Homeopathy Tips for 7/01/08 Hierarchy

Every system in nature and man are organized with certain hierarchy. From the food chain to the corporation there is an ascending order and consolidation from the base of the pyramid to the very apex. In man there is a hierarchy as well to all of his seeming distant parts. If we consider man as a pyramid, and the reflection of that pyramid as his spiritual counterpart or origins, then the statement we hear in Kabbalah so often, “As above, so below” really starts to make sense.

Our spiritual essence is reflected and manifest through the physical expression of our being through consciousness. This allows us the vehicle to experience our lives/self. If we divide the pyramid into thirds, sitting at the very top is our connection to G-d. This is the place that our spiritual essence and the beginnings of the vital force expression happens. That is the very point that our perceived separation occurs. Everything below this point is now a reflection of the spirit as it becomes materialized into the physical reality. This is the beginnings of mind and how we relate to our world through consciousness. So mind is in the top third of the pyramid.

The next level are emotions; energy in motion. Emotions are how we connect the mind and the body and is the feedback system for whether we are following our bliss or off the tracks. We experience this emotional feedback system constantly. They are the first real indications if we are making a mistake or not. When our emotions do not feel so good then most likely our mental view is not entirely accurate in our perception. The emotions are telling us that if we change our mind then we will feel better. It is really a very effective system because no one likes to suffer. We can also feel emotions at the physical level as well so they are the real bridge between the mind and the body.

At the bottom of the pyramid is the physical. The physical is the last place that the spirit reflection will show the disturbance in the vital force. As the spiritual energy descends in to the physical reflection (represented by the pyramid) the heirarchy is from above to below; spirit, mind, emotion and then into the physical body. In reality is there is no real separation between any of these, but for the purposes of understanding, this metaphor works.

How does this all fit into Homeopathy? When selecting symptoms to repertize always try to perceive where your clients mental state is and how they may be viewing their world. They will tell you in so many ways. When you can perceive how their beliefs limit their life it will be expressed through their emotional responses. This amounts to the things that really bug them. If you investigate there will always be a mental and emotional state that is connected to every physical expression of suffering. Do not forget that it is all known through sensations. The descriptions of the suffering will be what leads you to the remedy.

There is a thread of the disturbance in the vital force that descends through all the levels of our being; all being animated by the spirit/vital force. This thread of disturbance is the dis-ease. Always try to see this thread. It will appear in the mind first, the emotional response next and finally into the physical. Most people come reporting physical pain so we must be good investigators and unprejudiced observers to see what is really asking to be healed.

Always try to include mental symptoms in your repertization. Try to understand how it feels to be the client. You will then be glimpsing through a window into their souls. When this is perceived correctly and the right homeopathic remedy is given with good case management, you are helping your client heal their soul and heal their life. This is the power and beauty of homeopathy!

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  1. Debasish on

    Thanks for sending this article. As per Homeopathic Philosophy mental symptoms can be divided into three grades. First grade symptoms are Will and Emotion,
    Second grade symptoms are delusion, illusion and hallucination and Third grade symptoms are memory and intellect. A strong emotional as well as delusion with physical characteristics can help to select a proper remedy. Repertory is a symptoms dictionary which is nothing but means a way. But our Supreme Court is Materia Medica.

    Hope to hear more about homeopathy.


    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  2. Marie on

    Thank you for your this newsletter. It all goes back to helping someone who wants to be helped. Sometimes this simple procedure dumbfounds us. Of course we must take the time to learn and follow the simplicity but with the correct direction and guidance of those with experience – It is all possible!!

  3. michelle on

    I wanted to thank you for this passage. It has really inspired me. It is my dream to become a homeopath and heal people for a living but due to circumstance I still have a long way to go, one of the biggest mountains i have to climb is just this and I hadn’t realised it until I read this My beliefs absolutely don’t fit my reality.
    Thank you so much for enlightening me.

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