Homeopathy Tips for 6/30/09 Suppression

     Many times in treating an individual they will also be doing different therapies from many different modalities.  We also have new clients that have been treated allopathically for decades before coming to the homeopath. Their cases can be quite confusing at times. Most all of these clients symptoms have been suppressed. It can take time to unravel the case. Lets explore about suppression and what it really is.

      Websters dictionary defines “suppress” as; to put down by authority or force; subdue; to keep from being known; to hold back. This is the exact opposite of express which means “to make known”.

    As homeopaths we need to know what the vital force is revealing in order to know disease. Symptoms are the foundation for prescribing. Unlike the allopathic western method of diagnosis that gives suffering a name, the homeopathic approach encourages the expression of the disease so it can be known and treated.

    The vital force is responsible for all expressions of life and dis-ease as well as the healing of the dis-ease. When we see the person heal following Hering’s Law we will see the renewed expression of the vital force and outward movement. This is in line with all of G-d’s creation.  This is a state where all is constantly being revealed, instant by instant. When there is a spiritual disturbance, this will be revealed through changes in thought, emotion and physical sensation. Homeopathy works because the energy of the remedy does not force a reaction onto the vital force but inspires the vital force to respond and reveal a  greater spiritual truth.

      From the western/allopathic model of disease, all disease is physical. Diagnostics give the suffering a name and drug (chemical), radiation or surgery are the most accepted methods to alter the vital force expression of dis-ease. Symptoms often change; the vital force’s ability to overcome the action of the allopathic therapy on the body is subdued. This is suppression. The vital force does not have the ability to fully express itself,  which is in the natural flow with all of creation.

      When the suppression occurs the vital force will try very hard to continue to express, but with a strong suppression, will have to find a new way. We often see this after prolonged use of antibiotics (against life) The person never really gets beyond the dis-ease and often will experience a re-occurrence of the illness. Only to be suppressed again and again by the allopathic method.

     These cases can be difficult because the person has gone away from the original expression of the dis-ease and now may have additional symtoms acquired from the drug or other suppressive therapies in addition to their existing unexpressed/suppressed dis-ease. Cutting out a diseased part of the body amounts to a suppression as well, since the body no longer has the part to express it’s suffering through. It cannot heal this part of itself if it has been removed.

       It is important to understand a persons entire health history,  the order that their suffering has occurred and what therapies they have used to try to treat their illness’. Often you can see how the dis-ease has morphed into a new expression after a suppression. Usually the force of the therapy will drive the disease to a more serious or vital organ. This is the bodies way of adapting to the inability to express itself.

       There is divine wisdom inherent in our spiritual being. This reflects in the beings ability to always reflect perfectly what is asking to be healed. As Hahnemann said in Aphorism 9, “In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway, and retains all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards to both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”

     So for any suppressed condition we may also see changes in the mind and emotions. These are often the greatest indicators to help us prescribe by. Understanding how a person has changed over the years is key to understanding their case and how their dis-ease may have been suppressed. Always try to get them to share with you what their suffering was like before they saw the doctor. This will be helpful in getting the pure symptoms before the suppression.

       I often think that Hahnemann and the earlier pioneers of homeopathy had a little easier time of helping people heal. The dis-ease pictures were not nearly as confused and suppressed as we are experiencing today. Years of the allopathic method have created much suppression of disease and are now being recognised as modern day miasms. The underlying health of man is continually being eroded by the suppression. It is becoming harder and harder to see the expected healing response. In this sense we must investigate even further than ever to understand the core disturbance. This is all a result of suppression.

      So never forget that the vital force always wants to express and to ask your client to share about their sufferings, prior to the visit to the doctor and the allopathic therapy. It will help you find the core disturbance and help them more. But you have to sometime “dig around a bit”. Eventually with enough excavation their real dis-ease will be revealed. Don’t give up.

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    Treatment of Hepatitice-C in Homeopathetic Medicine. What is the name of medicine.

    Hello Khalid,
    Treat the person and not the disease. There are probably 60 most recommended remedies for liver inflamation. The only way to know which one is to take the case and prescribe to the person and not the disease.
    Thanks for your question,

  2. Salvador on

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for this important issue in Homeopathy. The question is how to dealt with allopathic and naturopathy suppresions. You use vegetable remedy for clearing up the case, use tauothopy, nosodes and so forth?

