Homeopathy Tips for 7/04/17 Note Taking of Cases

Having good notes has been the foundation of case receiving. It is every homeopaths challenge to write down everything that your client says so that you have a written testimony of the case interview. It is very important to write down every word they say exactly as they say it. This allows to have a good record of the case and to go back and see the themes and make notes.

I can not tell you how many times my writing hand has cramped up while trying to keep up with the delivery of the case. I never ask my client to slow down since that would interrupt the case.

Speech recognition has come a long way since the early Dragon Dictate programs for computers. There have been some newer releases of dictation programs and newer algorithms to recognize accurately different inflections, accents and speeds of delivery of words.

These advances are making it possible to capture the case and have a written record of everything that has been said, including your own comments. This makes for better note keeping and records. It does not preclude the need to take had written notes as the case unfolds. These brief notes will always be necessary to capture the most important things so that you do not have to go back and read and review the dictation.

Microsoft has released a new version of Dictate that is showing to be very good. It also has a translation capability to translate one language into another. This feature can be priceless. Let’s say you have a Spanish speaking client but you yourself do not speak Spanish. The client can speak in their native tongue and the written text can be recorded in English.

Another program is Cortana. It operates similarly to the Microsoft Dictate. Both of these programs are for a computer. Another device that is in development right now and will be released soon is called the Titan Note. It is a device that is shaped like a hockey puck that sits on your desk. It records everything that is said.

It’s voice recognition will detect a different voice and let you know that as the recording gets uploaded to your computer and the text is available to read. This is a very good feature to read the dialogue between you client and yourself. This little device is around $75.00 at the current crowdfunding price. It will probably double once it is released.

With this many ways to record your cases and avoid having to write longhand or type the case verbatim, it allows you to spend more time actively focusing on the person before you and not on writing down everything they say. Again, this does not preclude the need to jot down the important things they say and be able to refer to it in real time.

With the advent of computers the greatest advances in homeopathy have come with computer repertizing programs like MacRepertory that allow instant access to rubrics and remedies and allows you to build the case. As important advancement as it has been for homeopathy, these dictation programs may be the next huge step for the practicing homeopath by helping reduce the amount of work and time in recording the case.


3 comments so far

  1. mujahid ur rahman on

    vert helpful for a homeopath

    • Asghar Ali on

      New gadgets and computers have revolutionized the system but at the same time, I suppose, it is more and more complicating the system. No two repertories in the market bring about the same result to confuse the choice of remedy. Influx of MMs also does not help in verification of the symptom to the dis appointment of an average homoeopath of my standing.Open one MM after another but you do not find trace of the symptom you are looking for to verify application of the remedy. It is my humble request that homoeopaths of your standing be kind enough to recommend repertory and MM that guides them to SUCCESSFUL homoeopathic practice. I am an ardent follower of the system and my earnest prayers are for its application to relieve the suffering humanity from its dis ease and to challenge the high handedness of old school. Regards – Asghar Ali

  2. Mohammad Nuruzzman on

    Yes, it will save our time and reduce patients’ waiting hour

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