Homeopathy Tips for 6/28/11 Mixing Modalities

One of the biggest challenges for successful treatment in homeopathy is the interference of the iatrogenic disease caused by the allopathic method of chemical drugs. In addition to this method there are many alternative modalities that are also steeped in the physical approach to medicine. We do not live in a world that is really conducive to the pure homeopathic approach. What are we to do about it?

Hahnemann made it clear in Aphorism 52 of the Organon,  “There are but two principle methods of cure; the one based only on accurate observation of nature, on careful experimentation and pure experience, the homeopathic, and a second which does not do this, the heteropathic or allopathic. Each opposes the other, and only he who does not know either can hold the delusion that they can ever approach each other or even become united, or to make himself so ridiculous as to practice at one time homeopathically at another allopathically,  according to the pleasure of the patient; a practice which may be called criminal treason against divine homeopathy.”

With words as strong as “treason against divine homeopathy” it would be unconscionable for the homeopath to think that he could combine homeopathy and allopathy at the same time and achieve beneficial results with his client. Yet we are faced daily with clients that are coming to homeopathy for relief and at the same time continuing their allopathic treatment.  I find that the choice for the client/patient is not mine to make. I can only do my single part and still do homeopathy by following the highest principles.

We must be aware at all times of the effects of the drug and allopathic treatments that our clients are continuing. It will help much to understand the effects of these drugs. It will also help understand the response to the homeopathic remedy. I have altered many expectations about cure as a result of the choices that my client’s can make.

Education is probably the single most important aspect to the role of the homeopath in this day and age. Aside from being a very good prescriber and having the ability to navigate complex and difficult cases, teaching our clients about the nature of dis-ease and healing is vital.

Most doctors who have been indoctrinated into the medical model have a very hard time making the leap to homeopathy. I see many who try but will still prescribe the drugs along with homeopathic remedies. This is a push/pull game. The drugs push and suppress the expression of dis-ease and the homeopathic remedies inspire/pull the expression of the dis-ease to present itself. This will NEVER end in cure.

It is through explaining the differing methods to my client that can help them to make a different choice about their treatment. It is never a choice I make for them. But through the education process and the new understanding of homeopathy my clients can then make better choices about their health care. I do not disparage the allopathic profession and the wonderful advances in emergency care that they provide. But in the approach to the chronic treatment of dis-ease they fall exceedingly short.

Unfortunately many of our clients have been indoctrinated into the allopathic approach also. I remember when I first discovered homeopathy it took me many months to make sense of the spiritual/energetic approach to the treatment of dis-ease. Our fundamental assumptions of the body and disease being physical is the first hurdle to overcome. As Hahnemann states, the vital force rules with unbounded sway and dis-ease ALWAYS originates in the vital force. It requires letting go of the idea that healing happens only from the physical level.

There are a few energetic modalities that are sometimes, and I reiterate, sometimes applicable to aid in the homeopathic approach. I have found that acupuncture, when applied with a similar intent and proper timing, can help the client along side of homeopathy. Sometimes massage and other physical/energetic therapies like Orthobionomy, cranial sacral therapy and physical therapy when applied correctly and at the right time can also be helpful.

The strong effects of many alternative modalities that work in the physical realm of the body can be equally as suppressive as allopathic drugs. Many herbs have such strong alkaloids they are really not much different than a drug and can have equally as strong effects. Many herbs are not nearly as controlled in their preparation as that of a drug and the effects can be much harder to control. Aside from the fact that the herb has a more vital life force it is not that different from the chemical drug when the active ingredients are isolated.

It is impossible  to see cure when the root cause of any expression of disease is not addressed.   Since all disease originates in the vital force the only way to bring cure is to change the vital force and not from the outside by the physical drug or modality of treatment. Even so, I never take my client off of the drugs they are taking. It is not my responsibility to manage their drug responses. I am not trained in the allopathic approach and do not want to be responsible for their drug management. Just as I would not want the medical doctor to manage my homeopathic case, I do not want to manage theirs. I do encourage my clients to go back to their prescribing physician and get off of the drugs, especially those that do not seem to help them in any way. Most clients are seeking homeopathy because they have tried the allopathic approach and are finally disgusted by the lack of results.

So be the best homeopath you can be given the circumstances of our present medical climate. Always follow the highest principles of homeopathy. Never give up faith that your client can heal. Educate them as to the real nature of health, healing and dis-ease. Encourage them to take more responsibility for their healing and the choice they have about it. And remember Hahnemann’s warning to “not commit criminal treason against divine homeopathy”. You will be a better homeopath with much greater success.

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  1. Jill Keele on

    This article is very helpful. My new primary care dr. said today that he is on-board with homeopathy, and mentioned many practitioners he personally knows or has worked with in the area, although he encouraged me to continue both, allopathic and homeopathic. I am not on very many prescription allopathic drugs. I also enjoy “bodywork”; such as acupuncture, cranial sacral and massage and including pure essential oils, so I will have to consider all as I am on this journey of overcoming my dis-ease with homeopathy remedies.

  2. Robert Lal on

    ” Not commit criminal treason against divine homeopathy” is to be remembered in treating dis-ease.

