Homeopathy Tips for 6/24/08 Spirituality

One of the most important aspects of Homeopathy that is rarely discussed is spirituality. It seems we often hear of new remedies or different seminars offering a new twist on case analysis. But the largest part of understanding homeopathy and being a homeopath is all based in spirituality.

There are many paths to learning and discovering spirituality; either through understanding or experience.  Most religions have a common message and lead back to simple spiritual truths. It is important to include spirituality in your daily life as a homeopath as well as in your personal understanding of homeopathy.  All basic principles of homeopathy are grounded in spirituality.

Remedies are energies without substance. Vital force/Spirit is energy animating substance, but without substance itself. In every sense of the word Homeopathy is spiritual medicine. In order to fully understand homeopathy it is necessary to understand spirituality as well. There are a great many teachers in this day talking  about spirituality. David Hawkins has been a very important teacher of mine because of his very articulate way of speaking about the spiritual realm and our human experience. His books “Eye of the I” and “I” are two of my favorite.  The teachings of Abraham-Hicks have also been very helpful in reminding me of a greater truth.

In order to help another as a homeopath we must first clear our own slate; do our own spiritual work. It is only through our own spiritual evolution that we can be clear enough to help another. This falls into the art part of homeopathy but is actually more basic than that. It is really a part of being human and embracing this life experience and how we show up ourselves in service to others.  I want to quote Kent again from the last newsletter,  “Materia Medica never inspires perception. The physician must have the love of it’s use, and he becomes wise in proportion as he loves his use, and in proportion as he lives uprightly  with his patients; that is desire to heal them, beautify their souls. Can the physician, who does not love his neighbor as himself, get into this position?”

Kent speaks of living uprightly, healing the sick, beautifying their souls, loving the neighbor as himself.  This is all speaking to the physician to live a spiritual and clean life.  We have all heard the many religions that speak of these simple truths. We must not forget that we are working with a spiritual medicine and in order to be masters of this medicine we must continuously work on our own spiritual mastery as well. There really is no difference.

Find books or practices that increase your spiritual awareness. Use them in your daily life. You will find that your perception of cases changes as your awareness changes. Your ability to help others as well as yourself will grow proportionally to your spiritual growth.  Let the messages of truth inspire you.  You will find that the rewards are far greater than the effort.

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  1. Peter Bezemek on

    I cannot agree more!

    Many years ago, what actually draw my attention to homeopathy was Kent’s fiery attitude shining with a great conviction of someone who has found the Light. A similar spiritual presence can be felt in Hahnemann’s writings and some of the other great homeopaths of the past.

    For me, being a homeopath is directly connected to being a better human being, a more awakened one. A person manifesting mechanical attitudes, a person with no spiritual awareness will always end up understanding homeopathy in a wrong way. And how else can it be, how could they get to know their patient, if they do not even know their Self…

    One of my greatest regrets with regards to homeopathy of today is the lack of selfless attitude necessary to achieve something great. My impression is that many modern homeopaths do not seek more truth, better solutions, better cooperation and only pursue very narrow interests, more often than not, at the expense of the greater whole.

    Therefore I am happy to see Robert Fields’s effort to provide homeopathic teachings which, from what I can see, carry more of the true spirit of homeopathy.

  2. Caroline O' Callaghan on

    I like what you have to say in this article Robert. As I have progressed in my homeopathic studies I have also become aware of the need for a spiritual study. I have come to realize that a daily spiritual practice is necessary for encouraging openness and willingness. It also gives me peace of mind. If I can let go of the self and awaken spiritually, then I may have a better chance of seeing the human picture unfolding in front of me. If I can have compassion, understanding and forgiveness for myself first, I stand a better chance of being the non prejudiced observer. Thank you for your book suggestions and observations. Caroline O’ Callaghan, Co. Kerry, Ireland

  3. Debasish on

    To acquire spirituality we should sacrifice lots of things from our modern life as well as modern society. The role of a spiritual guru is to show the light from darkness among his disciples. It’s a great article that Dr. Roberts sent all of his homeopathic lover as a well wisher.
    Thanks Dr. Robert whatever you think please send your view through this news letter. I think this is the right time to hoist the Flag of Homeopathy all over the world and people should know how it acts and its efficacy. Now-a-days a few conventional practitioners refer to their patient to a homeopath.

    Debasish Bandyopadhyay

  4. Pegah on

    Dear Dr.Field
    This article is useful and so nice.I enjoyed like always.Spiritual growth is the major aspect of the cure procedure,I think.without learning and practicing of that we can never think about ESSENCE of dis-ease and a path of the cure in a trust way .
    thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

  5. poonam on

    Drear Dr.Field,
    Rightly said. Being spiritual means being positive which reflects while treating, starting from case taking to selection of the remedy and then to counselling, the most important part. If the physician is spiritual his advise and instructions are followed better.Spirituality helps to be more compassionate and your prayers for your patients from the core of your heart definitely diminish their sufferings.
    Thanks for sharing the similar views.

  6. K. B-Y on

    Dear Dr. Robert,
    Could you please help me in finding some of the spiritual books?

  7. Dr.R.Saravanan. on

    Dear Dr,
    I am inspired by your article.you are absolutely right.A Homeopath needs spiritual background & intuition.Practising Homeopathy itself is like a Meditation.
    Thanks a lot for your inspiration.

  8. Gajender Harneja on

    Dear Dr

    Your article is unique as the spirituality is the SOUL of the homoeopathy. Without this the homoeopathy is such a body which have all its organs but no vital force.

  9. Pooja Pravin Gawas on

    This article indeed reveals the real meaning and specialty of homoeopathy as a spiritual art of healing. Understanding homoeopathy in spiritual way is the best to cure yourself as well as others..I hope if every homoeopath accepts this and moves on this path with determination and faith then one day homoeopathy will be surely regarded and honoured as the best art and science of medicine and cure…

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