    Yours Sincerely,


    Hi Salvador,
    I rarely use a specific remedy with a specific intent of trying to remove the suppression. I usually try to find what the original pure expression of the disease looked like and prescribe to that, as long as it is not too obscure. If the case is very confused I will start with the most presenting symptoms and give a remedy to that picture of the disease. It is then kind of like peeling the layers of an onion. It usually takes a little longer but is necessary when the case is too confused. All cases are different.
    Thanks for your question,

    • girl on

      do you mean confused with many homeopathic remedies?????

  3. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    Dear Robert,
    I highly appreciate this article,specifically your acceptance of the fact…
    “I often think that Hahnemann and the earlier pioneers of homeopathy had a little easier time of helping people heal. The dis-ease pictures were not nearly as confused and suppressed as we are experiencing today.”
    And regarding your last comments,(But you have to sometime “dig around a bit”), I will rather emphasize that you will always have to dig dipper so as to find the distorted vital force alive and then treat.
    And dear Robert, are you aware who is the greatest suppressor of the vital force?
    Believe or not,it is the intellect!It has not understood/ felt the nature,the life.Hence I had earlier commented that intellectual analysis of a case destroys the spirit of homeopathic treatment.
    With love & regards.

  4. Lucinda on

    Hi Robert,
    I read in one of the Homeopathy Today magazines about homeopathic suppression of fever and how dangerous that can be. In light of what you said above about which symptoms you prescribe to in a complicated case and about understanding the whole symptomatic picture, can we feel confident that we won’t be contributing to the complication of the case by suppressing the vital force inadvertantly? This is about the only issue (homeopathic suppression) which messes with my confidence that I will do no harm…given my intent to help and my knowledge/training.
    You’re the best. Thanks for your dedication and hand holding. Lu

    • Robert on

      Hi Lu,

      This is why you are studying at Resonance School of Homeopathy; so you can get experience with these types of everyday situations. When you receive a case and are treating it homeopathically and for the chronic state, there will be acute conditions that arise. It is necessary then to understand where a person is in their healing and if the acute is a healing event associated with the chronic state. You can know this by understanding the core issue in regards to their healing and if they have ever experienced anything like this before. If you determine that it is really an acute state and not really associated with their bigger healing, then giving a different remedy will be very beneficial. By seeing many cases in the course of your studies, you will have many oppetunities to deal with these situations and increase you confidence and knowingness. It will get easier in time and you will learn from your experiences. You also have my support as your teacher. You are in good hands and doing well. Caring about doing harm is a very good concern, but with this level of care, you will really have to be going down the wrong path with a client to cause them harm. I don’t see this happening for you.
      Keep up the good work,

  5. Katie on


    Apologies for the length of my comment…

    I have long term [pretty much lifelong – I’m 39] depression and complex post traumatic stress due to abuse and trauma in my childhood.

    I’m in homeopathic treatment, but also on anti-depressants. The anti-depressants came before homeopathy. And analytic psychotherapy is ongoing and came before anti-depressants..

    ..anyway. I know I really need to come off the anti-depressants fairly soon, and part of me wants to. But I’m too scared. If I didn’t have to work or such I’d have less qualms, but.. my homeopath asked me today, again, if I knew what I was like without the anti-depressants. But I’ve never missed a day or ever run out…so I only know me pre treatment. Not great.

    Thing is, I was ‘ill’ long before I was in therapy or on medication. Plus there’s work and the Disability Discrimination legislation and occupational health and other bureaucracy which could make it difficult for me to have the support at work I need, or make it hard for me, if I came off anti-depressants, with my history and diagnosis. It’s a tough call.

    I came off efexor several years ago and the withdrawal was Hell! Plus it hadn’t helped at all!
    Would I be a better person off anti-depressant medication? I don’t know. Unlike many people, I’ve had little blunting of feeling whilst on them, I can still cry [although it’s hard sometimes…] I can still get very angry and enraged..very much so. I can still feel a pretty full range of feelings… therapy helps ensure that.