  3. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr.Robert,

    i think I should not praise about the above article because all of your articles
    are absolutely praiseworthy.
    it is really a great problem for the preasent day Homeopaths to manage the
    patients because they are seriously tormented by various systems of medicines and become so much complicated that it becomes very difficult
    to bring them to the proper line of cure.They are accustomed to take at
    least two or three allopathic drugs every day e.g.one for diabetes another for
    hypertension and the other for for keeping the blood thin because he had
    bloc in artery and bypass surgery.Now he has come for the treatment of
    dysfunction of his kidney because the allopathic drugs are not working.Under such a condition what a Homeopath can do? Should he
    stop the allopathic drugs and start his trearment or decline ? This is a critical
    situation, but it is very common now a ad

  4. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    but it is very common now a days.It is also inhumanic to decline the pityful
    earnest approach of the patient who does not want to die.
    However,it is an hurculian task for the homeopaths to aware the effects of
    allopathic drugs and allopathic treatment that our patients are continuing.
    No doubt it will help us a lot. But how we can acquire such knowledge?
    It is true that the use of two systems of medicines will NEVER end in
    cure but what should we do under such circumstances as mentioned above.

    Thank you Robert for the above practical based article.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman

  5. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    should the article be deleted as it has come out in a piece-meal
    manner.I would like to re write the same

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  6. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    Respected Dr. Robert,

    I think I should not praise for the above article because all of your articles are too much praiseworthy.
    It is really a great problem for the present day Homeopaths to manage the
    treatment of their patients because they are so seriously tormented by
    various system of Medicines & become so much complicated that it becomes very difficult to bring them to the proper line of cure.Many of such
    patients areaccustomed to take two or three allopathic drugs every day e.g.
    one for diabates,one for hypertension and another for keeping the blood
    thin,because he had blocs in artery& bypass surgery.Now he has come
    for the treatment of his damaged kidneys,because the allopathic drugs are not working.Under such a condition what a Homeopath can do?Should he
    stop the allopathic drugs & start his treatment or decline? This is a critical
    situation,but it is very common now a days.Will it not be inhumanic to decline the pitiful cry of the patient who wants to survive.
    It is true that we must be aware at all times of the effects of the allopathic drugs & allopathic treatment that our clients are continuing.But wherefrom
    we can acquire such knowledge?
    It is also true that use of two system of medicine will NEVER end in cure.

    Kh.Mahbubur Rahman

  7. Dr.Kh.Mahbubur Rahman on

    M|s WordPress,
    The above comments has come out in adistorted manner.That is why
    I have retyped the my comments & requesting you to delete the first
    one and publish the latest reply for meaningful purpose.Thank you.

  8. Dr. Kafil Ahmed Pakistan on

    i read the above articale and i think it is harsh need to work hard to be a good homeopath because this term of medical scince need higher study and a communicated mind to build and teach the patients about nature and reall nature to move for healthy life. si dear all homoeopaths kindly work hard to be a good homeopath and alwayes teach the patients about diseas and treatment broadly

  9. HDr Muhammad Ayub Khan on

    Dear Sir,
    It is not problem with only Homeopaths but with all kinds of treatment methods practitioners. Only thing that get you out of this;is:that how much experience you have. So for I suggest for good training of case taking under the supervision of a senior Dr.

  10. Rooksie on

    Once agian thank you for your insightful article. And thank for listing bodywork and herbs in relation to homeopathy and allopathic medication.
    Matthew Wood has written several books on herval healing and advised using herbal tinctures in a homeopathic way. He describes the emotional/mentals of the herb and recommends taking minimal doses as little as 3-5 drops. Isn’t this like taking a very low potency homeopathic?
    In regards to pharmaceuticals, how do you treat women on hormonal birth control? Isn’t doesn’t seem as though many women will give up that convenience.

  11. Dr M Azizur Rahman on

    Thanks Dr Robert. We also suffer on the same problems.But we used to follow his systems and correct the start with some medicine which invalid other systems medicine. I have experienced that the remedy is working well. After few days we again observe the case taking and find remedy of the allopath if possible without fail leave it to continue. Let us criticize the method I follow. Pl let rectify. Best complements. Dr Rahman Bangladesh

  12. shanti kumar jain on

    I am not a practitioner of homeopathy but very keen to understand the deep meaning organanon through such articles. The dilemma is real when a patient comes to a homeopath taking allopathic treatment realizing that he needs to try out homeopathy but at the same time he is reluctant to give up allopathic drugs which gives him some relief but not cure.
    But i found that my good Homeopath Dr Elia Reddy does not ask his patient to stop allopathic drugs but treats them with the assurance that the need to take allopathic drug will reduce as the internal system vital energy starts asserting .
    I have observed his treatment works and patient extremely gratified with the result of cure.
    I,for one, am 99% wedded to homeopathy. I am convinced about the philosophy of Homeopathy.

    sk jain india

  13. Avi Shani on

    One one of the most important thing I have learned by treating pt. with medications along side, is to take the case from birth to the point in time just before taking those meds. Those are the natural symptoms before being masked or changed. The rest are symptoms of the drugs.
    Of course of pathology is advanced and present I am taking it as affinites and in a very general way, lets say ” joints inflammation” for arthritis that begins after meds and the modalities of it are not really important anymore. I have to get the central disturbance of the person and the thread of the case since birth. That is the most important in treating the patient.it could be, lets say, repeated dissapointed love or abandonment in his/her history, and the remedy must cover that. If along the treatment this central repeated cause is not treated, no cure can be achieved, only partial or suppression. This is what Hahnneman meant the original energetic cause of disease- to my understanding. The beautiful thing is that if we do not interfere with the intake, vital force will reveal that to us. What I do regarding pt. education, is telling them that they would know if they need the same amount of meds along the treatment or maybe that they will need it less.I always give LM potency in meds on daily bases, or with pathology. It works well with asthma kids and inhalers, it worked on me with severe LUPUS and tremendous amount of meds, where I don’t take anymore and feel well then ever.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Avi. I agree with everything you have shared. My approach is the same. I find it works. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Robert Field

  14. Dr.Rawkrishna on

    Thanks Dr.Robert. Good article and very helpful to our fraternity.

  15. Harish kumar Srivastava on

    thanx for such type of intresting and helpful article.

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