Homeopathy Tips for 7/12/16 Mental and Emotional Diseases

Homeopathy treats the whole person. This includes the state of mind and emotions. Hahnemann addressed these mental and emotional states in Aphorisms 220-230 in the Organon.  He made it clear that the mental disposition is very important in the understanding of corporal disease. He also noted that when disease is purely in the mental and emotional real that homeopathy could help. He also noted that it may sometimes be difficult to see a cure in the deepest mental illness. I have seen this also.

Understanding the mental state of a person is essential understanding the nature of the persons suffering and finding the correct Homeopathic remedy. When changes in the state of mind are concomitant the physical acute disease, it often leads to the best choice of remedies. Once the dis-ease has been healed the person will naturally return to their previous state of mind.

In acute emotional states like grief, loss, fright, or any other state the person may have long term effects until properly treated. This is where Homeopathy really shines. Remedies can make a huge difference in the persons mental and emotional state.

When the state of mind has entered into the realm of long-standing mental illness it is much more difficult for homeopathy to inspire a cure. Proper homeopathic prescribing can really help a person recover from the insults of life. But when the person has a fundamental imbalance that has no etiology to a past insult I have found that it is a much more difficult task to effect a cure. Hahnemann wrote about this in the footnote #123  to Aphorism 222.

We often have very lofty ideas about Homeopathy helping and curing all expressions of dis-ease. But there is a reality here that deep mental diseases are the very hardest to cure. I am not sure why this is the case but I have seen this time and time again. Hahnemann saw this also.

We need to temper our expectations when treating severe mental illness, lest we become very disappointed and think that maybe homeopathy does not work. If we try to treat the deep mental states and are successful in any way, we should be very happy that there has been any improvement at all. This is not the same for physical disease or the mental states associated with them. We should always expect that the person will heal from their altered mental/emotional state that accompanies the disease.

Pure mental disease is difficult to treat. Read Hahneman’s words in the above Aphorisms and footnotes. It is a good exercise in Organon study and some food for thought in the treatment of mental and emotional illness.

3 comments so far

  1. ghulam mustafa on

    I think mental dis ease cured within very short time if the remedy selection is the according to symptoms.

  2. dr.ghulam mustafa PAKISTAN on

    I think mental dis ease cured within very short time if the remedy selection is the according to symptoms INSTEAD OF PHYSICAL DISEASE.

  3. Linda on

    I think that if you combine Orthomolecular Medicine (nutritional medicine) with homeopathy for mental disorders, you have a much greater chance of bringing about a cure.

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