    The thing is… depression in itself is suppression.. so an anti-depressant should in theory unsuppress feeling..although that’s not the conventional medical view I know my therapy does that, but I’m not so sure about the anti-ds. When I came off efexor I cried more than I have ever done in my life.. and I’d only been on it/anti-d medication a year, it was like a tight brace was taken off me.
    I was put on anti-ds because of the intensity of my negative feelings.. sadness and rage were turned in on myself, instead of being faced at the real source – the perpetrators of my childhood pain. The tide is turning now. It wasn’t ever meant to me a long term thing… except it turned out that way.

    I’d be interested in people’s thoughts…

    • Robert on

      Hi Katie,

      I understand your sufferings. I rarely like to comment about another homeopaths cases. I am sure that you are being cared for in the best of your homeopath’s abilities. I personnaly NEVER take someone off of a medication I did not put them on. The question I ask is, “is the medication helping?” If it is, then I will encourage them to continue working with their prescribing doctor to manage their care. If it is not working, then I encourage them to work with their prescribing doctor to get off of the drug and let the doctor manage this. In the mean time I continue to educate the client as to the healing process so they understand where they are in their healing. I find that this helps the most. I will continue their homeopathic care accordingly. I hope this helps,

      Warmest regards,
      Robert Field

  6. Surya Narayan Sarangi on

    My dear Katie,
    I share your suffering and traumatic experiences in life because I have passed through still greater sufferings since birth. You need not be scared of anti-depressants after reading this article since it is a compulsion under the present situation.Take antid’nt without any such mental reactions but continue homeo treatment patiently. Gradually, the homeo. treatment will take over,certainly.
    All your traumatic experiences and professional tensions are quite meaningful and not negative as you might be thinking and these experiences are the real teacher who wants to tell you a lot of things about your inner and its potential, the understanding of which can really make your life & living meaningful & purposeful while getting a permanent relief from your negative emotions/feelings.01.
    No man ever achieved worthwhile success and bliss of life who didn’t at one time or other find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of such traumatic experiences. Your traumatic experiences are blessings in disguise.Have patience.
    With due apology to Dr. Robert for having tresspassed.
    With love,Katie.

    • Robert on

      Hi Surya,

      You have not tresspassed. This is what this forum is for. I am grateful for your reply and agree with you. Please continue to share. Your comments are most welcome.


  7. Samuel Oppong-Boadi on

    This piece is timely advise for we the beginners of homeopathic practice, thank you, is well noted.

  8. Benjamin on

    My question is- should you encourage a client to suspend some medications? In order to let the disease reach a clearer for of fruition.
    How clear of a picture is needed vs. managing the risk?

    • Robert on

      Hi Benjamin,

      I responded to Katies remark above with the answer to your question. I encourage the client to get off of their medications when they are not working. But I leave this to the doctor who prescribed the med. I do not want the responsibility of this or go against another doctors prescription, even if it is allopathic. I respect their work even if I do not agree with it and find that I can earn their respect by giving mine. In the end the client gets to choose. I find that continued education about the healing process eventually gives the client the confidence to make a healthier choice in their care. This is a process and takes time. It is obvious that in an ideal world we would be able to control situations like this, but that is not the reality we are living with. In time, as people become educated and experience the real healing of homeopathy, they will share with others and this will grow. There is great resistance to this though, so we must be diligent and not loose hope or our dedication. We are living in very challenging times. Be strong,

      Warmest regards,
      Robert Field

  9. mah-jabeen on

    dear, Robert thanks again are use ful information.carry on plz

  10. viktoriya on

    Dear Robert, I am very impressed with the work u aredoing, please let me know how can I arrange a session for treatment with u. Viktoriya

    Dear Vicktoriya,

    Please call my office at 775-827-0222.
    Robert Field

  11. Sharon on

    Dear Robert
    The wonderful thing about how I’ve been experiencing studying with you in this short time so far is that when ever I have some questions, you put out a case or commentaary that answers them already! Thankyou, I couldn’t have found a better school.

  12. zacarias on

    I am in aggrement with Dr. Sarangi,as I have verified during my practice that the Intellect is the biggest suppressor of the vital force

  13. Abdul Mannan Howlader on

    I am extremely happy to get ur materials on suppression.Actually homeopathic treatment is based on symptoms which is suppressed due allopathic medication.

