giving them medicines . Till date he has successfully cured cases of asthama, paralysis, initial stages of cancer, gall blader stones, kidney stones, neural ailments , kidney failure etc .

    By profession he is a civil engineer and was woking as a “senior general manager” in a “reputed petochemical MNC”. But 6 years back he left his 25 lac rupees job just to serve the people .

    Now he just has a correpondence certificate of homeopathy .

    But now when we see the legal implications of the matter , its illegal .

    So just for the sake of a legal cover , he needs himself to get registered as a legal homeopath.

    So can he get such registration ?? If yes from where and how ??

    Please pals , this is a heartly request to you , to please guide in this matter if anybody can.

    We had contacted some persons, who claimed to help and get us registered leagally , but before opting for that option , we would like to be completely sure and well studied from our side regarding the legalities involved in the matter and ensure that the we wont face any legal complications in the future .

    Please highlight !!!!



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