Homeopathy Tips for 6/26/12 Harmonics

Harmonics play an important part in understanding homeopathy. They also play a very important part in understanding potencies as well. These concepts of harmonics are everywhere in our universe and by understanding some basic principle in physics we can then understand homeopathy and how to use it better.

Everything in the universe is based on sine waves. These correspond to vibrations of light (Electromagnetic spectrum)  and sound.  Virtually all reality is an expression of a sine wave. What makes one thing different from another is wavelength and pattern. Quantum physics looks at everything in reality as one of two ways. Either as a waveform or as a particle. The physicists do not know why but they can not look at it in both ways at once. If you look for a particle you can find it but not a wave. If you look for a wave you can find it but not a particle. This is an interesting dilemma for the physicists.

Everything in this universe is a waveform. This can be referred to as a sine wave signature. or it can be interpreted as sound. For the purposes of this paper we are going to explore the chromatic scale and sound and how it relates to homeopathy. Bell Laboratories discovered that there is a sound that is present everywhere in the universe. It has a wave length of 7.23 cm. This is the sound of Om, the Hindu sound of the universe. Every object has its own sound or wavelength that is particular to it.

Interestingly if you take the average length of humans you will find that the distance between the eyes is 7.23 cm. The same is for the tip of our chins to the tip of our noses, the distance across our palms and the space between chakras. Because we are creatures of this universe this distance is embedded into us. I think Leonardo DaVinci understood this when he created his canon of man drawing we are all so familiar with; he understood the relationships of our body geometry.

If we choose to look  at reality through the looking-glass of wave form and sound and superimpose it on humans in the expression of health and disease we can then begin to talk about homeopathy. The musical scale is a very good way to talk about the wave-length of sound. Remember we can see all expressions of life as emitting its own sound.

The chromatic scale on a piano consists of 13 notes. These are the 12 keys (both black and white) in an octive of the piano plus the first note of the next octive. When we tap on any key the hammer drops on the string causing the string to vibrate and send that vibration to the soundboard that amplifies and broadcast the sound. That sound wave can interact with any other object that is tuned to the same wavelength. When the object receives the sound it too will start to vibrate. This is the principle of resonance. (As a side note, this is why I named our school Resonance School of Homeopathy. Those on a similar wavelength will hear our message and vibrate with us through homeopathy.)

Musicians, music theorists and physicists recognized that there are sounds between the notes called overtones. Between each step of the chromatic scale there are 12 major overtones. These overtones can go up or down. So we have a holographic expression of the scale between the notes of the scale. At specific places on the length of the piano string there points that activate the overtones as well. We call these harmonics. When a harmonic is played we can hear the notes and its overtones played at the same time. It really is a holographic expression of the note.

When a remedy is potentised it is diluted and succussed. Each dilution/succussion step releases imprints of vibration of the substance into the substrate. These steps of dilution are like activating the overtones and harmonics of the original note. This can go on  infinitely. These sine wave signatures become a part of the substrate. It is holographic. Contained in this substrate are patterns of energy that are cohesive and very intricate. If we could see this displayed it would be the most beautiful patterns imaginable.

If we look at a person in the expression of dis-ease through our sine-wave looking-glass, we see that there is a vibrational pattern that is unique to them. No two people ever express dis-ease exactly the same. Homeo-pathy = Similar-sufferring. When we take a homeopathic remedy it will either be recognized or not because of the principle of resonance. Going back to the piano string, if there is resonance, then the similar note will vibrate and a new, similar sound will be produced.  Once the vital force recognizes the homeopathic remedy with a similar sine-wave signature there is a resonant effect and the vital force responds. This inspired effect is healing.

We all have experienced some potencies that work better that others. If we are using Hahnemann’s method by changing something about the remedy ( ie. succussion between doses etc.), the vital force is always being asked to respond to something slightly different. This creates a new, energetic response to the remedy and keeps up with movement and change in the individual. It helps keep the remedy “homeopathic”.

When it is necessary to change a potency it is because the vital force has responded to the amplitude of the wave-length and needs a new amplitude to re-inspire the response. Understanding harmonics on the chromatic scale is very helpful in remedy potency understanding. Going back to the precise points on the string that create a harmonic, the same principle exists in the potentising scale in Homeopathy. There are particular potencies  have a greater affinity with each other. 

As we progress up a serial potency scale there are potencies that will have a similar effect in the lower potencies as to the higher potencies. We would not want to start a case by giving a 10m potency daily. This could cause a great aggravation. But if there were many obstacles to cure and a daily dose were necessary giving a lower potency with a similar harmonic resonance would achieve a similar response.