  14. dr.jayanthi on

    i was very happy that i have got a response from the society, i read about the article, yes ofcourse it is a difficult case to give a complete cure, due to lack of original presentation of the case, but we have to consider it as new case and has to start the treatment with the present phenomena,both mental and physical has to consider , treatment should be complete,constituitional,

  15. K. Rajagopala Kurup. on

    Dear sir,
    While appreciating your tips, I may be permitted to ask a question.
    It is said that chill is a form of suppression.
    Are there any other symptoms like this,worth noting?

  16. Philip Joseph on

    Dear Robert:
    The articles here explained about allopathic medicinal suppression, surgical suppresion (removal of a wart or tumor, for example), intellectual suppression (which I am not very familiar with), external application suppression (such as using sulphur ointment on eczema), hot springs or mineral bath suppression, etc.

    For drug induced suppression (for example, repeated doses of pencillin), should Tautopathy be used (pencillin potensised) or should classical homeopathic prescribing be used instead.
    What is the significance of older medicas advising to use Nux Vomica if the patient had been on many allopathic medication in recent past and Pulsatilla when the case is mixed up from too much of prior homeopathic medicine.

    Hi Philip,
    If the pathology of too much Penicillin for example has grafted to the person, then a Tautopathic approach may be helpful. But if the suppression of disease through allopathic drugs is the case then I have found that Nux Vomica is often the remedy that best fits the case and will help relive the suffering and reveal a clearer picture of the original disease. The old masters were very good prescribers and observers. I have found that their observations can be trusted.

    Warmest regards,
    Robert Field

  17. Philip Joseph on

    Just to add a few lines to my earlier message. I had heard from a homeopathic doctor that he had an ill individual who displayed all the symptoms of Bryonia – grumpiness, thirsty only at long intervals, body pain & fever with a leave me alone atttitude, pain in the muscles all over the body etc. Yet Bryonia 30C did not work. On closer questioning it was revealed that the ill individual had been taking Penicillin capsules for nearly a month. He was given Penicillin (30C) (based on Tautopathy principles), everything became better and he was given Bryonia at the end of recovery for a remaining slight cough. I guess the Penicillin had engrafted its own suppressive layer on the individual who displayed the symptoms of Bryonia. So my question is, when a sick person reveals on questioning that he was on some long lasting allopathic medication, should we start first with the homeopathic remedy that best fits the current state of the individual or give right away the homeopathic-tautopathic potencised remedy or give Nux or Puls following the suggestions of earlier homeopaths. Or should Sulphur be given later when the first prescription was given and waited on and no change occurred. The choice of Sulphur here is to apparently bring symptoms to the forefront so the remedy picture becomes clearer. I am probably deviating from the Classical approach by even bringing these doubts of mine up, but sometimes deciding is difficult and then I leave it upto ‘divine’ guidance to guide me as there is no hard and fast rule other than ‘experience of the practioner’. What are your kind suggestions.

    By the way, I have read but not confirmed that after one takes a tautopathic remedy, the material allopathic medicine stored in the body tissues is excreted in urine, sweat etc. (almost like a homeopathic chelation)

    Hi Philip,

    Always start with the classical homeopathic approach and try to find clear symptoms of the diisease. It becomes speculation to begin the case any other way. We do not know for sure if the drugs have grafted to the person and a tautopathic approach is necessary. Never deviate from pure homeopathic principles. It is only after the Bryonia did not work that he could have known to try the penicillin. In regards to Sulphur, yes it will help reveal symptoms of a case that have been hidden, often by suppression. This is a little different than the symptoms of a case that are confused or have multiplied through too many drugs. Often Nux Vomica will help bring some order to the case and clear the drug effect. The body knows how to rid itself of toxins and will excrete them through urine and sweat to a large degree and some through the bowels.

    Robert Field

    • girl on

      is there any remedy that will clear up a case given too many homeopathic
      remedies? are sepia sulphur and nux good for those too?

  18. Nancy on

    Can we treat refractive errors of eye with homoeopathic medicines?

    Hi Nancy,
    Yes homeopathy can treat vision problems. Sometimes they are a good indicator of a remedy that may be very helpful for the overall constitution of the individual. No remedy should be given based on the vision changes only. Although when supported by the “whole case” can have dramatic results.

    Robert Field

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