This is very helpful in treating chronic cases or children who are in a family that does not provide the level of support that aids in their healing. I see this often when I give a high potency to a child and it only holds for a day or two. There is something in that childs experience that hinders their healing response. Usually it is a parental issue. By giving a similar harmonic lower potency on a daily basis the child will have a sustained healing response because the vital force was inspired daily.

Hopefully this very brief explanation will inspire all of you to use your sign-wave signature looking-glass to understand homeopathy. Having knowledge of the principles of resonance and harmonics will aid you in understanding the appropriate use of potencies. Watch your clients and look for clues to harmonics in different potencies.

I understand that there are very many variables in homeopathic prescribing. We have issues of whether it is the right remedy or the right potency in evaluating a response. First, always look for the right remedy. If it is right you will see a response. Then based on whatever potency was chosen watch for the duration of response. If it is not sustained, then go to a higher potency if giving a daily or more often repetition of the dose. If giving a high potency in an acute it may need to be repeated more often. If a high potency were given and it is a chronic case and the response does not last long enough you may want to give a lower potency on a daily basis to get a sustained healing response.

This is the beauty of homeopathy. We are able to adjust the remedy and potency, the repetition of the dose and the delivery method all to suit the needs of our client. This is the “art” part of homeopathy that each homeopath develops. It is not always easy to find the answers to our questions as they come up differently for each case. But there is enough similarity in our human response that eventually we will discover patterns that work to support your “art” as the homeopath. Good luck on your discovery.

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  1. Grandhi on

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    which is simpler, user friendly and efficient software to evaluate right similimum and kindly support Professor Vithoulkas invaluable efforts in classical homeopathy and bringing the software to this shape.

    Srinivasarao Grandhi
    Homeopathy student of Resonance school of Homeopathy, Nevada

  2. Mah-jabeen on

    Thanks, for useful knowledge

    • azhar abbas on

      mah jabeen you are where from

  3. Salvador on

    It´s said: “In the begining it was a vibe, a verb” Universe is purely vibration life and resonance. Thank you very much, I agreed with you!

  4. Ambika Patnaik on

    Thank u for the analysis of relationship btn human body and homeo medicines taking into account the vibrations & its resonant effect.

  5. Coco on

    Definition of ‘Sine Wave’
    An geometric waveform that oscillates (moves up, down or side-to-side) periodically, and is defined by the function y = sin x. In other words, it is an s-shaped, smooth wave that oscillates above and below zero.

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Coco. Your definition is correct. Thank you for sharing something I overlooked. It may help those who did not know.

  6. Zille Subhani on

    Excellent explanation of art of homeopathy has been illustrated in this article. This is to some extent similar to the memory of water which acts at NANO level and its potential relevance to homeopathy. Our remedies are based on energy signals taken by memory of water to the higher potencies where no substance of medicine is traced.
    Thanks for increasing our knowledge in understanding the beautiful art of homeopathy.
    Zille Subhani DHM, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Mobile: 00966504662505
    Email zskhan@almabani.com.sa

  7. Karen on

    Thank you for this article…I have a question about repeating dry doses…I know in the Organon it says to not repeat the exact dose, but my homeopath gives me dry doses to repeat until a response or aggravation is achieved. What do you think about this?

    • Robert Field on

      Hi Karen,
      I also give dry dose on a daily basis often. I find that unless a person is very sensitive there is no problem. Because it is given daily in lower potency it acts like a continued single dose. Giving daily doses gets into a rhythm of life. Just as the sun rises and sets each day the vital force responds to the remedy in this same rhythm. It is not the same when the remedy is given every other day or some other such pattern. I find daily dosing of dry pellets works.
      Warmest regards.

  8. Rooksie David on

    Brilliant explaination of how and why homeopathy really does work.
    It really clarified for me the method behind perscribing in various potencies.
    Thank you once again for all the insightful instruction.

  9. Dr.Sarfaraz Ali.Korg Town,Islamabad on

    Infact in homeopathy potency adjustment is different in different clients,basis is also to find the the correct remedy.

  10. Ameya Pimpalgaonkar on

    Hi Robert,

    I am not a doctor or someone who practice medicine. I am an engineer instead. My wife is a homeopath and she asked me to explain this article to her because if physics and other stuff involved. Right from the beginning I was glued to your article and man I loved it. I understood it to very basic level and I must appreciate your creativity and intelligence. I think we need more of such discussions. Way to go man!!


  11. Tariqul Alam on

    Excellent explanation and analysis of how homeopathic medicines function resonantly.

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